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[Round 9] Confrontation


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Lieutenant Jacford B. Kolk - "Confrontation"

((Turbolift, USS Ronin))

::As the lift reached the saucer, Jack was torn. He had been excited about meeting up with Sarah and showing her Seattle, but they didn't exactly have any set meeting place or time... Should he go see Jarod first? Should he invite Jarod along with Sarah and him? With Addy and he, it was easier; theirs had been an established relationship. He and Sarah were anything but. Plus, he and Jarod had been on the best terms they'd ever been at the time. But now? Who knew. He couldn't decide. Would going to see Jarod fix things between them? Probably not. Would he be able to forget about it and have fun with Sarah? ... Maybe. He needed an outside opinion, and since it concerned her...::

Kolk: =/\= Kolk to Reed. =/\=

Reed: =/\= H…Hello? Reed here… sir. =/\=

Kolk: =/\= You busy, Sarah? =/\=

Reed: =/\= I… waking up, so… no… =/\=

Kolk: =/\= I thought now might be a good time to figure out what we're doing in Seattle. =/\=

Reed: =/\= If you like… I've never been to Seattle before… =/\=

Kolk: =/\= Well, I promise you'll love it. ... And even if you don't, you'll have me... =/\=

Reed: =/\= Yeah and you have impeccable timing. ::He heard a clink that sounded like a cup being lifted off a table.:: I need to… make a visit on Earth before I go anywhere. =/\=

Kolk: =/\= A visit? With who? =/\=

Reed: =/\= Family… Stuff. Can I meet you somewhere? =/\=

Kolk: =/\= Uh... yeah, how about the main public transporter in the Seattle Center? How long do you think your visit will take? =/\=

Reed: =/\= Okay… I'll let you know... ::sounding a bit sweeter:: I am looking forward to it, you know… =/\=

Kolk: =/\= I don't know if I can believe you. I mean ::smiling mischievously: : you didn't sound all that cheery when I called. =/\=

Reed: =/\= ::She chuckled.:: Then don't wake me up in future. Reed out. =/\=


::As the conversation ended, Jack began facing the fact that he had to at least help Jarod move back to the house they'd grown up in... Unfortunately, that meant speaking to him. Grudgingly, he headed off toward his brother's temporary quarters. When he got there, Jarod was packing his duffel. When he saw Jack, he only looked up for a brief moment.::

Jarod Kolk: Oh. You.

Jack Kolk: ::glaring in annoyance:: oO Why did I ever think it would get better? Oo Yeah. Me.

::Jarod continued to move what little he had unpacked into his duffel bag, acting as if Jack wasn't there at all.::

Jack: Look, Jarod, I came to help you. If you don't want any help...

Jarod: I don't want anything from Starfleet. I just want to be left alone.

::Jack felt like he was already back at home, reliving every fight he'd ever had with his brother.::

Jack: oO So it's degenerated to this already? Oo Why are you focused on Starfleet again? If it weren't for the Fleet, Seattle and all of Earth would've been destroyed many times over.

::Jarod's packing was getting more ferocious and haphazard by the moment.::

Jarod: If it weren't for Starfleet, Earth never would've been threatened by another species.

Jack: Jarod, this isn't about Starfleet and you know it.

::The older Kolk finally stopped throwing things violently into his bag and glared at his younger brother with the fire of a hundred stellar nurseries in his eyes.::

Jarod: How would you know what it's about!? You weren't there! You were just a baby, safe is our mother's arms when--

::He couldn't say. With all the hatred and anger he was feeling, he couldn't say. He still couldn't get past the image, burned into his memory, of that day; he couldn't voice it, couldn't give the evil image a name. After all these years, he still couldn't tell anyone what he'd seen.::

Jack: When what, Jarod! All these years, you've never said it have you? You've never said what exactly happened to Samantha and Dad.

::Jarod's mouth flapped a bit in anger, but he couldn't force anything out. Fuming, he turned away, and ripped a small keepsake out of his bag and threw it with all his might at the wall. As it shattered into a million unrecognizable pieces, he suddenly remembered to feel remorse at it's loss. He was so tired, and angry, and frustrated that he couldn't even remember what it was he'd just broken, but he knew it was something important to him, something he'd never look at again, just like...

Jack: I've seen death too, Jarod. In my first month on DS17, a man looking just like my first officer was impaled by a bulkhead. I wept for him and thought of you... Just this last mission I saw men and women bit in half by giant sand beasts. I wept for them and thought of you... There's a man from another timeline in ours now who looks just like me, but he's angry and hateful. When I think of him, I don't see myself, Jarod... I see you...

::The older, balding man spun back toward his brother in a rage.::

Jarod: How dare you think of me!?! You should've thought of Dad! You should've thought about our sister!!! Why??? Why did you think of me!!!

