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[Round 10] A Private Room Of Sorts

Julia Harden

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((Sick Bay - USS Braveheart))

Stone: Doctor Jarak, I request to be allowed to recover in my

quarters! With all the comotion going on down here, I'll get no rest

at all. I'll come back down to check on my baby and let you check on

me as well.

Jarak: Hmm.. No, i think it would be better you stay here. I can have

you moved to a private room, if you wish, where you can rest in peace

and quiet. Need any sedatives? Painkillers?

Stone: ::frowning:: No, I don't NEED sedatives! I need to relax in my

own quarters! I'd rather have the baby with me but I realize his

condition will not allow that. Just.....::Cura sighed:: Let me out of

here, please?

Jarak: Orrey?

Orrey: :: finishes with Ensign Moon's exam and comes over.:: Yes sir?

Jarak: I need you to take Commander stone to a private room, and make

sure one of the nurses stays with her. Will ya? Make sure she is

comfortable. Whatever she needs. ::leaning in closer :: But, under no

circumstances, are you to allow her to leave that room, without my or

Harden's permission. Understand?

Orrey: Aye, sir.

:: Jarak Patted Orrey on the back, and went back to finishing the

nueral scans of Hilzarie. ::

:: Cura sighed, folded her arms across her chest as she glared at the back

of Dr. Jarak. She glanced at Captain Rocar, waiting for his imput, but when

she sensed it wasn't coming, she turned away in disgust.::.

Jarak: Orrey is going to take you to a private room, Commander. I am

afraid your condition after giving birth, has me concerned and i want

you near.

Stone: What about what I want to do? you won't let me? I want to go

on the bridge! I want to find out what the hell happened!

Jarak: Sorry, Commander. I will make sure the bridge crew is alerted

to your concerns.

Rocar: response

Anyone: response

::Hold up her hands in surrender.::

Stone: It's going to get worse before it gets better. I'm only trying

to give you more beds here, Doc. You've got to admit, I'm just taking

up space here.

Jarak: That is why i am moving you to a private room, Commander.

Those rooms are closer to my office here on this ship, so i may

monitor you, and do what i can to make sure your fit for duty again,

which at this moment, i do not believe you are. Your baby's incubator

can also be taken to the private room next to your's, if you so wish.

:: Jarak looked at Orrey ::

Jarak: Take her to the private room, 3B. And if she wishes, get the

nurses assigned to her baby to roll the mobile incubator and

monitoring equipment up to room 3C, so she can be near her child. The

private rooms are one deck up and near corridor L .

Orrey: Yes sir. ::turns toward the Commander and reaches out to help her.::

Stone: I'm coming. I'm coming. ::walks with Ensign Orrey on her own

power. She slapps hands away that try to help her.:: I can't do this !

::As they left sickbay, Jansen slipped his arm around her to help her walk,

having seen how difficult birth is before. he started toward the tubrolift

moving slowly with her.::

Orrey: You know, this really puts you in a different light. ::Orrey smiled

at her.:: I can see the strong independent Commander that I saw on the

Centris, but there is a soft new mother side I can see now too.

::The two walk through the corridors towards the turbo lift. Cura was a bit

on edge. She wanted to go up to the bridge and have a look.::

Stone: Ensign, mind if we take a detour?

Orrey: Yes, I do mind.

Stone: I just want to look in on the bridge crew

Orrey: I will fix the viewscreen in the private room so you can speak to


Stone: You take things rather seriously eh? I won't tell if you don't

Orrey: I only take the health and rest of those I consider friends seriously.

Stone: How about if I order you?

Orrey: Starfleet regulations state that in medical situations a lower

ranking officer may refuse to follow orders if those orders will affect the

commanding officers healthy recovery.

:: Sighing in defeat, Cura allowed the Ensign to designate the desired


Stone: You're just following orders, I realize this.

Orrey: And I thank you for realization.

::After the lift doors swished open, Cura stepped out and glanced at the

directions on the bulkhead. ::

Stone: Know where you're going?

Orrey Vaguely but not exactly.

Stone: Neither do I. ::finding the room:: Here we go.

