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[Round 9] Cmdr Cura Assanti-Stone: Giving Birth To John Stone Jr.

Delinda Sharee

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((Sick Bay - USS Braveheart))

:: Mitch-matched eyes fluttered open and Cmdr Cura Assanti-Stone registered

the brightness of the Sick Bay lights above her. She squinted and turned

her head from it. Then, she felt the pain...an increadable pain in her

abdomen. She also noticed that everyone seemed to be scrambling around the rooms in

Sick Bay. A red light was flashing. The Red Alert? The pain came again

and above her bio bed, lights were flashing.::

::Dr. Bones ran up to Cmdr Stone's bio bed, his eye wide with surprise and

shock as he read the readings. He couldn't believe it. He shook his head in

disbelieve. .::

Bones: No no no...little one.. You just can't wait, can you?

Stone: WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME!! It hurts!!!

Bones: Ahh...Commander Stone. You're in labor!

:;Pain ripped through her lower abdomen again. She barely registered what

he said, but labor was definitely ringing in her ears.::

Stone: Baby's coming?

Bones; Yes, Commander! ::he turns to one of the nurses, grabs her arm::

Prepare the deliver room for a premature Betazoid/Argelian/ Terran! Prepare

the OR for an emergency surgery if needed. MOVE NOW!!

Nurse: Aye, Sir! Right away

Stone: ::started blowing in stead of screaming.:: OH GOD why does this

hurt so bad!!

Bones: That is a mystery commander. No one really knows why

Stone: Shut Up you!!

Bones; Aye, Sir. Shutting up but I have to talk you though this.

Permission to speak freely

Stone: I dont care what the hell you do, just deliver my baby!!! GET it out

of me!!

Bones: Right. Okay Shall we go through natural child birth, Commander or

shall this be...drugged?

:: Cura cringed at the word. Her eyes closed for a moment as she recalled

what happened to her baby and why. The [...]ed drugs.::

Stone: NO! No drugs! No more!

Bones; Right. Right. Natural child birth it is. ::to the nurse.:: Get

her set up!

((Hours Later))

:: The red alert light had been extinguished, but Cmdr Cura Assanti-Stone; s

inner red alert light was still flashing as she sat up with the aide of the

nurses, her face etched with pain and determination on pushing the life within


Bones: PUSH Commander PUSH HARD!! I see the head!!

Stone: ARRRRRGH!!!

Bones: One more time, Cura!! One big push to

::Again, Cura haulded herself up and with the nurse's aid, she pushed again,

her face strained, glistening with sweat and tears.::

Bones:: THERE WE GO :: catching he baby:: It's a boy, Commander

::Before she could utter a word, the baby was whisked away into another

room. The nurses stayed with her as Dr. Bones tried to save the premature


Stone: I want my baby!

Nurse Apple: Commander, please, be patient. It was premature and

Stone: And what!!

Nurse: Let Dr. Bones do his job, Commander. Your baby will be fine

Stone: But it didn't cry!!! ::Cura starting crying then, oncontrollably. ::

Nurse: Don't worry, Commander. He will get it to breathe..You' ll see.

He's a [...] good doctor.

((Hours Later - Sick Bay))

::Slipping off bloody gloves, Dr. Bones returned to the recovery room where

Cmdr Stone was resting although still not alseep. She hadn'tslept since the

baby was taken away from her right after birth.. He moved to a sink where he

washed his hands. Cura looked up at him.::

Stone: Doctor?

Bones: The boy is strong and he's alive. There were some complications

with his breathing, but he's fine now..

:: Sighing with relief, tears formed in Cura's eyes as she was very pleased

and over joyed.::

Stone: ;:barely a whisper:: Thank you, Dr. Bones. Oh God, thank you. Can


Bones; Here comes the nurse right now with the boy.

:: The nurse came towards her with the small child in her arms and Cura

smiled, holding out her arms to hold her son for the first time. As she took

hold of the baby, it looked up at her with those squinty eyes. But Cura could

tell, he had his father's look about him.. The babe was waring a white little

shirt and diapers and wrapped in a warm, cuddly blanket. He also had a

small cotton cap on it's head. Only his face was visible but Cura fell in love

with it.::

Stone; Ohhh...if only he could see you now, Johnathan Jr.

:: Cura brought the baby's face toward her own and she lightly kissed it's


Stone: Well, John Jr. Welcome to the Universe. I guess we can't set up

road blocks for you huh? Look out Mom I'm coming through kind of attitude I

guess. :: Cura chuckled as the baby's face distorted somewhat and smiled at


:;Lying back, Cura lay on her side, looking on the baby, which she lay on

her bio bed. Her head propped up with her elbow and her free index finger

holding the entire hand of her son.::

Stone: You got the Stone grip there, John. ::chuckles again:: You'll make

a [...] good security officer me thinks.

=/\=/\=/\=/\ =/\=/\=/\ =/\=/\=/\ =

Cmdr Cura Assanti-Stone

First Officer

Starbase 118 Ops

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