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[Round 7] A Final Farewell

Ilene Torza

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((Observation Deck, DS24))

::It was early in the evening, the room had filled with officers, all in their dress whites. The entire Starfleet Staff of DS24 was in attendence. Many of the shop keepers and station residents turned out as well. Trip sat quietly in the Admirals office. He looked through some holo-images of the two of them together on Shinraka, Earth, and on the Challenger. Trip looked down at the floor and sighed. His eyes filled with tears, as the first one streamed down his face he wiped it, then looked up.::

Trip: God speed, Admiral.

::Trip walked out of the office and headed to the Observation Deck. It was one of the Admirals favorite places on the station, there was a beautiful view of the planet, space, and the ships. As he walked in he seen the many faces, frowns, and tears. As the room got quiet he moved to the podium.::

Trip: Good Evening...

I'd like to thank you all for coming to this memorial service. The following is the Starfleet approved eulogy that is recommended in cases like this...

"We are here to honor the moemory of name-goes-here. Rank, Surname was a fine officer, a credit to Starfleet, and sterling representative of the blank race.

Space exploration is a dangerous task. Rank, Surname knew this, and yet he, she, or it, did not let that deter him, her, or it. We can be thankful that we had the privilege of working with Rank, Surname, and will forever honor the name of our fallen comrade."

::Trip sighed::

I cannot tell you the number of times I have heard or delivered that eulogy. Filling in the proper blanks, embellishing slightly where I could. And I have congratulated myself after each one...telling myself that I did honor to the name of the dearly departed.

Death has blended into death. We have lost more good men and wonem than I can count. Their faces blur before us, and I have come to realize that we cannot honor their names when we cannot remember them...that we cannot honor the words of our nice, safe eulogy...when they are merely words.

How many have we lost? How many have we cared about? While we are busy exploring the unknown wonders of space, we must not lose touch with exploring the wonders of each other. We must always make time for one another, because we dont know how long we'll all be around.

I will always regret haveing taken for granted someone who sacrificed himself without a second thought. Because even the death of one of us, diminishes us all.

Admiral Henry "Jazian" Anderson loved the Federation. He left his life...his world to protect it. He had a great career, one he placed before himself at every turn. He was always there to offer what support he could. And now we must offer that same support to each other. Look to the man or woman next to you...we have all taken the same oath. All of us are willing to give up our lives for the greater good...I would like to think that Admiral Anderson would laugh ::smiles:: Saying..."I beat you to it."

There are many here who knew the Admiral...and a few who didnt. If you are one who did not, you truly do not know what you have missed. He was a great man...please join me in a moment of silence.

::Trip bowed his head and waited a few moments. He then looked up and sighed.::

I will now turn things over to Lieutenant Commander Toni Turner, Cheif Operations Officer, and Second Officer of the USS Challenger....

::Trip walked away from the podium and gave Toni a slight smile as they passed.::

Turner: I come here today to honor the memory of Admiral Henry Anderson as representative of the Staff and Crew of the USS Challenger and as an admirer of his selflessness and sensitivity to the needs of others. He was a man of great insight, and a man of good deeds. In that vain, I give you the words of a 20th Century Earth poet, Merrit Malloy. I believe in my heart that the Admiral would say the same to you all.

When I die

Give what's left of me away

To children

And old men that wait to die

And if you need to cry

Cry for your brother

Walking the street beside you

And when you need me

Put your arms around anyone and give them

What you need to give me.

I want to leave you something

Something better

Than words or sounds

Look for me

In the people I've known or loved

And if you can't give me away

At least let me live on in your eyes

And not on your mind

::As Toni left the podium, Trip went back up.::

Trip: Lieutenant Commander Danzia, Cheif Medical Officer, USS Challenger....

Danzia: :: softly :: You were the wind on my sea, Jazian. :: a little more loudly :: All of us here have chosen to leave our worlds and walk amongst the stars. It can be a lonely path, but even so, many of us find a person with whom we can share the deepest parts of ourselves. I don't stand here as a StarFleet officer. I stand here as Jazian's mate. We love often, and we love rarely...something few not of our kind understand. I carry within me a part of his soul and a part of his life...and he has taken a part of me with him. We both knew that was

likely to happen...just not like this. He did his duty, no matter how hard it was. I must do mine, but I -will- miss him, even as I have to carry on. I know, though, that he will return to love and laugh again, even if our two souls never again touch. Good journey, Jazian.

::As Danzia finished, Trip made his way back to the podium.::

Trip: Honor Guard...Ten-Hut.

::The Honor Guard folded the Federation Flag and handed it to Trip.::

::Trip stepped down from the podium and walked over to Danzia, he handed it to her, as he whispered.::

Trip: ::whispering:: If you ever need anything...I am here.

::Trip stepped back and gave Danzia a smile then walked out of the Observation Deck.::

Lt. Commander Toni Turner, COO


PNPC Lt. Bobby Tripinski, DS24

As SIMed by: Andrus Jaxx

Edited by Karynn Ehlanii (aka Elisa)
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This is a beautiful Joint Post by Toni Turner and Andrus Jaxx (PNPC Tripinski) with a line filled in by Danzia. Unfortunately there are typos, so I cannot give it 5-stars. Otherwise, it is a beautifully written tribute to their fallen comrade. Well done, both of you!

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I agree. It's absolutely beautiful. I wish something that powerful could be said for the people we've recently lost on the Ronin, but even so you guys said it first. It's a shame there are such a number of typos. I truly wish I could give this post five stars.

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