((Private Recovery Room - USS Braveheart))

::Entering, Cura moved towards the replicator and ordred up a meal and some

iced tea. She also headed towards the bed.::

Stone: Ensign, make yourself useful. Hold this tray while I get into the


Orrey: Of course. ::takes the tray and holds it, then sits it on a table

moving it over so she can eat.::

:: Cura climbed into the bed and adjusted the pillows, fluffing them up for

herself to sit up and have her meal. She glanced at Ensign Orrey and


Stone: So, Ensign, where do you come from? Tell me your story

Orrey: Well, I was born on Starbase 10. My father was a starship captain,

and.....well what would you like to know?

Stone: ::in between eating:: You know, how was the academy?

Orrey: I enjoyed it up to a certain extent, then it got to the point where i

just kept my head down to get by. ::hints at something with this statement

but doesn't really reveal anything.

Stone: What was your favorite class? I loved to fly star fighters during

the academy. :: Cura grinned:: Wasn't a bad pilot. Did a fly by the control

towers and got a repriand for it. ::laughs:: Come now, tell me everything.

Who's your favorite professor? Maybe I know him or her.

Orrey: I like the flying, but my true joy came from the command courses.

Professor Sarvas, have you heard of him?

Stone: Got any dark secrets I need to know about? I don't like surprises


Orrey: ::looks around to see if anyone is there and leans over just in

case.:: Well I got a reprimand in my third year and almost got kicked from the


:: Cura glanced at the Ensign, trying to be secretive and careful. She

smiled. She understood how he felt. Yet, she was at a point where she knew

those reprimands in the Academy didn't matter. Placing her fork down, she turned

to him.::

Stone: Ensign, you have nothing to worry about. What you did in the past

has no affect on your future in this outfit. Some people may argue but what

got you through in the Academy will not get you though in the fleet. What you

do from this point on will make or break you. And..:: Cura smiled at him.::

What I've seen so far tells me you won't have any problems.

Orrey: ::Jansen smiles back at her:: As long as I keep my work to my self. I

will be alright. ::sits back:: Until I need someone else to help.......

Stone: You didn't succome to my temptations to disobey orders nor Star Fleet

regulations. You might not have been thinking it was a test, but we command

types are always watching. ::laughs:: I thought I'd never wind up being so

sneaky. ::laughs again::

Orrey: Suprise tests are the best tests.

Stone: In my short time of knowing you, you've said no to me, refused to

take me where I wanted to go and have quoted regulations which, I might add,

reminds me of my husband. He used to do the same thing. So unless you do

something severely evil,..you're alright in my book.

Orrey: I didn't know you were married. ::smiles a little bit.:: Its alright


:: Cura smiled somewhat.::

Stone: The little hypen in my name didn't give it away. Assanti is my

maiden name and Stone is my married name. However, ::chuckles:: Come to think of

it, I'm actually divorced now. Yet I have just given birth to my husbands

son. In case you're wondering, my husband was sent on a SFI mission of which

he has not returned from. He's listed as MIA, presumed dead. I did meet up

with him on DS9, yet it was only for a short while...long enough to make

junior appear.

:: Cura turned her head, a bit saddened at revealing this personal part of

her life. She sighed, shook her head somewhat.::

Stone:I don't know why I'm talking about this? This is really none of your

business and

Orrey: ::interrupts her quickly:: And its alright for you to talk to me

anytime about anything. Even him.

Stone:Well. It's pretty hard not to think about him. His son just barely

makes it into the world and he's not around to see it

:: Cura wiped her eyes with her napkin.::

::Orrey puts a friendly hand on hers and moves his face in front of hers


Stone: Sorry, Ensign. You're bound to see all sides of me, which I might

add are strictly confidential.

Orrey: Aye, Commander. ::continues to smile.::

:: Cura finished eating her food and then drank her tea. She lay back on

the pillows and glanced at Ensign Orrey, smiling at him.::

Stone Consider yourself lucky, Ensign, you get to baby sit...a....; :Cura's

eyes started to close as sleep consumed her.:: a queen.

Orrey: ::whispers a little bit watching her doze off.:: She is the princess.

I'm sitting with the queen oO(though technically if you think about your

orders you are babysitting them both)Oo ::He gets up and opens the middle door,

checking on the infant then returning to the chair by Cura's bed and

settling in and watching them.


------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- -

Ensign Jansen Orrey

Science Officer

Starbase 118 Ops

=/\=/\=/\=/\ =/\=/\=/\ =/\=/\=/\ =

Cmdr Cura Assanti-Stone

First Officer

Starbase 118 Ops

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