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[Round 10] Mundane Non-medical types...geeez

Julia Harden

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(( SB 118 / Medical Center ))

Jarak: Now. No disrepscts, to you Commander, or to Himeyu. But

visiting hours are over. The boy needs his rest. I have more tests

to do with him thru-out the day. You can monitor him via the

computer, I will allow you access to my notes via the computer, if

you wish. Good day Coomander.


:: Jarak went to his office to grab a refreshement. Cura Marched

right into Jarak's office, just after he had entered ::

Stone:? I THINK, we need to talk, Lieutenant!? ::folding her arms

across her chest.:: ?I do not care for you jumping to conclusions

about how YOU think things are going to happen!? My family is coming

here but I NEVER said I was going to bring loads of people here to

over run your medical facility!? And we will get this one thing

straight right now!? My father WILL see his grandson and my brother

will see his nephew!? They are coming a long way for this!? It's

very special for them and I will not see them cheated from seeing

John Jr!? You'll have to at least allow this much.? They are my

direct blood relatives and they are just concerned as I am about

him!? And as for you limiting my visitations to see my own son and

forcing me to only monitor him and his progress via the computer, I

DO NOT agree with this!? You can bring whatever security you feel is

necessary but I WILL not be moved from my son's bed side!? DO I MAKE


Jarak: He is your son, i agree. And as a mother you have a right to

see him. But.... It will be on scheduled times, to match times when

a doctor or certified nurse can be present. The young one does not

need to be over-excited.

Stone: You have NO right to say such things!? You have no idea what

my plans were with my friends and realtives!? For you to jump to the

conclusion?I would just bring them here is WRONG!?

Jarak: I will allow one at a time to visit with him. Not in groups.

Stone:? I'm his mother, Doctor.? He needs me and I WILL be here as

much as I want.

Jarak: As i said earlier, Commander, i agree, you will be allowed to

see him, but only on scheduled times. I am asking you to schedule

times, not just stop in when ever you feel like it. Call in, and i

am sure a nurse will be happy to take you back to see your

son. ::sighing::

Stone: You want to see my bad side, Lieutenant,. .. you're headed


Jarak: ::looking sternly at the commander, and approaching with eyes

open :: Feel free to threaten me, commander. All conversations are

recorded. I am here to serve the patients, and i do what i do in

their best interests, based on the diagnosis on them, And on what

treatment and care they need.

Stone: You don't understand, Doctor.? I want to be near him.? I


Jarak: I want what is best for him...and my training tells me that

peace and quiet, and scheduled visits by you..is what he needs.

Scheduled visits.

Stone:? I know he's sick but darnit, you can't shut me out!? I WON'T

have it!

Jarak: If you continue to subvert the rules layed down here and

continue to argue with me, on protocol, then i will end this

conversation now.

Stone: You proceed with that and you're see more than fireworks from

me.? I'll go over your head if I have to!? I respect you

professionally and I know you mean well but do not push me away!?

I'll fight you, Klingon or not!? NOBODY will keep me from my baby's


Jarak: Go above my head, commander. Dr. Harden is not active duty

til i clear her. Feel free to use that communications monitor over

there, to contact Cpt. Rocar, or even Admiral wolf. I know the

Medical protocol's and rules. It is all by Doctor's Discretion. Now

be calm.

Stone:? I AM calm, Doctor.? Believe me, you don't want to see me

when I'm out of control!? You had better rethink your stance a bit

and find some way to include me, my father and brother?or I swear

you'll regret it.

:: Stone marched out of his office and into the main area ::

Stone:? :: looking at the staff ::AS YOU WERE!

:: Stone left the Medical Center and headed down the corridor out of

sight ::

Jarak: =/\= Dr. Jarak to Security =/\=

Security: ?


Lt. Jg. Jarak

Medical Officer

Starbase 118 Ops

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