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[Round 3] Feathers


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::Then the front of the wave slammed into her, the blue emotions

throbbing through her like she had been caught in a tidal current, quite

literally sweeping all worded thought away, resorting to images and

unformed gaps of knowledge as her mind floated on the feelings. How

strange to be inside someone's emotions, but such emotions! such beauty!

Somewhere another mind joined and left her again, leaving her wondering

why they hadn't stayed.::

::A hint of something brushed against her mind, a pressure lifting her

gently away from her own body. With a sparkle of laughter she obliged,

letting herself be carried away on the glorious blue energy and spinning

upwards. How joyous! to be so free, so happy, so loving. It was like

being in the transporter, being in the blue light of transmission, but

held there, warm and happy and gloriously /free/::

::She always had liked being transported. Was this why? An instinctive

reach for this... release? Yes. Release was right, she was just her

signature, pure, untouched, unafraid. Cara lifted a hand lazily, smiling

and surprised, but not surprised at all to see herself for the first

time. As a negative against the light.::

::Fine fur streamed behind her arms, but shifted under her sight to

streamers. Two forms? How strange. But then again, she had always had an

analytical side and an empathic side. With a smile she let the

examination go, part of her satisfied to see the fine fur return.::

::With a waft of her hand she spun, whim's and happiness taking her in a

swirling dance of fur, as beautiful as she'd thought, a meditation to

cleanse herself even further in this miraculous place so full of love

and happiness and freedom.::

::Had she ever been truly free? No. No she supposed she hadn't, always

afraid, careful, hemmed in, expected things of, never just let to be.

Quite suddenly she knew that this was what she had always wanted, in a

strange way. She wanted release. An image flashed through her mind, the

Bajoran officer as Cara complimented her. The half-betazoid woman

herself dropping into the soft darkness of a cave. Acceptance love,

quietly doing what she wanted to help others. Not being recognised, as

that would limit her flight, but helping.::

::The need was so strong a tear tried to force its way out of her eye

before she jumped, looking back towards her home, the Ronin. They needed

her, she needed to go back. With a smile that lit her eyes Cara settled

on a flat surface in the emotions and looked towards where she *felt*

the creature's consciousness. ::

Maria: Thank you, thank you so much. I promise to seek this point again

but most importantly, I will not forget.

::Now Cara turned, she could FEEL her joyous laughter rippling from her

very core in waves as she stared to run, hair and fur streaming behind

her until she pushed off and leapt, arms spread as she threw herself

into the unknown.::

::And in the air behind her outstretched arms she left the imprints of



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