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[Round 3] Too much and yet not enough


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(( Main Engineering, USS Independence ))

VENTU: All right, everyone. Ensign Illium, Lieutenant Reynolds, let's

try and get our friend back on its feet. Doctor Reynolds, Ensign

Tsla, continue to monitor the alien and look for any changes.

Commander Wilde, please keep an open channel with both the

Independence bridge and the Ronin - if anything happens, for good or

ill, I want to be able to communicate it immediately, and I want you

to be in charge of that. Mister Salak, can you try and tell the alien

what we plan to do?

::Quinn nodded and got to work. First things first; prepare for what

could go wrong. Turning to Illium, she gestured toward the area of

engineering the blue alien was occupying.::

REYNOLDS: Ensign, I need you to evacuate the section around the

alien, close the emergency bulkheads and erect a level three

containment field in that area.

ILLIUM: 10-4 Lieutenant. ::Pride and a feeling of redemption flood

him, alongside a much more mundane feeling of nerves now that his

proposal has been accepted. He spares a seconds thought for the

creature, abused and frightened, yet it had risked sacrificing itself

to repair their ship. oO Good luck. Oo. He quickly cordons off the

area around the alien and moves to a terminal. He smiles to himself

as he errects the containment field. ::

REYNOLDS: And if it, uh... Speaks to you, let Lieutenant Salak and

Commander Ventu know.

ILLIUM: Will do Lieutenant. Good luck. :: He makes a brief gesture of

respect for the woman before the shimmering light of the containment

field seals in the former intruder and current guest. Then he turns

to the Lt. :: " Containment field up and area secured. Ready when you


::The heavy metal slabs that were the emergency bulkheads slam shut,

barring anyone entry to the area the alien was in. All they had now

were images from the various recording devices that littered the ship

to see what the alien was up to. Bringing one of those viewing

angles up on screen, it seemed it wasn't doing much at all.::

REYNOLDS: Alright then... I'm done here. Ready?

ILLIUM: No contact from the alien. Every one is evacuated. :: He

shoots a broad smile at the woman who had just minutes before cursed

him for an idiot and called him on the carpet. :: "All lights

green. "

REYNOLDS: No time like the present, I guess. I'll let everyone know.

:: As Quinn let the Cmdr know about all the security precautions and

back up plans, Nek contented himself to watch the monitors. His mind

still raw from the initial contact with the creature, his right hand

aching with barely healed bones and torn ligiments and yet he could

summon no real ill will toward the creature. :: oO What a hell of a

1st assignment. Oo :: His thoughts tinged with amusment and a touch

of awe.

::The engineer started the sequence and Nek watched with fascination

at the complex system. She had taken his initial impulsive and crude

attempt to flood the thing with plasma and created a work of

systematic art. The magnetic fields and plasma flows bound together

with mathmatical precision and a raw logical beauty that held him

transfixed. When the plasma conduit was exposed, he actually stopped

breathing for a bit. Then the lights dimmed and the plasma was

flowing freely out of the warp core. Infinitely bright and hot, the

internal temperature in that area of engineering sky-rocketed due to

its presence. The intermix of the colors that flickered at the edges

of the visible spectrum and incandescant flash of plasma as it mixed

into the blue energy of their guest was spectacular. ::

Illium: Amazing.

::And the alien began to float higher, its blue glow beginning to

match the intensity of the plasma feeding it. And then it began to

expand, the lights dancing frantically over the surface of its body.

The alien was growing exponentially in size and at that rate it was

going to expand out of the sealed area any moment now... Nek remained

frozen by the sight, cursing himself as he braced, waiting to hear

the mental scream of the creature they had doomed. The the Lieutenant

tried to cry out.::


::Too late. A wave of shining, impossibly beautiful blue energy

spread out of engineering and through the whole of the Independence -

and then further into space. Caught up in the wave, Nek was caught in

a clarity of perception that made him forget everything. Even as his

body crumbled to the ground, his mind, caught up with that of the

aliens, reveled in the sudden purity of thought. The aliens emotions

filled him, washing away the constant anger and aggression that

dwelled in his thoughts until hope and love, a fullness of

understanding washed away his sense of self. Then it grew too immense

for him to comprehend and his conciousness blacked out as his mind

drew back in self defence. He lay on the floor, barely breathing and

totally stunned.::

Nek Illium


USS Ronin

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Had a bit of a probem posting the author etc for this one!

It's from the joint mission on the Ithassa group list on the Indy-A although Ensign Illium is from the Ronin.

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