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Welcome to the 2024 Awards Ceremony!


Welcome to the 2024 Awards Ceremony!

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[2008: MAR-APR] Golden Rays..Golden Path


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:wub1: ((Holodeck - Starbase 118 Ops))

:: Gliding with grace and ease through the simulated waters of Argelius II, Cmdr Cura Assanti-Stone swam to the sandy shores of a small isle. Reaching a point where she could stand in the water, Cura began walking towards shore, the water splashing and thrashing as she walked out.. She brushed her hair back with her hands and sighed as it dripped down her back. For a brief, uninterrupted moment, she looked back towards the water and beyond to the mainland of Acura City, where she was born. Eventhough it was all a simulation, the sights, sounds and smells made it feel real and thus theraputic for her. She looked on at the House of Sakara, a palace which could be seen from miles. It's white walls built right into the Northern Mountain range had often been part of her most joyous dreams. She had grown up here as a young girl. All the memories were welcomed and the positive always drove away any negative thoughts.::

:: Argelius II always grounded her, centered her and made her believe everything was alright. When she was a child, she believed it, so now was no different. This is what she needed now, as Lt. Sharee, the stations counselor had suggested for her to take care of herself. Sitting down in the sand, she leaned back on her arms, propping her into a sitting position.::

:: She let all the bad things that had happened go, the attacks on the stations one after another, her husband's silence and her recent misjudgements with one of her crew members. Fleet Captain Rocar had been right. She should have not returned the blow on Lt. Geeva after she had struck her. It was a mistake and she had learned from it. It would not happen again. In addition, her feelings for Tash were definately reaching a level she had not expected. At least this relationship was not keeping her from making the right decision concerning her duties. Yet, within herself, she sensed a conflict. As she thought of John Stone and Tash Zubowskivich she wondered seriously what she should do. She was married to John, so there really should be no question. Yet, she could not deny that she loved Tash. Then, it became clear what she should do. Yet part of her didn't want to give up on John. But, what choice had she. Not to mention that recently Tash had expressed things that gave her the impression that this relationship was not going to last. She certainly couldn't continue with the way things were.::

:: Cura closed her eyes, letting the constant ebb and flow of the waves on the sandy shore sooth her soul. The sounds of the sea hawks, crying above as they soared through the sky and the heat of the twin suns beaming down on her. With her eyes still closed, a familiar figure appeared that she had not seen in a very long time.::

Zelda: My child, you look so radiant and yet your mind is so very troubled

Cura: Zelda :: Cura smiled with her eyes still closed.:: It's been...years

Zelda: For you, yes. Years have come and gone but I still watch over my niece. Cura, there is something you must do for the good of our world.

Cura: ::sighing:: I know.

Zelda: A queen is often faced with difficult choices. Which one to choose is hard to decide. But you know what's best...don't you?

Cura: What's best for whom? ::Cura placed her hand on her abdomen.:: What's best for my baby? Me? Argelius II? ::shaking her head.:: I....It's hard Zee

Zelda: Of course is hard. Our people have always left such hard decisions for others to make, but no more can we allow that. The child you carry, Cura will one day rule this land you call home. It is unfortunate but this child's father is but lost to it...lost to you. There are things you don't know, Cura...things that can't be undone. You must look at the current situation and make a decision, based on the facts you have and your true feelings. This Tash character, if it is his choice to let go of this relationship between you two, don't fight such. Let it go. And then, you will find yourself standing strong, not just for yourself but for your child. This path is not easy, but it is...golden.

:: Tears ran down Cura's face her eyes fluttered open as she wiped them. The figure that had been whispering things to her soul was now gone, but the wisdom of the words remained in her mind, her heart and soul.::

:: She stayed and watched the last of the twin suns setting behind the mountains in the distance. What a brilliant sight it was. The large, orange fireball slowly descending, slowly retiring to sleep. The sky, filled with irredescent rays a kalidescope of color, splashing against the redish and pink clouds soon faded into grey. Cura rose to her feet, watching the last golden rays disappear into darkness. As she looked on, she remember her Aunt Zelda's words...

Zelda: ...This path is not easy, but it is...golden

:: Cura smiled, nodded her head in agreement to it.::

Cura; Computer, end program

Cmdr Cura Assanti-Stone

First Officer

Starbase 118 Ops

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