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[Round 4] "What could possibly go wrong?"


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[sb118-ronin] LtCmdr Ben Walker: "What could possibly go wrong?"

((Bridge, USS Ronin))

:: Ben gripped the arms of the Captain's chair. It wasn't where he wanted to be...but here he was again. Nearly everyone else was dead. The battle had been a running one until very recently. And like the canines they so represented...the Grendellai had dogged their steps at every point. He brushed aside some of the drifting smoke as he spoke. ::

Walker: Fire down her beam. The Grendellai normally flip...that should catch them.

:: He didn't dare look at Rebecca, that she was conscious despite the obvious wounds and burns was amazing...that she refused to be relieved...incredible. ::

Hollendale: Aye Sir. They are returning fire...Brace for it!

:: The ship shuddered as another volley from the Grendellai fleet ripped and tore into the ship like a ravening wolf. Even with the grip he had, Ben found himself thrown across the bridge. ::

Walker: Status!

:: The only other officer left to him, the exhausted andorian looked nearly black from the combination of red lights and floating ash. The sparking consoles only highlighted how much his movements pained him. ::

Thelev: Sir, the ship is nearly destroyed. That last volley took shields offline, phasers are down to batteries, and only 3 tubes are functional.

Walker: Alright then...send out the message.

Hollendale: Sir?

:: Ben almost barked back at the tactical officer ::

Walker: Surrender...send our surrender...before we're reduced to atoms!

:: Minutes creeped by as the Ronin hung, dead in space. The gasses leaking from the hull providing more movement than her engines. As they waited, Ben straightened his uniform. They would hold onto their dignity. ::

Hollendale: Sir...their leader wishes to discuss...terms.

Walker: Put her on then.

:: As the screen lit up, Ben wondered momentarily why he'd chosen the female pronoun...only to see something far more shocking. ::

Ehlanii: Ah...Commander Walker. So good of you to see me. I do hope you aren't busy...

:: Ben gaped in shock as the Haliian Counselor walked between the hulking Grendellai brutes, petting them as if they were favored pets. He tried to respond...but found he simply couldn't. No words would come out...any words that might have...died as she simply walked through the screen in front of him. ::

Walker: Wha? How did?

Ehlanii: ::Smiling Evilly:: What or how doesn't matter. The question you should ask...is why.

:: Too stunned at this point to do anything else...he gave her the requested question. ::

Walker: Why?

:: Turning with a snarl, she almost pounced on him. Her obvious rage drying up any response he might otherwise have had. ::

Ehlanii: You had to interfere..had to "help". Had to separate us...when I could have saved him!

Walker: Who? What are you...

:: Ben felt his head rocked as if hit by an angry Klingon as she swung at him. ::

Ehlanii: Ethan. Your..."dear friend". You split us up...you left him alone...and HE DIED!

:: Ben fell to his knees...here was his greatest fear realized. Someone he cared about...someone who had depended on him...he'd failed in the most explicit way possible. He howled his denial, screaming from the depths of his soul. ::

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