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[Round 5] First Contact Peace Talk


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((Diplomatic Suite))

::Purrcilla whirled around when the Captain of the Challenger entered the suite, and from the way she was blinking she thought the poor captain had some type of affliction.::

T'Pen: I trust you haven't been waiting too long?

::Sizing up the strange looking woman, Purrcilla stood up and put her paws on her hips.::

Purrcilla: No, not too long. Although I'm not use to waiting at all, but Viceroy Whiskers tells me we can't expect you to know of our ways. But to the point, I have to know what is going on down on the planet.

T'Pen: Rest assure, Milady, we have the situation well in hand. ::Looking back at Gree:: I believe you know Captain Gree of your Feline exploratory fleet?

Purrcilla: ::narrowing her eyes at Gree.:: Unfortunately, I do know of him and he is not of MY exploratory fleet as we don't have one as of yet. Although I'm told there are plans for one.

T'Pen: ::Going around the table to sit opposite the Feline:: It appears that there is more going on on your planet than first meets the eye, Milady.

Purrcilla: Undoubtedly

::Moving stealthily back to the table, she hopped into the chair. sitting on her back feet.::

T'Pen: Fleet ships carrying war heads? Secret blinds that even your own people and the Avian people don't know about. Rebellion on the rise in every sector. And you want to join the Federation? This isn't the way to open talks.

Purrcilla: I never ordered any of it. Perhaps Gree can enlighten you on how that came about. You seem to be taking his word for everything without even consulting me. Is this the way the Federation works? If so, perhaps I should reconsider joining it and look to some other organized faction among the planets. I'm told yours is not the only one among the stars.

T'Pen: You would be foolish to join one of the others, Milady. And Gree's voice is one of

thousands that I'd willingly listen to. That's part of the reason why you're here, on my ship, Neutral Ground, to hammer a peace accord between two peoples. So your united planet can enter the Federation together, rather than split apart.

Purrcilla: Oh, and is that why Anderson sought out the rebels before he had to be summoned to come talk to the Feline leadership? And now you take counsel with Gree, a opportunist and vindictive cur. You haven't even bothered to introduce yourself to me or Viceroy Whiskers. We came in peace with the hope that our people would be treated fairly, but I see that is not possible, and the fact that the Avian leader is not represented here either hasn't escaped my notice. Perhaps you should clean your own litter before casting aspersions on the Feline leadership.

T'Pen: ::Blinking thoughtfully, then narrowing her eyes:: Clever. Perhaps I didn't announce myself. I'm Captain T'Pen of the Federation Starship CHALLENGER. Your counterpart in the Avian leadership will be here very soon - She's been detained. And Captain Gree's council is as valuable as your own, Milady and that of the Avians. Perhaps I should also have Ower-Orld join us as well. He seems to have a say in what happens on your planet. We could have a nice little shindig.

Purrcilla: :: standing, she moved toward the door, summoning Whiskers to follow, then looked back at T'Pen.:: And perhaps you could have this "shindig" without proper Feline input.

T'Pen: ::Stalling for time:: You claim that you know nothing of your own Feline Trading Fleet?

::Purrcilla stopped at the door and turned to face T'Pen straight on, a low growl growing within her throat.::

Purrcilla: Captain T'Pen, do not put words into my mouth. I said I ordered none of it, not that I didn't know about it. Only I have privy to the technology for a proper fleet. The Trading Fleet consist of substandard ships made by opportunistic rebels like the one you have brought to this table.

T'Pen: Captain Gree, where did your ship launch from?

Gree: It was launched from the Avian space port.

T'Pen: Who sponsored your flight?

Gree:: Swallowing slightly: It was a joint project sponsored by the Avian Grentrix and the Feline Theo

Purrcilla: ::glaring at Gree:: You're lying! Theo would not do that. No true Feline would be in league with the likes of Grentrix.

T'Pen: ::Looking at Purrcilla and [...]ing an eyebrow:: Fascinating.

Ket: =/\=Bridge to Captain T'Pen. We've got a problem up here=/\=

T'Pen:=/\=What is it, Lt?=/\=

Ket:=/\=The security team has found a rather large....=/\=

::There was a large explosion that rocked the CHALLENGER. The Red Alert Klaxon sounded. Ket was out of his element.::

::Whiskers grabbed hold of Purrcilla to steady her against the turbulence.::

Ket:=-/\=The Feline Ship has exploded!=/\=

::The turbulence stopped, and Purrcilla pushed Whiskers away, her eyes trained on Gree, making a spitting sound.::

Purrcilla: What treachery have you reeked on your own ship?

::Gree rushed to the window and stared out in horror: I ...I.. Why the ....Why would I destroy my only means of a living you stupid spoiled kitten.

::Walking forward Gree wanted only to slap this stupid girl down for her shear stupidity. ::

::Whiskers stepped between Gree and Purrcilla, stopping Gree, and taking a protective stance. His sharpened claws glistened, ready to launch against Gree. ::

Gree:: Laughing :: And what do you intend to do Whiskers, your so old I could blow you over.

Whiskers: ::growling, showing his fangs:: I'm here to protect Milady. Stand down!

Gree: Oh please Whiskers, if I wanted to hurt her I could have done it on the surface, why do it here. No, you old fool, I'm as much a victim here as any of you.:: Turning to T'Pen:: Captain I now believe that the missiles that where fired on you where done so that you would destroy my ship. Thus creating dissension between the Feline leadership and your federation. ::Turning back towards Purrcilla:: Tell your kitten to stand down before he gets hurt.

::Concerned for Whiskers' safety Purrcilla mewed::

Purrcilla: It's okay, Whiskers, I'll be fine.

Whiskers: ::Not diverting his eyes from Gree:: I'm sure Milady, but I don't trust this traitor.

::Gree sheathed his claws and swiped Whiskers across the head, knocking him backwards.:: Now kitten sit down and behave. To be honest milady, Captain. I'm not Gree a simple freighter captain, but Colonel Gree Feline intelligence service.

Whiskers: He's lying!

::What Purrcilla had suspected seemed to be coming to light now. Her father had relied heavily on the Intelligence Service, but had not had time before his death to tell her who she should contact.::

Purrcilla: Wait Whiskers, let's hear him out.

Gree: If Whiskers has his usual sense of busybodies then he should have a chip reader in his cloak pocket. If he could run it over my neck down the left pawed side.

Whiskers: I don't have to, Gree. I know who you are.

Gree: Well ?

Whiskers: ::turning to Purrcilla, quietly:: He is who he claims to be.

Gree: Happy now kitten? No, don't bother with an answer. Purrcilla, your father before you and his father before him relied on the service to assist them in keeping the felines in check, for a long while the two powers have lived in relative harmony. Our job is to try and keep that peace.

Purrcilla: ::licking her paw:: I know. My father spoke highly of the work that the service did for the Felines... but that is immaterial now. We must expose Grentrix to Prothoa Withaaa, or stand to lose Kalca to the rebels.

::Purrcilla stood ridged, glancing toward the Starfleet Captain, wondering it she would be able to help the Feline and Avian people, but she was too proud to ask.::


Captain T'Pen

NPC Gree -

SIMed by LtCmdr Hugh Barnes

NPC Purrcilla Mia-ow, Feline Leader &

NPC Viceroy Whiskers, Purrcilla's Counsel

Simed by LtCmdr Toni Turner

USS Challenger

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