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[Round 11] Round 10 submission

Tal Tel-ar

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((Cart'hen III - City of Mith - Shop of Secrets))

::The door opened and let in a large bald man... he

walked with quick sure strides... his hard cold eye's

swept the room... he was dressed well... obviously

armed and very sure of himself... when he spoke his

voice was deep, strong with a vibrant maleness about

it that seemed to command attention...::

Crossbones: Avalia! I hope you have a few minutes to

spare... ::he asked but it was obviously not a


::The Orion woman looked over a box she had been

rummaging through. Her mischievous blue eyes sparkled

with little surprise. What a special delight to an

otherwise dull day. It had been little over a day

since the departure of her ‘guests’

and since business was slow. Nothing like seeing good

ol’ Crossbones. She greeted him with a jab of


Avalia: Tsk, tsk Crossbones. Don’t you know how to be

polite and knock?

Crossbones: I just thought I would drop by and let you

know that your plan worked... ::he said as he moved to

place his back out of line with all the windows and


Avalia: The cherry to top off my evening. What

wonderful news! Ha, ha!

::The smile she had been wearing grew darker. Pushing

the box aside, the tall woman threw back her head,

stretched the ache from her muscles and ran her hands

through her luxurious hair as it poured around her

body like black satin. It seemed to flow and blend

with the purple velvet robes she wore.::

Crossbones: You can tell your Mother that we'll keep

our end of the deal... ::he said as he watched her...

he was no fool... this woman might be stunning but she

was also very dangerous... way more dangerous than her

twin brother on the Council...::

::She looked back at him, arching a thin eyebrow. He

appeared to be a little distracted and she knew the

source. She continued the conversation casually.::

Avalia: No last minute changes, I hope? Mother would

not appreciate any new stipulations.

Crossbones: As agreed... Mom gets to pick one of the

replacements on the council... I pick the other one...

Avalia: That will please her old bones. And the rest?

What of that?

Crossbones: As for their holdings... well Dad and your

mother already worked out that deal...

Avalia: Ah, so I suppose we’re in the dark then?

Masterminding little plots in secret. What rats.

::The Lady of Antiquity, as she was called, strolled

over to the other end of the room with the box in her

arms, past a few glass cases of weapons, as a faint

tinge of anger heated her blood. She wasn’t going to

act all irrational like her twin, Arthos, but she

couldn’t help but feel a little slighted when Mom kept

things from them.::

Crossbones: They don't have to tell us everything...

::he replied as he watched her walk away... it was

obvious she was [...]ed about something and he could

guess what... still it was enjoyable... she moved with

such fluid grace... for a second he wondered what it

would feel like to hold that perfect body...::

Avalia: Well, whatever they believe is best… the less

they reveal, the better. I guess.

::She set the box down on a dusty crate, not looking

back to the man in her place of business.::

Avalia: My price for my end of the bargain remains the

same, Crossbones. When can I expect payment? I charge

interest you know.

Crossbones: You'd have to ask Mom... I have no idea

what your pay off will be... ::Maybe... maybe it's

worth the risk... as Dad always told us... some of the

best things in life are always worth a little risk...

he thought as he walked towards her... carefully

feeling his way so as to make no noise...::

::Avalia just closed her eyes and shook her head.::

Avalia: If my services are to continue, it had very

well be in full and rather speedy. After all, a Lady

needs to afford a little play after a full day's


::Crossbones stopped less than 2 feet from her as she

turned to face him with a wicked smile.::

Crossbones: I agree... ::he said as he reached out

with one hand to slide his fingers into her long

hair... his hand stopping with the back of her head

cupped in his massive palm...:: any chance of us

working out a more agreeable working arrangement?

::She breathed, not all at shocked at his


Avalia: What did you have in mind?

Crossbones: I'm not just interested in your brain...

although it is one of your most impressive features...

::He rumbled in his deep voice while his other hand

slide behind her... nestled in the small of her

back... his eyes searched hers... his hold on her was

gentle... it was obvious that she could escape anytime

she wanted... all he did was just stand there...

holding her... it was obvious that he wanted to pull

her closer but... it seemed like he was waiting for

some sign from her...::

Avalia: Here we are talking about business and you

insist on talking about my ‘impressive’ features.

Crossbones, Crossbones… Do you really want to tangle

yourself in the web I weave?

Crossbones: I'm not an idiot like your brother... I

know your 10 times the man he could ever be... same as

I know your way more than just a shop keeper... you’re

very important to your Mom's organization... way more

important than your brother...

Availa: Mmmm…

::She looked at his lips and purred.::

Avalia: ARE you looking for trouble with Mom then?

Crossbones: No... I'm not looking for trouble with

your Mom... not as long she keeps her word...

::His eyes looked deep into hers... for a second his

grip tightened... it was obvious he could snap her

spine without half trying... but his grip relaxed...

once again the gentle touch that was so surprising

from a man with such a bloody reputation... Avalia

took the next action and wrapped her arms around his

neck and shoulders, shortening the distance between

them and tempted his lips with hers. They almost

touch but don’t. She pulled her head back but still

held him close, her eyes alight with hunger.::

Avalia: I would be so easy for me to throw my

inhibitions in the wind, but fortunately for you…

::In one quick movement, she slipped out of his hold

and planted her hands onto her hips. She gave him a

false look of contempt as she stepped backwards.::

Avalia: …there is nothing in my standing orders that

allows me to mix business with pleasure.

::It wasn’t a secret that she held an attraction for

the main man on the Council, but she would be dumb to

offer herself so freely. It was in her interest, and

a lot more fun, to play hard to get. She turned her

back towards him and resumed her usual arranging of

antiques and cleaning up dusty corners, acting as if

the last few moments hadn’t happened.::

Avalia: You know your way out…

Crossbones: Very well... till next time... ::he rumbled in his deep voice softly... then he turned and walked out...::


NPC - Avalia

Lady of Antiquity - City of Mith - Cart'hen III

Member of the Orion Syndicate

Simmed by Lt. Commander Arista Devar


NPC - Crossbones Han'drin

Leader of the Council of 11 - City of Mith - Cart'hen III

Member of the Black Daggers - Orion Syndicate

Simmed by Lt. Commander Tal Tel-ar

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I just wanted to suggest that you read the submission rules regarding what needs to go in the title and subtitle bars when you submit.

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