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[Round 4] Lt. Cmdr Ben Walker


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((Counselor's office))

Ehlanii: No, sir. I'm well aware of the rules and principles of counseling. Anything you say here remains here.

Walker: Good. In that case...what are your intentions toward Lieutenant Brice?

::The blood, which had mostly left her face attempted to rush back in. Using all the control in her power she forced herself to be calm and confident.::

Ehlanii: ::cautiously: : Sir? I don't really think that has any relevance right now.

:: Ben felt conflicted. On the one hand, his statements were keeping the counselor off her guard, exactly as he'd been trained. Of course, that meant he was using that training...::

Walker: It is entirely relevant. You are dating someone who I know has been hurt previously by jumping in too quickly. He appears to be doing the same now...so...what are your intentions?

Ehlanii: ::She raised an eyebrow.:: You aren't ordering me to disclose personal details of my private life, are you, Commander?

Walker: This isn't about rank...or position. The question is, are you going to date him and rip his heart out...or do you actually care?

:: She spoke in a careful, calm, firm voice.::

Ehlanii: With all due respect, Commander Walker, that really isn't your business - and it certainly doesn't seem right for you to ambush me in what is scheduled to be a counseling session for you. ::she held up a hand to preempt any comment by the first officer:: However, I do understand the concerns of a good friend. I can assure you, Sir, that I would never intentionally hurt Ethan. Ever.

:: Feeling his control of the situation slip, Ben pounced on her words. ::

Walker: Never intentionally? So you see yourself hurting him? Perhaps we should talk about the ways that you see yourself unintentionally hurting him.

Ehlanii: No, Commander, I'm afraid that will have to do. I am not the type of woman that goes around ripping men's hearts out. I'm shocked and surprised that you would even think that I am.

Walker: As I said Counselor, you are new..I don't know you...so I need to find out as much as possible. So, about that...

Ehlanii: ::standing:: Sir, I have politely assured you that I do not intend to inflict pain on Lieutenant Brice. I have endured the insinuations about my character and patiently tried to correct them. I am sorry that it isn't good enough for you. If you must know, yes, I do care about him. I also care about Matthew. I would do just about anything in my power to keep those two from getting hurt. You will have to be satisfied with that. Now ::she walked toward the door and turned to face the human male:: if you have nothing to discuss other than my personal life, I think we're done here.

Walker: One last thing...not discussing either of our lives directly. Ethan was on the bridge when the incident happened. He might need to talk.

::Karynn was near fuming on the inside. On the outside she tried to maintain a calm, polite confidence, but she definitely wasn't prepared for the sharp change of subject. She almost snapped at the human in her office.::

Ehlanii: I'll look into it.

Walker: Maybe he doesn't...but he hasn't signed up for any more bridge shifts either...and is too proud to talk about it...

::Karynn knew he was right. And she hadn't really asked last night. Her eyes drifted closed for a moment as she pulled a few deep breaths in through her nose and out through her mouth, letting her anger cool.::

Ehlanii: I'm sorry Commander Walker. I really will look into it. I don't typically try to counsel Ethan, but I'll talk to him very soon - and send him to Counselor Grax if he needs anything official.

:: Shrugging::

Walker: There's a very old holostory I watched. In it one person is asked why he's risking his life. He answers.."because he's my friend". The first person laughs and says "So...I've got tons of friends, I wouldn't risk my life for them". The first solemnly says..."I only have the one". I don't have many friends Counselor...Ethan was my first that I didn't marry.

((OOC: Tombstone is the movie, Val Kilmer))

:: Without waiting for a response, Ben left the room. Judging by how she'd reacted, he'd done it poorly...but by the same token...if she was willing to tolerate him...odds were good for Ethan. ::

Lt. Cmdr Ben Walker


USS Ronin

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Commander Walker seems to have forgotten to add a title to his sim, hence the odd title...

but it's still a good read, and kudos also goes to Karynn Ehlanii for standing up to him (and not slapping him in the face!).

A great piece from a couple of talented writers.

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