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[Round 6] Lt. Barnes MD: WWJD ( What would Jarak do? )

Julia Harden

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:: Dr. Barnes, had just finished his snack of lima beans and

applesauce, when he heard Tash' making a slight sound, as if he was

waking up. Moving to the bio bed ::

Intern Barnes: Well, Well. Are we awake now?

Tash: Yeah, I'm awake.

Intern Barnes: Good. good. So, for the record, what happened? if you

want to tell me, that is.

Tash: It was a shuttlecraft. Landed on me.

Intern Barnes: Really? Was it a type 2 shuttle craft, or was it a Run-

about type shuttle, cause those run-about type shuttles can leave a

bruise. HaHa. Seriously, though. For the real record, Tash. What


Tash: I met with a man who was unhappy with how well my people do

their job. He tried to persuade me to back off, and was a bit...

irate... that I couldn't accommodate him.

Intern Barnes: Just back on the job, and your already becoming a

candidate for more of Doctor Jarak's Mad scientist experiments. Don't

you learn? Wow. :: shaking head :; Then what?

Tash: He pulled some sort of taser, but I didn't get a good look at

it. Nothings broken, is it?

Intern Barnes: No. Nothing is broken. Alot of bruising. Your gonna be

sore for quite a while. You were lucky. Stun weapons like tasers' can

kill as well as disable someone.

:: Dr. Barness injected Tash' with a mild pain killer, so he could

relax, but stay coherent. He knew this man had been thru alot, but

wasnt going to sedate him, like Dr. Jarak liked to do with his

patients. He respected Dr. Jarak, but he was nothing like him ::

Tash: ... thanks, doc.

Intern Barnes: Not a problem, Tash. You relax, for a bit. call me if

you need anything.

Tash: Sorry, think I'm half asleep... m'mind keeps wanderin'. What

did you say?

Intern Barnes: Heh'..don't worry about it. You just relax. ::patting

him on his forehead ::

Tash: Right, right. Rest. I promise not to attempt an escape.

Where will I go without pants?

Intern Barnes: Relax, tash. Ill chat with you in a few hours. Sleep

well, friend.


Lt. Barnes, MD.

Medical Center

SB 118

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