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[2008: MAY-JUN] Sky/Paradise Portal Outlet

Clase Drene

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For sure there would be subatomic ion storms and the nanite flea bugs that could crack any nanobot into its nuts and bolts but where was the forgiving universe so dramatically explained on the ride over from the SkyParadise's sub-dimensional portal parallels? They had mapped the progress of the drones advancing through the galaxies and choose a time to travel to that forgiving universe in the federations space-time in order to escape with what was left.

With in the SkyParadise Portal Outlet Captain Sunova Sagis set the field sensors on shield mode for the breakthrough into the universe. As they were coming from way far out and so beyond any describable limited plane. The captain eyed a little know galaxy they say was called the Milky Way. As Sunovae Sagi taught his son how navipoints operated he was likewise taught by his father back to times so simple that they need only blank-eye the spot to get there.

Sunove spoke to her father. "Dahd why that universe? You know we never became lost in the greater mapped galactical systems structured and developed by the drones?"

Sunova Sagis sighed knowing that the drones had begun the war with all living matter throughout the entire clusters of multiverses. Speaking an thinking had become forbidden about the war so Sunove and the children would live at peace. Sunova Sagis was a proud Sagi and explained to his daughter, "It was said long ago, that there is a treasure buried deep inside that universe within a federation galaxy."

Sunove bursting with expression, "Dahd! What is the treasure. Do you know where it is? I must have it!"

Sunova Sagus gave her the same explanation given him so long ago. "It is not a treasure you can hold, dearest, but some other kind of treasure only we Sagis know of."

Sunove reviling with excitement engaged her father again with a most proper tone and proudly proclaimed, "I am Sagis yet I know of no treasure and most definitely not in that tiny speck of galaxies you have set the navipoints at in a spot-eye."

Sunova Sagus motivated with the enthusiasm that bubbled over from his daughter continued, "That, my dear, is why we are going there."

Sunove knew of no treasure what it was would be the surprise. She smiled cheek to cheek.

Sunova blinked twice and blank-eyed the galaxy groups in the area around the milky way cluster. Adjusting and descending into the navipoint, the ship dissolved and wrinkled the universes space/time curves into itself and opened again at the edge of the milky way. The ships neutron to neutron hull, thousands of times stronger then diamond-titanium networks maintained the threshold form facets and transported the ship from the skyparadise sub-dimensional portal outside the universe to the exit portal before the Centaurus A galaxy .., Blank-eying the translational aspects the ship tripped into the midway galactical node anchor between the milky way and adjacent to (VSS) the Virgo Stellar Stream.

Blankeyed navipoints were second nature for Sunova Sagus. The minor translight travel was going to be difficult. The VSS was indeed unmapped because of the highly active dark to light matter turbulence This and using the translight propulsion systems equaled nothing they were ready for. To say the ride was shaky was so less then true, but even still they made it to their destination. Gripping the tightened encasement force field folds the captain translight navied into and through VSS. Shivers and quivers bombarded their encasement force field linings and folds. They were able reach the object they were aiming toward with the price of a broken naviport. The naviport was easy to repair where they came from but in a different universe and time line where they did not have fleets of subspace microborg drones repairs would be close impossible.

Landing on a small system of planets that was listed in the map archives as Alpha Centauri was the goal. The system seemed pleasant enough so thought Sunova Sagus. He liked the idea that they came through the Centaurus A Galaxy prortal and into the Alpha Centauri system. Waking from there soma cryosleep encasement regenerational fields following the broken naviport splintering the crew and record keeping travelers. A much need physical nourishment session began. The dinning area had seen the worst of the wreckage but they had to eat. The conversations became short and to the point.

Sonova Sagus statements seemed ominous, "We know only one thing about the Federation beyond theirs being such a simple kind." His first officer, Xova Toba, agreed. While explaining that they can't just take the treasure from them. "That is theirs to do with as they please."

"Very true, but it will be my decision to make. I am Captain." When his daughter spoke all fears vanished like rain in the shine of starlight. "I must have the treasure to take home." Sonove started wining like a child, "back our Skyparadise Dome."

Her Father the Captain could not explain easily that the treasure is not as you know a treasures. Daughter of Sonova Sagus, Sonove, in profound belligerence professed her ultimatum, "What then tell me or., or.,, or,,," cutting in, "hush now.,, This treasure is a treasure of knowledge..."

Sonove blurted, "Not fair! How can you treasure knowledge?"

Sonova Sagus reply became the moto of their crew for the rest of their stay, "That, my dear, is what we are here will find out..."

Sonove did not understand but try as she might she continued to intake the sustenance during her eating process and prepared her appearance for the events at hand. She memorized the costumes and nuances from the Federations records and adapted her styling to match theirs. Still she was Sagi and could not be swayed by the mentality of those of some simple order and being.

Sonova Sagus entered the Control Center Communications - <<CCC>> - "Show me the latest reads,."

First officer, Xonova, moved out of his way, "Here is what we are looking through @-<<CCC>>- for now."

Replying, "You realize that to wed my Sonove this treasure must be acquired and given her in a gift a matrimony." The Captain refreshed the -<<CCC>>- reader feeds.

Xonova, like Mark Anthony and Casanova intertwined at the hip spoke again, "As well I must do the best I can in yours and hers discernment not to mention that of my families'. My action and elaborations on the subject have to be correct and constant for all to know of and about. This is the true value of the treasure we seek."

Captain Sonova Sagus enjoyed the discussions for he would explain how to become a Sagi as the pure path to true actualizations.

First officer then motioned with, "We are ready to meet the planet wide leader of Alpha Centauri. Will he offer the gift?"

"Of course they all offer the gift in their own ways but their leaders are far better at it then any one else..."

Looking off to the CCC group teams as they signal in the symbols of their own communicationings, "The location and time have been set for City Centauri at gate 9."

The Gate 9 attendant accommodated the group of travelers from skyparadise they settled into their surroundings and made themselves at home... they stayed there for them what would seem as much as a brief mixing of time and space but for the Alpha Centaurians and the Federations of Planets this was several lifetimes of dialogs till the ship's naviports were redesigned and established function blankeyed workings.

Sonove was home again and enjoyed what was her new found experience, "Dahd, what did they call that gift we received form them?"

Sonova Sagus now ready to pass on the knowledge to the next line, "Child of mine, we were there and watched four generations of their kind learn and grow into a fully formed Federation of races and yet you did not realize what they taught us?"

Confused but decisive Sonove spoke, "I receive a gift every year from them. But, evermore not the treasure promised by you what is that treasure and when do I get it?"

"The treasure is hospitality, hospitality is the most precious gift of all, and every time with every generation of their federation we find that treasure."

"So then in every universe we travel to the Federation of Planets is there, ready to hand us this hospitality for use to take?"

"My girl there is just the one federation of planets, there, in the milky way, and that their hospitality abounds wide and free there. While we can take it that is not the way to be hospitable in return."

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