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[Round 11] LtCmd Arista Devar & Lt Jg Nick Johnson

Clase Drene

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::After a few hours of restless sleep, Arista decided to not waste

anymore time and wanted to put it where it would count: Sickbay.

Now, she felt a little out of place and sick to the stomach and it

wasn't the work. It took her a moment to regain her composure,

bracing herself against a biobed. The blonde tried to rub a

developing migraine out by using an old Betazoid technique.

Something was off, though, and she couldn't tell what. She could feel

it in her bones, though.::

::The doors slid open to reveal a new face.::

Johnson: Lt Cmdr Devar. I wondered if you could help me.

::She was taken aback for a second before smiling a little.::

Devar: Do… I know you?

::Her dark eyes narrowed as he looked at her skeptically. She

followed him over to an empty biobed.::

Johnson: It's Lt Jg Johnson. We were talking in the Mess Hall not

more than an hour ago

Devar: Are you sure?

::She raised an eyebrow and pulled out a medical tricorder.::

Johnson: Well it has been a strange day. I just feel very dizzy and

light headed. Almost disorientated.

Devar: Well…

::She waved the medical tricorder over him, examining the readings

closely. Interesting.::

Devar: Your benzodiazepine and serotonin levels are abnormally high.

Do you mind sitting for a second, I'll be right back.

Johnson: Um... Sure.

::Nodding politely to him, the Betazoid woman moved into the room

located in the right…::


::After her conversation with Johnson in the Mess Hall, Arista

decided to head to Sickbay. For a moment, she felt out of place, but

shrugged the feeling off. This reality always did feel off center to

her body's quantum signature. As she entered the bay, she was shocked

to Lieutenant JG Johnson was already there, sitting on a biobed.::

::Tilting her head to the side, Arista entered slowly with her arms

suspended in mid-air, suspicion filling her face.::

Devar: Lieutenant… you're in sickbay? That was fast!

Johnson: Um yeah. Do you have a twin aboard?

Devar: Not that I know of. Why… what's going on here?

::Arista looked around the bay, feeling a little odd. It was like she

was walking in a dream.::

Johnson: A few moments ago I came in here and you didn't recognize me

then I watched you go through that door

::Arista's eyes followed to the direction his finger pointed. It was

the inventory room. She sidestepped slowly and walked over, peering

inside. Nobody was in there.::

Devar: Umm, okay.

::The ship began to shake a bit as the blonde reached for a tricorder

and immediately ran it over Nick. Pulling the readings closer to her

face, her free hand reached to her chin. Her eyes sparkled as she


Johnson: You're going to tell me that my benzodiazepine and serotonin

levels are abnormally high

::Arista's mouth hung open for a second.::

Devar: How did you know that?

Johnson: That's what you told me before you walked through that door.

::She was thinking about scanning herself too when… that door opened.

Arista's eyes grew wide as she saw a vision of herself walk through.

Karawati! But she had checked that room and no one was in there just

a few seconds before! Her twin approached the pair before vanishing

into thin air. Arista took a few seconds to process what just

happened before glancing at Johnson, unsure what to say.::

Johnson: Something isn't right

Devar: Obviously.

::Shaking her head, Arista looked around and noticed that the bay was

missing several of its personnel. Thoughts soared back to the broken

shuttle that brought her from the Mirror Universe to this world of

Starfleet. She knew they were on their way to Risa, so what would

cause the ship to shake like this? And, why were Nick and she

experiencing the same hallucinations? Her intuition told her to look


Devar: =/\= Commmmmmmmmmmander Devar to Captain Taboo. =/\=

::It bleeped, but the connection failed to carry through. Arista cast

a glance towards Nick as she anchored herself onto her knees on the

floor. She remained calm as she attempted to contact Captain Taboo

once more.::

Devar: =/\= Commander Devar to Captain Taboo. =/\=

::Nothing. Another shake. She extended her arm out, touching the base

of the biobed.::

Johnson: Maybe the comm system is down.

Devar: Computer, where is Captain Taboo located?

::No response.::

Devar: Computer, where is Commander MacGowan located?

::No response.::

Devar: Ahem. COMPUTER. Where is Commander Arista Devar located?!?

::No response.::

Devar: Well that's always a good signnnnnn….

::The ship shuttered again and Arista huffed, rolling her eyes.::

Devar: You up for a walk, Lieutenant?

Johnson: It beats risking a conversation with ourselves I’m not the most interesting guy at a party.

::Johnson smiled trying to make light of the unusual situation::

Devar: I'm not much on seeing myself again! Never was a narcissist.

The computer is not responsive and internal communications seems to

be shot. With this shakkkkinggggg….

::She paused, rode out the vibrations of the ship, and continued with

a smooth voice.::

Devar: …we need to find a safe way to the bridge, locate the Alpha

crew. Find out what's going on. Unless, of course, you have a better


::She smiled towards him.::

Johnson: No I was thinking the same thing. If the comm system is out though we should assign some of the crew to act as messengers on our way. We may need to establish a manual method for passing orders.

:: . Time seemed to slow to a stand still. A flash of light illuminated the room followed by what looked like flames frozen in time. Johnson’s vision became blotted and faded as his visual senses became overloaded with the brightness of the illumination. His skin became warm as a wave of heat bagan to pass over him. It wasn’t an uncomfortable heat almost like the sensation of a warm shower. His head started to swim as a bout of nausea crept up from his stomach::

::Suddenly, a flash of light blinded the senses around them. A wave

of heat enveloped around the ship, sending time back and correcting

it to its right place…::


((Mess Hall))

Devar: We might be able to squeeze you in Sickbay earlier, too, if

you want to get the whole physical assessment experience over with.

Just give us a call and we can set it up. It'll take about a half

hour, so make sure if you decide to come a little early that you

allot enough time. You're Tactical, right?

Johnson: Yes Ma'am. Thank you I guess the sooner I get my medical

over with the better.

Devar: Have you met Lieutenant Commander Dar yet?

Johnson: No not yet I'm hoping to meet her soon though I have left a

message for her letting her know I'm aboard

Devar: I'm sure she'll go over everything with you once you meet up

with her.

::Arista smiled warmly.::

Johnson: I suspect there may be a lot to go over this is the intrepid

class I have served on and I'm sure every engineer has their own set

of `tweaks' to make it uniquely different

Devar: No doubt. Take care!

Johnson: Yes thank you. You too

::Waving back at him, the woman deposited her empty mug into the

recycler and headed out towards sickbay. On the way to the

turbolift, a weird sensation of déjà vu overcame the attractive

woman. She shrugged. Her whole life was one weird déjà vu sensation.

How else would living out of your reality make you feel, she thought

with a laugh.::

::She paused and took a few steps back to the Mess Hall and called

out to Johnson.::

Devar: I was thinking. I might actually have an opening now for that

physical, if you want to skip the whole calling in later and setting

up for an earlier time scenario?

::Johnson smiled. He hated sickbay he always felt like a lab experiment. But he knew he couldn't put this off and the sooner he got his physical done the sooner he could report for active duty::

JOHNSON: Sure the sooner I get my physical done the better.

DEVAR: I could walk you down, if you like?

::Johnson laughed::

JOHNSON: Are you just making sure I don't get away ? Is there something in my file about a phobia of sickbay ?

::He smiled as she almost looked hurt before a smile broke across her face again::

LtCmd Arista Devar



Lt Jg Nick Johnson

Tactical Officer


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