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[Round 8] An old Earth ditty

Julia Harden

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(( SQ313 ))

Perkins: oO This place is hot.....where is that kitten eating green son of an Iguana...Oo

Fanel: Just because I said I can do this by my lonesome doesn't mean I

dont need help!

::Perkins looked out towards the far dunes. He knew Russhook was out there

part of him wished he could go out there looking for him. But Sam had

responsibilities here.::

Rocar: Very well. I want the pair of you to spend the next couple of hours on

it. The rest of us will cover ground slower due to our various injuries. so we'll set off

now; if you can't get the shuttle fixed within 2 hours I want you to destroy all traces

of the craft and catch-up with us.

Perkins: Yes sir.

::But Fanel seemed not to have noticed Perkins was there. Soon he had taking

the inside of the shuttle apart. Perkins knew it would be futile to interfere.

So he made a start on trying to dig them out. He made his way to the other

side and began to blast away at the sand. Soon he heard someone working on the

other side. He glanced over and saw Fanel busy doing the same thing he was.::

Perkins: Careful your scorching the shuttle..... ...I Say......HELLO. .....

::But it was no good Fanel was to busy blasting plus he was singing an old

Earth tune. Perkins had heard his Grandfather singing that song often he was


Perkins...Oh well when in rome and all that.....' I've been working on the

railroad all the live long day........

Commander Samuel Nigel Perkins

Second Officer and shipping officer

Starbase 118 OPS


Executive officer


"Duty first self second"

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