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[Round 7] Independence, we hardly knew ye...


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((Galon Sudra's Quarters))

::Ensign Galon Sudra stood in his quarters, touching various parts

of his body through his uniform, trying to remember what the doctor

said about each of them. He had been cleared for duty, but the

doctor had seemed to spend a long time listening to his chest.::

Sudra: oO 5.3 seconds. I know. I checked my chronometer. Is there

something wrong they didn't tell me about? Oo

::And then there was his left leg. They didn't seem to give any

attention to that at all. And he had been feeling a little achy

around the knee. Hadn't he?::

::After making a full inventory and noting a few things on his

omnipresent PADDs, Galon nodded. Well, he would be prepared next

time he saw a doctor. Just so long as he remembered to take the

right PADD with him. He took a spool of blue thread from his table

and tied a loop around the smallest finger of his left hand.::

Sudra: oO Here's hoping... Oo

::Finally satisfied, Galon took a quick look in the mirror. Uniform

jacket zipped up. Shoes on the right feet. He had even remembered

his pants. (*That* had been an embarrassing class at the Academy...)

He was ready to meet with the CSO.::

Computer: New message, from Starfleet Command.

::Galon blinked, a thousand options swirling in his head. What had

he done wrong now? Had someone discovered an error in his

application? Was he going to have to go back to the Academy to

repeat a class? Or the whole thing? Had his father finally decided

that he had had enough of this Starfleet "experiment in insolence"

and had used his influence to pull Galon's commission?::

Sudra: ::voice trembling slightly:: Computer, display message.

::A world of emotions flooded over the Denebian as he read the

message. Relief, confusion, curiosity. He was being transferred. To

the USS TIGER. Details were to follow within the next 24 hours.::

::Galon closed the message, after saving it to three separate

locations, and then looked around his quarters. He had been on the

Independence for only about a day it seemed. And now he was already

being ordered off it. Still, as a Starfleet officer he had his


Sudra: And this will give me a chance to re-organize my PADDs...

::With a soft sigh, Galon began to pack. Again.::


Ensign Galon Sudra

formerly: Science, USS INDEPENDENCE

reassigned: ???, USS TIGER

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