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[Round 11] Miracle of miracles


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((Dr. Solomon's office, Mars))

:: Sarion looked about the office with a distracted gaze. She had come immediately to see her sister's doctor, upon arrival she had been shown into his office directly. Where she had been waiting for near 10 minutes at this point. She was about to ask his secretary to page him, when the door opened and the older gentleman she'd seen in the message stepped in, and sat down behind his desk and gestured to the chair in front of him. Only then did Sarion realize she'd been pacing, and uncommon act for her, but then this was no normal event. As Sarion sat down, Dr. Solomon began.::

Dr. Solomon: Sarion, your sister is incredibly it ill. I am glad you were able to make it here so quickly. I fear there is not much time.

Sarion: ::Feeling her throat clench up:: Do we know what is wrong with her?

Dr. Solomon: Although her symptoms seem to suggest a multitude of illnesses, we've had a very hard time diagnosing her due to the lack of information about El-Aurian biology, as well as the rareness of the the disease ::He sighed:: but, it appears your sister has The Tilarian Flu. Does that mean anything to you?

Sarion: Unfortunately no, I don't know much about illnesses.

Dr. Solomon:: Well, the disease slowly tears apart the foundations of the body, beginning with trivial aspects, and growing more severe until in culminates in death.

Sarion: ::she was audibly shaken:: Is there anything that can be done?

Dr. Solomon: Unfortunately, what little we can do must be done quickly at the start of the disease, and we were too slow to diagnose, though we tried it does not appear to have helped.

Sarion: Please, take me to my sister.

((mini Time-Warp))

((Tressa's room))

:: Tressa slowly opened her eyes as she heard someone enter her room. She was surprised to see a nurse leading Sarion into the room oOI can't believe they actually found herOo

As Sarion stood at the beside of her younger sister she couldn't help feeling overcome with guilt. She shouldn't have left the family. She'd abandoned them. Now it was too late. oO How could I have let this happen Oo A tear slid down Sarion's cheek. She quickly wiped it away::

Sarion: :: Taking Tressa's hand, and attempting to make her voice :: Tressa, I'm here now. I'm sorry I've been gone so long. You didn't have to do this to get me here. You could have just called.

::She smiled. It took most of her energy, and all of her will power, to do this simple action but seeing Sarion made it seem worth it. ::

Nurse: She hasn't spoken in months, due to the disease. She hasn't smiled much either. It is good to she still can, and good that you are here.

((Mini Time-warp))

((Solomon's office))

Sarion: How can you say she's improving when you were just telling me she was dying?

Dr. Solomon: We've never seen anything like this. It appears that there has been a slight turn around. She is improving ever so slightly. I honestly believe that her will power is taking over this battle, and that seeing you is the cause.

Sarion: I thought you said that was impossible, that there was nothing we could do.

Dr. Solomon: I still don't believe there is but I do feel you have given her a bit more time. Time you should spend with her.

Sarion: I plan to. ::Frustrated with the doctor she spun on her heel and walked out of his office and back to Tressa::

((Tressa's Room))

:: Sarion brought a chair in and sat next to Tressa's bed. Even though her sister couldn't talk, Sarion knew that Tressa would want her there. Sarion was determined to not leave here sister's side. And so she sat, sometimes talking, sometimes just holding Tressa's hand in silence. The afternoon turned to evening, and through the night Sarion watched over her sister, not even leaving to eat. She didn't remember falling asleep in her chair that night.

However, she must have because she jumped awake when her badge went off. ::

Walker: =/\= Commander Walker to all senior Ronin Personnel. We have an immediate issue, please report to Inn on the Moor, Whitby England with all possible speed. More will be explained there. Walker out. =/\=

:: Sarion shook her head, not believing this could happen now, off all times. She rubbed her eyes and looked over towards Tressa hoping the badge had not awakened her. Tressa to her surprise was sitting upright in bed, smiling. ::

Tressa: You should go. Your friends need you. I'd hate to keep you from them any longer.

Sarion: ::Completely shocked, and overjoyed by this new development: : Tressa...you' re... I can't.... um... ::For the first time in her life she was at a loss for words::

::After conferring with the doctor to confirm what was already obvious, and making sure it was what Tressa truly wanted, and securing a promise that she'd come visit when she was fully recovered, Sarion bid her sister a fond farewell, promising to write her often, and headed to the transport to take her back to earth::

---Sarion Matsur


USS Ronin

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