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[Round 6] Caretaking

James T. Kolk

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((Medical camp, Ronin Village))

::Shortly after the Doctor had finished her amputation of Marty's leg, Karynn saw some familiar figures in the distance: Lt. Brice and his young son. She smiled at seeing the two together and began hoping that the three would somehow find some time together during their exile on the dusty planet.::

::Matthew grabbed Ethan's hand and tugged on it, a big grin on his face. He pointed into the distance. Matthew could clearly see something and was so intent on trying to pull his father over the sand toward whatever it was. Before Ethan could think, Matthew had tugged his hand away from his father's and started legging it over the sand, as fast as a toddler could run.::

::Karynn saw the smaller shape speeding towards her and smiled. It looked as though she was going to get a moment with the two humans, and, even if it was super short, it would still be enjoyable. After looking down at the sleeping human in front of her, she stepped to the edge of the tent in time to catch the little child. She hoisted him onto her hip and smiled at the Chief Engineer chasing him.::

Ehlanii: ::to Brice:: I think this little guy belongs to you.

::Ethan caught up with them and just managed to come to a halt in front of Karynn, nearly going headlong into the tent. He straightened up and smiled, albeit a bit shaken, quite admiring the smile onKarynn's lips.::

Brice: Him?

::Matthew pointed to himself and giggled at Karynn.:: Matthew: Ree!

Ehlanii ::with a slight laugh:: Well, then, I'll just have to take him to lost and found later. Think they'd mind if I took care of him for a couple of hours first?

::Ethan chuckled, slipping one hand into his pocket and the other patting his son on the back.:: Brice: Nah, I wouldn't say so... They've got to have something to hang instruments from.

:: Matthew, although wouldn't have understood him, did a good job of ignoring his father and was finding Karynn's forehead ridges quite perplexing.::

::Karynn enjoyed feeling the little boy's curiosity as he played with her forehead ridges. Sometimes she loved children just because they were so simple and open. Shifting his weight so he fit a bit more comfortably on her hip, she turned her attention back to the Engineer.::

Ehlanii: Speaking of instruments, how is it going over there? ::she inclined in the direction of the Engineer's section of "town".::

::Ethan looked back over and saw Lars kick another machine to the ground, presided over by Sarah and Jack looking nonplussed about the whole thing.::

Brice: It's like the circus has set up shop and we're going all out with the elephants.

Ehlanii: In all seriousness, would you like for me to watch him for a few hours? Might be one less monkey in that circus of yours.

::The young engineer lifted an eyebrow. Surprising, to say the least.:: Brice: Yeah... that'd be great. I was going to ask Ro but I think she's got her hands full. You sure you won't mind?

::Lazily, Matthew slumped his head onto Karynn's shoulder and yawned, a quick shift from his wide-eyed rapture moments before. Ethan smiled and rubbed his son's back again, looking at Karynn.::

Brice: I think this is his way of saying he likes you.

::Karynn rubbed the little boy's back.:: Ehlanii: That's good. I like him too. Anything I should know about taking care of him before you take off back to your Monkey Wrenches?

::Ethan shook his head and rolled his sleeves up. The sun might have started to set but it was still too hot for his liking.::

Brice: Don't feed him after midnight and never get him wet. ::he shrugged:: Generally baby stuff. If he moves he's constructing chaos, so beware and all that.

::Karynn chuckled.:: Ehlanii: I'll keep that in mind. ::She started to turn toward the Medic tent and then turned back.:: Ethan? Think we could have a chat sometime while we're here?

::He nodded.:: Brice: Of course... Later?

Ehlanii: ::with a nod:: Sounds good. ::to Matthew:: Say bye to Daddy. ::she used her free hand to wave to Ethan.::

::Matthew didn't say anything to his father, offered him a small wave before going back to curl his fingers around Karynn's hair in an attempt to find out it's eternal meaning...::

Ehlanii: ::to Ethan:: Stay hydrated! ::to Matthew:: OK, little guy. Lets get you out of the sun.

::Karynn moved back into the shade of the tent and pulled her bag and jacket out of the sun which had managed to shift and find them. She found an area out of the way of the medics who were now busy treating various cases of dehydration and heat-stroke and sat down in the sand to play with the little boy.::

Ehlanii: So... what games do you like to play?

