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[Round 7] Andreus Napeta Cataria VII (PNPC): A game of cat and tiger..


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((Commander Riley's Quarters))

::Andreus Napeta Cataria VII (Andy to you mere mortals) was not sure

he liked this new place. It smelled old, which in and of itself was

not a bad thing. But this place had a smell like it had not been

lived in for some time, and he found himself wondering why. It would

not be so bad if he had MotherLovelyLadyGoodScritcher (aka Cmdr

Sidney Riley) to protect -- and Bast protect the one who even dared

to suggest that he needed to be protected by her.::

::But since coming to this place, she had hardly been around. It had

been days since he had been petted. The ragdoll began to groom

himself philosophically. Days, if not weeks. He finished his

grooming and lapped diffidently at his water dish. Even the water

tasted old. It had to be *months* since he had last been fed.::

::It was time to do something about that.::

::He walked up to the great portal for the two-leggers, using his

godlike powers to open the doors. He knew that not every cat could

do this. It had been one of the early signs of his apotheosis. That,

and the fact that out of all his litter,

MotherLovelyLadyGoodScritcher had chosen him. Not every cat sailed

among the stars. Andreus Napeta Cataria VII smiled a feline smile

and began stalking down the corridor. The two-leggers, like always,

took no notice of him.::

::But then it was a dangerous thing to look a god in the eyes.::

::And then he scented something savory. Even god-emperors liked to

run. Especially when their tummies were growling...::


Andreus Napeta Cataria VII (Andy, to you mortals)

God-Emperor of the Universe

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