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[Round 3] GARRISON/KASCHENKO/TINOCO: Uncertainties


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NOMINATORS COMMENT: Please note the author of this sim has a first language of Spanish, not English.

(( Pod Odyssey ))

:: The commotion was big. The Pod was crowded, resembling one of those cargo

ships, delivering refugees or dissidents. The main difference was that those

people were all Citizens and Officers of the Federation, in a desperate run for

reaching safe ground. Annette Garrison recalled memories from his initial trip

to the Aurix Colony when she was a small child. The transport ship was filled

with machinery and living stock, ready to be installed and settled on the brand

new Colony ::

:: She walked among the people, noticing the different expressions and comments

coming from everyone, civilians and officers. The rumors about the Captain going

crazy or worst, a possible infiltration of Dominion agents trying to steal

Federation technology and intelligence data from the Crew and Passengers

with the Captain's help were floating in the air ::

:: The crowd came into a panicked state when the Pod rocked violently due the

attack coming from the Son'a ship. The people with a view to the outside through

the windows screamed and yelled when they saw the Warship firing against the

Pod. Annette and several Crewmen tried to calm the people down. Lights flickered

and a creepy sound of metal crunching above them added more tension to the

situation ::

:: A group of Security officers appeared and helped the crew to gain a more

controlled state. Doctors and nurses appeared, talking to the passengers. Then,

they all felt a small, almost unnoticeable bump, causing the people to stare

with uncertainty on their eyes. Another person next to a window yelled about the

Shuttles forming up and pulling the Pod with their tractor beams. Other person

notified the destruction of the Son'a Warship by the Discovery, making the crowd

to cheer in response. ::

:: Annette approached to one of the Windows where she could spot the Discovery

at the distance. But something was happening. Two small points of light were

swarming around the ship, opening fire. The blasts caused the Discovery's

shields to glow, confirming the shooting, then a volley of Quantum torpedoes

appeared from below the Ship in direction to the points of light, detonating in

space ::

GARRISON: oO What is happening out there? Oo

:: A soft sob, as if trying to supress a scream from a woman next to her made

Annette to turn. To her surprise, Mira Kaschenko was standing just a few meters

away from her, looking in shock toward the Discovery on another window. Mira

covered her mouth with one hand, while tears rolled over her face. Not getting

the picture, Annette wanted to ask her what was going on, but she halted, after

remembering Mira was after Julio too. Actually, Mira had the advantage after the

night trip on that Catamaran. But something in Mira's expression told her that

something terrible have happened. Fighting against her pride, she moved toward

the Russian woman ::

GARRISON: What is going on, Mira?

:: Not getting a response from the shocked officer, Annette grabbed Mira by the

arms and pulled her away from the window, forcing a direct conversation ::

GARRISON: What is going on?!

KASCHENKO: He... he... he's gone!

GARRISON: Who is gone? What do you mean? :: starting to feel worried ::

KASCHENKO: They... they were last in leaving the ship... they boarded a couple

of Fighters... they... (turning to the window again)

GARRISON: A couple of fighters? Those points of light? Who were on those


KASCHENKO: McCall, Eskyys... Mitchell... and... and... (turning back to

Garrison, showing her red sunken eyes) ... and Julio...

:: A cold chill ran over her spine. Releasing Mira's arms, she moved toward the

windows, noticing the Discovery at the distance, flying quietly, with nothing

flying around her ::

GARRISON: You mean... they were... they are...

:: The two women stared in silence to the big empty space in front of them. The

crowd continue their doings around them, but neither one of the two women seemed

to notice the commotion. Only when the strong voice of a man called for their

attention, they both could react ::

TINOCO: There! I can see them! (holding a big electronic binocular)

:: The people gathered around to the group of Marines, trying to know more about

what they were talking. Annette and Mira stared at each other and then moved,

fighting with the crowd, trying to reach the Marine ::

TINOCO: Lt. Sati, inform the Bridge we have visual contact with the two

fighters. It seems they have no power and are flying adrift.

KASCHENKO: Captain Tinoco! Can you see if they are alive?

TINOCO: Unable to tell, Ensign. But their ships look intact... at least from


GARRISON: Can we send shuttles to rescue them?

TINOCO: That's unlikely to happen Ma'am. We are been pulled toward a derelict

vessel. We need all the shuttles in order to reach that ship. (Turning to Mira)

I've recommend that you report to your Chief and put any skill you have in order

to help us reach safe port.

KACHENKO: Aye, Captain! (turning and leaving the area)

GARRISON: What can I do?

TINOCO: (Noticing the pin on her dress that marked her as an enrolled civilian)

You can help here, assisting the Civilians. We will need to make an orderly

evacuation of the Pod once we get to that derelict. Understood?

:: Garrison nodded in response and started to prepare the people. At least, her

experience at Aurix could be of any help in this moment ::



Annette Garrison


USS Discovery B


Ens. Mira Kaschenko

Science Officer

USS Discovery B


Cpt. Pezib Tinoco

Security Advisor/Marine

USS Discovery B

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IMHO, Quite possibly the best sim I've read since Stinging Truths a month ago. Would be proud if I'd written this, and the fact English isn't JV's first language makes it even more impressive in my eyes.

I wouldn't have nominated it if I didn't think this, but simply Brilliant.

Edited by Salak
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