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[Round 7] How did that make you feel?

Alana Devar

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((Starfleet Headwaters, Earth: Six Years Ago))

::Sitting by a window, with her long legs curled under her and into

the seat of the couch, was a bruised and battered Arista Devar. She

gazed to the world with bright green eyes and wet waves of hair

hanging loosely around her face. The sun bled warm light through,

casting shadows across the room.::

Counselor: How did that make you feel?

::There was a brief silence before the patient replied with a raspy


Devar: How do you think it make me felt? I mean come on…

::She paused, mild anger tinting her words as she wiped a few tears


Devar: What kind of question is that?

::Arista turned her head and glared at the Federation officer. There

was just something about the cool demeanor, matching the almost

heartless questions that unnerved the Betazoid woman.::

Counselor: These kind of questions are not easy, Cadet, but they are

designed to provoke acknowledgement and promote the healing process.

::Blinking, Arista looked back to the landscape outdoors and tried to

hide her emotion.::

Counselor: What you faced, well… I can only imagine what you must

feel. But, if you wish to be continually accepted into your

enrollment at the Academy you must prove to us you can withstand the

obstacles the life of an Officer will endure. This is not only a

liability to the Federation, but to your comrades and yourself.

::Arista wiped away a few wandering pieces of gold hair from tickling

her cheek. It was hard facing the fact that the life she had lived a

few months ago was now just a memory. She was rescued by the man

(Adam) that loved her, who stayed back to ensure her safety and

retrieve the single most important thing between them. Now, both

were gone with no hope of salvation. `Hope' faded when there was no

open trans-dimensional rift to the universe that was hers. `Hope' of

saving them simmered away everyday, but in her dedication to those

that saved her from that drifting, damaged shuttle… Arista hoped

that, within Starfleet, she might find a way in saving those that

saved her.::

::She whispered.::

Devar: I… understand.

::There was a pause.::

Devar: I felt lonely, Counselor.

::She cleared her throat.::

Devar: Lonely, confused and scared when I awoke from that shuttle you

found me in. When the man that lifted me from the floor told me I

was the only one that survived…

((Present – SB 118 Promenade))

"…I was terrified. Alone. Fearful of what things may come and sad

when I was aware of what I lost."

::It took a little effort to keep up with her brother's brisk walk

about the station. They chatted about life, his worries and what she

was doing on the Eagle. It was nice catching up with him but she

knew it would soon close.::

Galwyn: Well, I hate to run but I have Cargo Freighter that will be

departing back to Betazed in 0200.

::With her arms folded, she looked up to him with a small smirk.::

Arista: Don't work too hard lugging things around, little bro. Lift

with your legs and not your back.

::He rolled his eyes but she just continued.::

Devar: And, remember what I told you. Live life. We all have some

kind of monkey on our shoulders but its how we deal with them that


Galwyn: Yeah, yeah Ms. Philosopher…

::She slapped him hard on the shoulder and he faked a wince of pain.::

Arista: You get out of here then, Mr. Wisecrack, and be rest assured

I'll be keeping tabs on you.

::She pointed her finger at him and Gal just chuckled.::

Galwyn: I have no doubt.

::After a hug, they both went their separate ways having enjoyed the

time that was spent together. With this past mission, Arista needed

a boost of positive juice to keep her going. If she was ever going

to find Adam and Evangeline again, she needed to stick by the advice

she paid her brother: Live positively.::


Lt. Arista Devar


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