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[Round 7] It's Not All Great Being Engaged


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::Having spoken with T’Pen over their destination and what was coming up in the near future, Toni went back to her living accommodations to try and make sense of everything. Entering their quarters, Toni saw Heath and despite her hurt, her heart still leaped at the sight of him. Trying hard not to show it, she spoke dryly.::

Turner: I see you made it home in one piece.

:: Heath smiled, despite the situation. Seeing her seemed to make it better and worse simultaneously.::

West: Enjoy Bajor?

Turner: ::sighing heavily:: I didn't go to Bajor. I went with Danzia to DS24 for Admiral Anderson's services. oO How could he forget something like that? Oo How was your trip?

:: He rounded the island in the room and walked to her, slipping his arm around her waist and kissing her cheek.::

West: Yeah, it was...interesting...

::She thought about not telling him she knew that Kyle was his father, but felt it was best to just get it out in the open.::

Turner: ::moving away from him:: I'm sure your father was glad to get home.

:: Heath frowned.:: West: I took him back home and came back here...why? I thought you could use the time alone.

::Fighting tears, she stood as erect as possible.::

Turner: Oh yes, that was thoughtful of you, but I found it a little on the impossible side to get married without a groom.

:: He [...]ed an eyebrow.:: West: Only a little impossible?

::Somehow his attempt at humour escaped her, and in a flash her eyes were blazing toward him.::

Turner: Okay it was impossible. You know what I meant. Heath why couldn't you be honest with me?

West: I was expecting this.

Turner: Why Heath?

West: Well what did you expect me to tell you? My father deals in the Black Market? On top of everything else, Toni, I don't think it would be a shining moment for us.

Turner: Yes, I expected the truth from you. No it may not have been a "shining moment," but it could have been a moment of honesty between us. Heath, we can't expect that all our moments will be shining, and I don't understand why you chose to keep it from me.

West: ::he sighed:: I don't know... maybe I just thought...

Turner: You thought I would think less of you if you told me the truth? You didn't trust me to understand?

West: No, I trust you... I just... ::he ran over his head:: Nobody understands, how could you be any different?

::She stood her ground squarely in front of him::

Turner: ::softer:: Look Heath, I'm a woman who loves and trusts you, with anything and everything, and all I've ever wanted is your love and trust in return so we can get over these hurdles of life together. I never expected you to be perfect as I am not perfect either.

:: The young lad sat down and sighed, rubbing his eyes with the pads of his thumbs.::

West: I thought... I thought that if I gave him what he wanted he'd just leave. I didn't think, not for one second, that he'd tell Vee or you'd find out until he left then we could...

Turner: Well, you got your wish, I didn't find out until after you took him home. And now that he is gone, were you ever going to tell me? Was that your plan?

West: Then we could talk about it and get married; he manages to taint everything, I didn't want this to be part of his poisonous game. :: he crossed his arms and sat back:: And he's managed it; somehow.

Turner: No, he didn't manage it, although he did try. It was you not trusting me with the truth.

:: She was right; he'd done it this time. He'd lied and by lying he'd managed to screw it all up.::

West: Then maybe I can't change.

Turner: And maybe since you distrust me so much you want to walk away from what we have together without trying to work it out? That's a cop out, Heath, and you know it. Here is honesty... ::choking back her tears:: Yes, I'm hurt and disappointed that I have not made you realize that I love you. I've done everything to try and make you see that I'm worthy of your love and trust, but I have failed miserably. If you can't love me, then that will not change how I feel about you. I'll love you anyway because I can't change either.

:: Heath shook his head and stood up, standing in front of her. He looked down and slipped his hand into hers, rubbing the engagement ring with his thumb.::

West: ::quietly:: I love you, Toni; you know I do... I haven't exactly proven it lately, have I?

Turner: No, you've been distant, and with this, I'm not sure you do anymore.

West: I know you do, I just... I couldn't believe it, you know? After everything I've done, I didn't think you could... that we'd finally be doing it.

Turner: I don't care what you've done, or what you were, or who your parents are. I only know what you are now, and how very much you mean to me. You're using your past as an excuse.

