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[Round 10] The Awakened

Alana Devar

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((Promenade - Starbase 118))

:: Daydan touched his cheek softly, the gentle loving kiss that Emirry

had put on him only minutes ago still felt like she was still there, the

warmth of her breath, the tenderness of her kiss... He looked up

sensing a cold presence approaching him, he could sense SFI a mile

away, they had an in human sense of being, it was as if they just

didn't care.... Taboo pretended not to notice him approaching and

continued to watch some children in the park below chase Finches

through the trees...::

Ravenswood: Well well well, if it isn't the do gooder.. Why has

someone not snuffed out your light yet Mr Taboo?

:: His name was spoken by the man with a distinctive venom in his

voice... Daydan turned a little of the way to face him lifting one

foot up onto the first rail of the guard looking down several floors

onto the lavish gardens below... ::

Ravenswood: Why don't we just have you illuminated Taboo,

number three wouldn't bat an eye lid at the order, but someone

high up has a very important use for you or else you would have

been long dead..

:: Daydan leaned menacingly towards him.., tapping his temple.. ::

Taboo: That's because you sickos want to know what I have locked

up here....

Ravenswood: Nothing a phaser blast wouldn't uncover!!

::Daydan shook his head..::

Taboo:: This is so far over your head you don't even have accesses

do you, you are just a pawn no different from the rest of us.....

Ravenswood: What do you mean, I do as I please, I take orders

from the very top, no one else...

Taboo: Go home Joseph.. ::Daydan shook his head, but the Admiral

was so incensed by Taboo's response that he lunged for him, luckily

Daydan was expecting an assault and caught the mans entire fist in his

hand pushing it effortlessly to one side...

Ravenswood: Your a dead man Taboo, do you hear me?

::Joseph flexed his fingers..::

Taboo: we are all dead, or rather asleep, until we either wake

ourselves up or someone wakes us up....

Ravenswood: Your nuts..

Taboo:: Shaking his head again..:: And you need to use that

grey matter between your ears allot more than you do....

Ravenswood: If you say so, ::He looked Taboo in the eyes

and then back towards the turbo lift he had previously ridden

to get to this floor..:: Where is my operative?

Taboo: What operative..

Ravenswood: You know what operative, Yladro, the girl?

Taboo: She's MIA..

Ravenswood: The rings she is, I'd have seen it in the crew


Taboo: Check again..

Ravenswood: She was cute, I think she liked me..

::Daydan scoffed to him..::

Taboo: You are joking...

Ravenswood: I'll find her, she's probably with that louvre

nose right?

Taboo: He's taken a LOA, to settle their affairs..

Ravenswood: Oh I'll settle here affairs alright, apparently

she liked it a little rough... :: Laughing to himself..::

::Daydan nodded to himself..::

Taboo: Leave my people alone or else..

Ravenswood: Or else whaa!!!!

:: Before Ravenswood could finish the line he punched

him hard in the stomach, Joseph fell against him for a

moment fighting for his breath..::

Taboo: Leave my people alone...

:: Daydan turned away letting Joseph slump against the

hand rail... Entering the turbo lift nearby Daydan was

glad to see the back of the man, he shuddered at the

thought.. ::

Taboo: oO Good luck Victoria.. I will miss you, and you

you old war dog... Oo

::Daydan chocked back hard to prevent himself from

shedding a tear, better to remove yourself from the

emotions he kept telling himself, but how does a true

Betazoid do that? ::

::He tugged down on his tunic, cleared his thoughts as

best he could and headed quickly back to the Hangar

bay where the Eagle was waiting for him... ::


Captain Daydan Taboo

Commanding Officer

USS Eagle NCC 74659


Admiral Joseph Ravenswood

SB118 Configuration Project Manager/

(SFI Undercover)

Simmed by Taboo

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