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[Round 9] Interests

Julia Harden

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Lt. Cmdr. Tash Zubowskivich

Chief of Security

Starbase 118 Ops

((Braveheart - Bridge))

Tash: What will it take for someone to earn that trust of yours,

Geeva? Haven't I done enough to keep you and the others safe? Haven't

I forgiven you when you left me to be eaten alive by the hellhounds

that came from the future? Will you never forgive us for being only human?

:: He noted her frown and the oddly hued blush as he pulled on the

environmental suit he had pulled from storage. She stood rather

bluntly, and seemed offended by his calm questions. ::

Geeva: I did return to you, /sir/. And I do object that you do put

your life in danger when there do be other methods at our disposal.

Transporters, force fields, and your own security personnel, or do you

do not trust them enough to do stave off a boarding party by themselves?

Tash: If you have other methods, then use them. As for my officers,

it is well known as a security adage that one does not send men where

one is not willing to go himself. The question isn't if I trust them,

but if they trust me.

:: She was checking his seals as he calmly explained his reasoning,

then she roughly pulled it onto the attached neck-piece. Even this

hardly phased him. She might have hit him, and he might not have

cared. A quarter-turn later and he was effectively sealed, and she

gave him a hard stare. ::

Geeva: I will do forgive you terrans for do forsaking your community

when you do cease to do so. I cannot do change who I do be, Commander,

any more than you can do decide that 'psychopath' would do serve as an

exciting career opportunity.

Tash: I hardly think my men would agree with that mental assessment.

:: Still, nothing. Simply an honest, direct answer, and his gaze did

not waver from hers. It caught him though, that she would claim he

had "forsaken" his "community." Had he? How? When? This was the

first bit of actual, genuine interest he had had in the entire

conversation, though in his current state it was a bit fleeting.

Still, it made an impression. He would have asked her to explain

further if she hadn't continued speaking then. ::

Geeva: Do attempt to do not be shot, Commander. The Braveheart does

possess a shortage of officers.

Tash: ::completely unaffected:: I'll keep that in mind.

:: He moved on, and she went back to her post to keep tabs on the

Aegis's maneuvers. ::

OOC-Congrats on the Baby John, Cura! ^_^

Lt. Cmdr. Tash Zubowskivich

Chief of Security

Starbase 118 Ops

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