West: It's not an excuse and it's not a cop out. ::he looked up:: I'm amazed that you want to do it.

Turner: ::looking at him questioningly:: Amazed that I would want to marry the man I will always love? How could you say that?

West: Amazed that you’d want to marry me. There’s a big difference.

Turner: Then love me enough to let me spend the rest of my life proving that my love for you is real.

West: Name the time, name the place.

Turner: What about right now? We've put it off too long already.

West: Because it wouldn’t prove anything; it’d be rushed and we’d hate it. I want us to really do this, and that means taking some time to do it.

::Dropping her head, she sighed, knowing he was right, but still wondering if this was just another stall.::

Turner: More time? We've put it off since last December.

West: Not off the cuff like it has been. "We’re doing nothing for shore leave, let’s do it then!" It wouldn’t feel right.

::Seeing that he was not going to budge, and that it would be better not to do it on the spur of the moment, she crumbled on her resolve.::

Turner: ::quietly, wrapping her arms around him, leaning into him:: Alright, you win. We'll invite the senior staff, my uncle and Kyle, and have a blow out shindig.

:: He faltered a smile and slipped his arms around her. It wasn’t about winning; he didn’t want to win because he had been in the wrong. He just didn’t want to make it a moment, maybe the defining moment in their relationship, to be as rushed as everything else had been.::

West: My mother wants to be there.

Turner: ::nods:: And your mother, and what about your daughter?

West: I think she’ll be coming with Elle, but I could be wrong...

:: Gently, he touched Toni’s chin and lifted her gaze up to his, looking into her eyes. He smiled then, genuinely, and touched her lips lightly with his own.::

West: I love you. I want or wedding to be ‘ours’ and right for us; not just convenient, you know?

Turner: ::sighs:: Yeah, I know, and down deep, I do too.

West: Besides, you can’t be mad at me after we’re married. It’s a clean slate. I have to get all my annoying tendencies out in the open now.

Turner: ::teasingly:: You have more? Maybe I should really reconsider this marrying you.

:: He grinned.:: West: I have hundreds, maybe thousands...

Turner: ::smiling:: Okay, what are these annoying tendencies?

:: The atmosphere seemed lighter now. Heath smoothed his fingers in-between Toni’s, flattening the palms against one another.::

West: I... leave socks in the middle of the room... I don’t like to replicate juice in a glass; instead I drink from the carton...

Turner: You left out some, didn't you? What about leaving the tooth paste cap off and not putting the lid down? ::laughs::

:: He poked her playfully in the ribs.:: West: And what about you? Not making the bed in a morning, leaving your robe in the living room...

Turner: Me? Would I do that, or should I say not do that?

West: You slipped up! ::he raised his arms up:: I am the greatest! You lose the battle of bad habits!

Turner: Now wait a minute... usually you are still in bed, so how can I make it? And when I leave my robe in the living room, it usually because that's where you took it off.

:: Heath lifted an eyebrow.:: West: I have to plead my case here... I haven’t worn your robe in months.

Turner: ::laughing:: Come to think of it, I haven't either. Hope that trend continues.

:: The Kerelian grinned and nuzzled his nose against her cheek.:: West: I hope it does... In fact I think one of my worst habits is delaying the inevitable, wouldn't you agree?

Turner: ::she matched his grin, and spoke quietly:: I agree wholeheartedly. So what do you have planned for the next hour?

West: My undivided attention to my fiancée. ::he kissed underneath her ear:: I think that could work out quite well.

Turner: ::tugging on his shirt, moving toward the bedroom:: Yes, I think that would work out for the short term.

:: He followed where his shirt was being tugged.:: West: And in the long term?

Turner: ::smiles:: I think we can work something out that will be mutually satisfying.


Lt.Cmdr Toni Turner

Chief of Operations

Executive Officer

USS Challenger


Major Heath West

Battalion XO

SMFC Detachment

USS Challenger

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I enjoyed reading this a lot.

Although a tad on the long side for a sim what most attracted me to it was the realism - it read like a genuine argument and reconciliation between two people who really care for each other.

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