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[Round 5] Top Sims Contest Rules & Announcements

Jordan aka FltAdmlWolf

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For more information, including the rules and contest calendar, please see the Top Sims Contest website.

Important Dates:

- Round 5 Submission period opens: Mo 03-31

- Round 5 Submission period closes: Su 04-13

- Round 5 Voting period opens: Su 04-14

- Round 5 Voting period closes: Mo 04-27


1. Submit sims (from your ship, or another ship -- all sims welcome, member or staff)

2. Rate sims you see in this forum

3. Vote on sims submitted in the last round


- Please find a balance between "too much" and "too little" on the submission end of this contest. Don't submit every post from your crew. But I DO encourage everyone to submit at least one post to the contest whenever they can. Last week there were approximately 300 sims in the fleet - an average of 40 a day. I would expect no more than five or six a day to be considered "Top Sim" contest worthy.

- REMEMBER: This is NOT a popularity contest. We welcome submissions of your crewmate's sims, but ALL sims should be rated based on their MERIT, and NOT the fact that someone is your crewmate. Any crews found "stuffing the ballots" or ratings, will be disqualified PERMANENTLY - yes, that means the whole crew.

- Want your crewmates to win more? Nominate only the best sims, and encourage higher quality sims!

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