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[Round 5] Alone Among

Julia Harden

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((Captain Rocar's Quarters))

:: Tash had just revealed his shared memory of Armeni and the young

K'tarian medic. ::

Rocar: In peace time Commander, one often forgets the ordeals young

men and women must face in time of war.

:: Tash's mind snapped fully back from the haze, taking in Rocar's

demeanor and words. ::

Zubowskivich: A man of security less often, sir.

::Rocar sipped his drink::

Rocar: When I passed through the academy we didn't have the time we

afford young cadets to train and go on dates as might have been the

case in later years. The Dominion wars were a hard time but the

Jem'Hadar were advancing across star systems and planets in a very

real way. There were those who were expendable if it meant saving the

greater number of civilian lives in time.

:: There was a pause, but Tash couldn't hold in his next thought.

Though it was still an uneasy conversation that was seemingly about

someone else... they both knew the truth. ::

Zubowskivich: Is that not what anyone would claim, should they

desire to justify breaking the laws of their own people?

::The Ktarian chose not to answer the question. Instead, he put down

his empty glass and stood up –tugging on his under [...]t.::

Rocar: Commander Zubowskivich, I think you need to consider why

certain memories and ideas may have been placed in your mind. From

your own reports, it seems clear that Armeni was cleverer than most

and there was likely a tactic behind many of her actions. If there

are parts of your mind that are closed, I suggest leave them that way.

:: The cool room remained such. ::

Zubowskivich: Is that your professional suggestion, sir?

Rocar: I'm saying you should avoid further treatment to open up ideas

that have been planted in your psyche...

::The Ktarian patted the Security Chief on the shoulder in a

reassuring way. Avoid further treatment... avoid opening up new

ideas, planted.... ::

:: The avoidance of new ideas, new thoughts... for what purpose,

exactly? Tash couldn't feel an honest concern for his benefit. He'd

said too much. The Captain went so far as to insinuate his memory

was simply false... but he knew that in some way, it WAS true. ::

Rocar: I'd say you've had enough telepaths in your mind for the time


:: Rocar walked round the sofa, clearly showing Tash out of the

room. He rose from his seat and turned toward the door. ::

Rocar: Commander Assanti-Stone had some doubts as to your readiness

for duty. You're ready to be reinstated I trust?

:: Auto-pilot, engaged. Tash couldn't help but respond. Duty... it

had been what he had wanted. ::

Zubowskivich: Aye, sir. Absolutely.

::The Fleet Captain nodded kurtly::

Rocar: Then I shall see you at 08:00 hundred hours in the command hub

for morning briefing with the XO. Thank you for dropping by.

:: Rocar smiled at him as he nodded politely and left the room, into

the corridor beyond. The door behind him shut like a trap, and he

might have jumped had he not continued walking. ::

:: The Captain was returning him to duty. ::

:: The Captain was attempting to distract him from what Armeni had

shown him. ::

:: The Captain... hoped the little drone, now `fixed', would return

to duty and forget. ::

:: His Captain may have tortured innocent Federation citizens, and

now meant to cover his tracks. He created a monster he couldn't

control. Rocar destroyed Armeni's chance for a normal life, and she,

in turn, had destroyed Tash's... then justified it as an act of

war... necessary... and now Tash simply having the idea of it was a

threat. ::

:: Tash stopped there in the corridor, looking back at his Captains

doorway, now far down at the end of the hall. He had no evidence. A

shared memory wasn't nearly enough to conduct an investigation... or

even justify an informal inquiry, not into a newly promoted Fleet

Captain. Starfleet would chew him up and spit him out for even

trying. ::

:: Then, if he brought this up again... if Rocar deemed him more of a

threat than he was worth... his entire career, probably the last

thing he had left that wasn't corrupted by Armeni, would be in

jeapordy. ::

:: Would his Captain destroy him to cover his own past failings...?

He couldn't make that determination, but knew it wouldn't be the

first time. S*it ran downhill in any rank structure, after all. ::

:: But... could he follow the orders of the man who may well have

made Armeni what she was, then unleashed her upon the universe? ::

:: He started down the next corridor and hit the turbolift, toward

the Diplomatic Quarters area. Honestly, he had no idea what to do.

He'd basically been ordered not to seek further treatment for his

altered memories. Would Rocar be watching his activities? Make sure

the dog didn't bark when out of sight? ::

:: A cold chill ran up his spine... he couldn't go to anyone about

this. ::

:: On a floating city, a hub of activity, surrounded by friends and

crewmates... he was alone. ::

OOC—Dramatic drumroll, please! Dum-dum-DAAAAA! Don't worry Cappy, I

still love ya! ^_^

Lt. Cmdr. Tash Zubowskivich

Chief of Security

Starbase 118 Ops

Edited by Julia Harden
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excellent post, i really enjoyed reading this.

well written and a real sense of an exciting plot developing. good interaction between the two characters, too.

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