::The young lad blinked and picked up sand in his hand, letting it fall grain by grain. He tried to form the words, but thanks to the slow rate at which humans developed, he hadn't quite managed to master it yet.::

Matthew: 'And...

::The Haliian reached out and brushed a bit of dirt off the boy's face. It was a futile cause, but for some reason she felt driven to do it.::

Ehlanii: Yes, sweetie, that's Sand. Should we make a tower out of it? ::Karynn scooped up a handful and drained it right over where he had let his go.:: See? It makes a little mound. Here. Have you ever played this? ::She covered her face with her hands and then uncovered it quickly, speaking in a sing-songy voice.:: Lala vie.

::Matthew blinked. The accumulation of sand had fascinated his young mind but the woman's sudden disappearance then reappearance had freaked him out. He sat still, afraid to move for a moment.::

Matthew: Lala... vie?

::Karynn laughed and nodded:: Ehlanii: I guess you haven't played it. ::Covering and uncovering her face:: Lala vie.

::He blinked again. This was amazing!::

::He covered his own eyes to copy her and grinned as she uncovered hers.::

Matthew: Vie!

::Karynn giggled:: Ehlanii: Good job Matthew!

::The two played for a little bit and Matthew was just getting the hang of it when reports of the disappearances, and some of the mangled survivors, started coming into the Medical camp. Knowing that the camp would be no place for the little boy, he was the first person Karynn wanted to get to an escape pod. Grabbing her bag, she slung it over one shoulder and then set the little boy back on her hip. With a few of the ambulatory patients in tow, she headed toward the nearest escape pod. When they got there, she sat Matthew on the floor.::

Ehlanii: ::in a serious voice:: Matthew, I need you to be a big boy and sit very quietly here. I'll be back soon but I need to help some other people first,OK. You stay here?

::His bottom lip started to quiver and he was beginning to cry, holding his arms out to Karynn. He didn't want to be left on his own; she wouldn't leave him... she couldn't leave him!::

::Karynn reached down and hugged him, thinking and feeling calm, comforting feelings. This was one time when she wished her empathy went both ways. She wished that she could convey that she'd be right back, as soon as she helped some other people.::

Ehlanii: Sweetie, I'll be right back, I promise. I have to help them get some other people to safety. ::Whispering:: I wish I knew how to explain that to an eighteen-month old.

::After giving Matthew an extra squeeze to help comfort him a bit, she turned to one of the crew in the pod.::

Ehlanii: Keep an eye on him, OK? I'll be back as soon as I help get more patients to safety.

::After receiving an affirmative reply from the woman she had asked, Karynn pulled out her quilt from her bag and wrapped him up in it.:: Ehlanii: Snuggle in this, and I'll be right back,ok? ::She turned and jogged back to the medical tent.::

::As she left, Matthew didn't know what to do. He was crying but in his head he knew that crying wouldn't get much out of it, yet still it seemed like the best way to vent what he was feeling, since he couldn't transform it into speech. He wanted his dad... he wanted his mum... he wanted Karynn... he was alone again and he really didn't like it. Sniffing, he wiped his nose and the back of his jacket and plonked his bum down on the floor, sniffling to himself.::

::Karynn helped some of the medical staff get less-than-ambulatory patients to the escape pods. With everyone except the actively injured and the doctors caring for them safely inside the pods, Karynn made her way back to Matthew's pod. She stepped inside and quietly closed the door and pulled the little boy onto her lap.::

Ehlanii: I told you I'd be back. Are you doing OK?

::The little lad opened his eyes gingerly and yawned again, getting a mouthful of quilt instead of air. He small hands clawed at the blanket until it was free from his face and he could see the smiling ridges of his saviour once more. He laughed, which probably came out as more of a gurgle, but it was the sentiment there all the same.::

::Karynn grinned at the little boy and snuggled him a little tighter.:: Ehlanii: Looks like you're doing OK. ::She reached down and pulled the purple quilt away from his face.:: Shhh. Back to sleep, alright?

::Pulling the boy close to her chest, she leaned back against the wall of the pod, determined to survive the attack.::

Lt. JG Karynn Ehlanii

Ship's Counselor

USS Ronin


Lt. Ethan Brice

Chief Engineering Officer

USS Ronin


Matthew James Brice

Token Little-One as SIMmed by

Lt. Ethan Brice

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