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[2008: MAR-APR] Captain Golden Path

Clase Drene

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((Over Infinities' Edgelessness))

Ice ~ Captain the unit multiplex meter readout is non-harmonic.

Thinker ~ The Captain is busy, but let us see what we can do.

Ice ~ Sir, there is an alternate unit dimension for time and space... everything seems to be breaking down.

Thinker ~ Ice keep monitoring the shield variance we need to stay inside 'our' dimensions.

Ice ~ Multi-verse field trinamics are approaching a tridoxical inversion.

Thinker ~ Begin aligning the fields with the new units dimensions.

::Pulsar began to envelop them but their shields held. The flashes were beyond what 10 supernovae would cause simultaneously. There, at the edge of the unknown multi-verses, were obscure events unfolding like a rose opening to the wind. They knew that what was happening was being feed to the ships in the fleet. There became divisions of holo-records breaking down into new units with nothing valuable inside them but the dream of hope. As chance would have the likes of what was going on, things were solved by themselves and then they did not change that way ever again. ::

M8w ~ I am reporting for the Institution of Chance: We await your orders.

Thinker ~ Captain, I advise you to change the units of measure soon.

M8w ~ Ice make necessary residual adjustments there, for the next time unit form.

Ice ~ The adjustments are in the process of altering.

Thinker ~ Delay that process .., the elements of language, as well, are disintegrating before us.

Ice ~ More so still, there is the nuance of conceptual experiences - framed at the source.

M8w ~ I know that, and in the event structure, if added to the hologrid-unimatrix the dynamics will be greater then before.

Ice ~ Remain stationed; I am inducing the triode vortex into unit multiplex static designs.

:: He realized that event illusions involve the next dimensions for time and space.::

Golden Path ~ The formations are going to occur, no matter, there after, in sequences similarly structured.

Ice ~ We are dividing the elementals again, Captain.

Golden Path ~ We have remained unaffected and yet there are greater instances of our efforts allowed.

M8w ~ Captain Golden Path, per chance, what are your orders going in?

Golden Path ~ You must remain in the holo-illusion till you have mastered the unit dimensional to that time frame.

M8w ~ That could lead to a voiding of the void of infinite dimensions.

Ice ~ I can stabilize the necessary dimensional manifolds involved for solving that.

Golden Path ~ Don't! I repeat, Do not., theirs were evolved beyond that way, this makes the illusions that are being real evolve even more so.

Ice ~ Sir?

::Perfect pulses bound for interfolded field-waves manifested inside the holo-grids. Thinker's emotions were poised like a perched bird ready to kill its pray. There was nothing left of them, nothing right to do from there, just a constant moving forward into the realities' of light and sound dimensions. Broken and splintering the lights of all known dimensions begun and ended, frozen in time and space. ::

Ice ~ Sir, we have conformation of the Eagle.

Thinker ~ The Eagle, she has begun the decent into the infinite dimensional field structures.

Golden Path ~ Ice, control the holomonitor with the field trinamics in order to reduce the surface frictions to a negligible amount.

M8w ~ In the distant future they will resolve the tri-dimensional imbalances, and create greater evolutions of the revolution know as life.

Thinker ~ What were we doing with these events, and why are the discords of harmony so pleasing?

Golden Path ~ You can find yourselves again and again, where no one has gone before, but into that - we are with you all the way.

Ice ~They are boarding the Eagle, I will make a difference this time.

::Ice found the Eagle like a second home. It was how the values of being, became real to him. ::

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