Jack: Because, for whatever reason, Jarod, God chose to take Dad and Sam home. They're at peace now, but you...? You're tortured by what you had to see. And you're destroying yourself running from it instead of facing it.

Jarod: Oh? And what exactly do you think I'm running from, Jack?

::He said his little brother's name as though it was an indictment, but the Lieutenant wasn't about to back down.::

Jack: I don't know, why don't you tell me? Because you obviously didn't escape it on DS17, and you won't escape it on Earth. You hid there for over 25 years, and it's still hounding you!

Jarod: It would hound you too if you saw--

::The ire had nearly forced it from him, but he swallowed it down.::

Jack: If I saw what, Jarod? What did you see all those years ago?

Jarod: I-- Why should I tell you?

::The Starfleet officer stepped closer to the civilian. Not close enough to suggest a physical challenge, but close enough to make it clear that Jarod wasn't going to get away with not telling him. For the first time since the younger Kolk entered the room, he wasn't yelling. In fact, his voice was nearly a whisper now.::

Jack: Because I'm your brother.

::Jarod looked into the younger man's eyes and finally began to see the pain this age-old fight was causing his brother. He thought about the story Jack was asking him to tell. He thought about what it would mean letting go of...::

Jarod: ::not yelling anymore either:: Do you really want to know?

::Withdrawing slightly to give his brother space, Jack knew Jarod was ready to talk. Truly talk, like they'd never done in their lives. It had been a lonely childhood for both of them, but maybe now they could start to make up for that, a little at a time...::

Jack: ::quietly, nodding:: Yeah...

::Jarod took a deep breath and let it out in a long sigh as he sat down on the bed. Jack pulled over a chair and listened as the story he'd never heard though it'd cast a spectre over his entire life unfolded from his brother's lips, the lips of the only survivor left who knew what'd happened that day.::

Jarod: There hadn't been a Cardassian raid in over a week, but Mum was still scared and tired, so Dad took Sam and me to see where he worked: the Torpedo Maintenance Room...

((Shoreline, a suburb of Seattle, Earth - Several Hours Later))

::Jack and Jarod were rummaging through the house where their mother and Jarod had lived for so many years. They'd planned to come here and unpack Jarod's things, but, as it turned out, they were now checking to make sure Jarod had everything he wanted out of it. They still had to decide what to do with the house, since neither of them now planned to live in it any time soon, but there would be time for that later.::

Jack: Did you want this?

::He held one of their father's old uniforms from the 2360s out of the closet where he was standing so Jarod could see it.::

Jarod: ::laughing:: No.

Jack: Good, 'cause I do. Hey, did Dad ever complain of back pain? I hear this style uniform caused a ton of strain on people's spines.

Jarod: Really? I don't remember him saying anything...

::Just then, a chirping sound rung from Jack's chest.::

Reed: =/\= ((Response)) =/\=

::Jack glanced at Jarod with a twinkle in his eye, to which Jarod just rolled his own.::

Jack: =/\= Kolk here. Where are you, Sarah? =/\=

Reed: =/\= ((Response)) =/\=

Jack: =/\= Already? I thought you were supposed to give me a shout before you beamed to my side of the planet. =/\=

Reed: =/\= ((Response)) =/\=

::He laughed.::

Jack: =/\= No, no. Don't go anywhere. I'm on my way. =/\=

Reed: =/\= ((Response)) =/\=

::The line closed, and Jack smiled widely at Jarod.::

Jack: Duty calls.

Jarod: Duty? I thought her name was Sarah...



Lieutenant Jackford B. Kolk

Asst. Chief Engineer/FO Deck Officer

USS Ronin - NCC-34523

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I just wanted to add in the tags that somehow got left blank...


::Just then, a chirping sound rung from Jack's chest.::

Reed: =/\= Reed to Kolk =/\=

::Jack glanced at Jarod with a twinkle in his eye, to which Jarod just rolled his own.::

Jack: =/\= Kolk here. Where are you, Sarah? =/\=

:: Sarah smiled to herself.:: Reed: =/\= Seattle, would you believe. I'm in the Aerospace Station. =/\=

Jack: =/\= Already? I thought you were supposed to give me a shout before you beamed to my side of the planet. =/\=

Reed: =/\= Supposed to is very different from wanting to. ::she grinned:: Of course, I could leave and come back later if you like… =/\=

::He laughed.::

Jack: =/\= No, no. Don't go anywhere. I'm on my way. =/\=

Reed: =/\= I'll be here. Reed out. =/\=

::The line closed, and Jack smiled widely at Jarod.::

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My bad.

I posted an earlier version of the sim by mistake. Was about to sort it but Karynn has already beaten me to it :)

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