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[Round 4] Just a Test... or is it?


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((Security Office - USS Ronin))

:: Will was sorting through the contents of his desk when an incoming message was flagged for his attention.

Computer: Incoming message from Ensign Illium.

Rogers: Play message.

“Lieutenant Rogers, this is Ensign Illium reporting for extra duty and discipline. I apologize and accept full responsibility for the encounter with Commander Walker this morning. I am available to discuss my discipline at your convenience. “

::sighing. : =/\= Lt Rogers to Ensign Illium =/\=

Illium: =/\= Ensign Illium, go ahead sir. =/\=

Rogers: =/\= Please report to my Office immediately =/\=

Illuim: =/\= On my way sir.=/\=

Rogers:: Will pondered the situation. What to do with a young, over zealous Officer?

Easy .. just pretend he was dealing with himself.

((A short while later))

Illium: *Door Chime* Ensign Illium reporting as ordered Lieutenant.

::Internally he went through the check list of his master plan. :: oO Ok, I am well on my way to the career in Starfleet I always wanted. Step one: enter Starfleet. Step two: [...] off my FO. Step three: Alienate entire security staff. Step four comes next: [...] off Chief of Security. Then step five, get kicked out of Starfleet and spend the rest of my days as long haul freighter pilot in deep frontier territory. Right.. Oo :: Despite his nerves, he felt calmer than he had since arriving. Maria’s mental exercises had done incredible things for his sensitivity. He was definitely going to have to thank her. ::

Rogers:: looking up over the clutter on his desk. : Please Ensign take a seat.

:: holding up his hand to forestall any talk . : It may interest you to know that I happen to agree with you regarding the uselessness of safety protocols on the holo deck.

Illium: Sir?

Rogers: So here’s what were going to do… :: as Rogers gestured with his hands he knocked a small object onto the floor. From amongst a pile of unsorted equipment a photon grenade fell onto the floor , the bar graph display on the timer began to count down….


::Nek had been pondering bringing up the fact that he hadn’t disabled the safeties completely. A killing blow still would have dissipated the force field before it hit vitals, and energy weapons and falling rocks would have still vanished before impact. Then that gesture. His stomach clenched as the tiny blue sphere begins to travel to the ground. On impact, when the timer begins it’s count down, adrenaline spikes through his body. Like the thin runners of ice on a freezing morning, the feathery cold slams through his veins. Time seems almost to cease.::

Illium: oO Great. So this is how I am going to die. Oo


:: The sparse office is barren of corners, alcoves or even other furniture to shield them from the blast. Clarity comes, each detail of the moment sketched into his brain as if by a master artist. The hair on Will’s arm, the texture of the walls are each noted in turn with perfect definition along side a thousand other details, each one a vivid impression. The solid build of the desk that the grenade had fallen from, and the perfect silence between moments. If he had had time, he would have relished the sensation, the glory of that frozen second. Instead, he began to move.::


:: He reaches out, each muscle under the skin doing its part. A part of him wonders at the complex and almost divine symmetry that allows so simple a motion. The rest of him grasps the desk and with a single graceful motion, pulls the entire thing forward, toppling it on top of the grenade.:: oO That will absorb as much of the blast force as it can. Oo :: Using the momentum, he throws himself forward, tackling Lt. Rogers, shielding him with his own bulk as he slams the man into the bulkhead. ::

Illium =/\= Emergency medical transport. Two to sickbay =/\=

<<2>> <<1>>

:: The sentence takes exactly two seconds to say. Exactly two seconds. Now he just had to hope that the electro-magnetic field that would come into existence in less than a second didn’t scramble their signatures to badly. The blue beam surrounds them, and he is lost in the wonder of feeling himself transformed into energy. ::

oO So this is death….Oo

Tag Rogers

Nek Illium


USS Ronin

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This is a pretty good SIM. I really like the way we get to see inside Ensign Illium's head, especially when he's presented with a problem. I've been racking my brain to figure out why I don't absolutely love it and I think the answer is formatting. The extra wide gaps and spaces can be really distracting and take a little bit away from the overall SIM. To fix this, its often helpful to check the spacing both while you're working on your post and when you transfer it to email or to the Yahoo form, to make sure its not getting all wacky. However, I thought your reaction to a challenging situation was a very good one. Nice Job, Ensign Illium. Its a post to be proud of.

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