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[Round 11] A moment destined only for two


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::Toni turned, moving back to Heath to speak to him.::

Turner: ::slipping her hands into his:: If we are to marry, then our only chance to do it now, is the Kerelian way. If we make it through this, we can always have a second wedding with all the frills.

West: At least we’ll die married, right? ::he smiled:: You carry your vows round with you?

Turner: ::smiles, touching the side of his face:: I have my vows memorized... The words of E.E. Cummings mixed with some of my own.

::Clearing the lump in her throat, she gazed directly into his eyes.::

Turner: I carry your heart with me; I carry it in my heart. I'm never without it,

anywhere I go you go, my love; and whatever is done by only me is your doing, my darling

I fear no fate; for you are my fate, dear Heath. I want no world; for you are my world, my love; and it's you who is whatever a moon has always meant; and whatever a sun will always sing is you.

Here is the deepest secret nobody knows; here is the root of the root; the bud of the bud, and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows higher than soul can hope or mind can hide; and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart.

I carry your heart; I carry it in my heart. And I'll love you, and will carry you in my heart forever as I belong to you from this moment forward.

:: Heath touched the side of her face, gently looking into her eyes. Words were words, as wonderful as they were but at the core of it all, two flames danced around on another in the dark. It was the beauty of a Kerelian wedding; it wasn’t elaborate, it wasn’t overdone, it was two people making a lifelong commitment. Nothing could be more spectacular.::

West: I swear I will protect you and honour you; worship and love you with everything I have. My life becomes yours and together, we become half of one another. I will shoulder your burdens as you shoulder mine, I will cherish and need you, because I love you. For every breath I take, will be another for you. Take my life, my heart and my love. I swear this by the rising sun.

::Tears of joy misting her eyes, hugging him closely, she spoke quietly in a moment destined only for them.::

Turner: At last... I am yours.

:: The viewscreen showed the peaking sunlight from a star not too far from their position. The Borg were beginning an advancement but, lost in a wedded kiss, neither noticed. Perhaps there was a silver lining to any situation.::

::As the Bridge chatter filtered in, breaking their first moments as one, Toni reluctantly leaned back slightly, choking out four words she didn't want to say.::

Turner: It's time to go.

:: A silent promise to return to each others arms passed between them. They shared another quick, but meaningful kiss, then with longing eyes, they slowly parted, both giving in to their duties to the ship and crew.::


Major Heath West

Marine XO

SMFC Detachment

USS Challenger

and the Mrs.

LtCmdr Toni Turner-West


USS Challenger

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