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[Round 3] Fearless: Running Out of Time.


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((Flightbay - USS Fearless - Aurix System))

::Two Valkyrie fighters slid smoothly one-two through the mag-con field. Landing skids deployed on approach kissed the deck as the fighters touched down. Using a touch of maneuvering thrusters and the drag of the skids on the deck, both fighters smoothly came to a stop. Each fighter then turned to clear the landing area and maneuver into their specific parking spots.::

::In the lead Valkyrie, Commander Adam Lee ran the shutdown checklist, shutting down the fighter's major systems while his WSO shut down his systems. With a flick of a switch, the canopy's

pressure seal bleed off its contents, then seal cracked and the canopy rose up to its full open position. As the crew unstrapped, one of the deck crew hooked a ladder to the [...]pit. Completing

the removal of his straps, Lee doffed his helmet and set it on the front console before standing and stretching. He swung one leg then the other and dropped down the ladder to the deck. That was one of the most notable differences between the original Valkyries and the newer Valkyrie B's Lee and his people flew.::

::The original model of the Valkyrie didn't have an opening canopy. It just had a hatch on the underside of the fighter at the aft end of the [...]pit for the crew to get in and out. This also meant the two

seats were offset to either side, leaving an opening for the pilot to ease around his seat and the console of the back seater to get to the hatch. Notes published by the designers had said this was done in order to keep the [...]pit escape module as solid as possible. Well scampering in and out from under the main hull had become one of the crews biggest complaints about the craft. So after enough complaints, Starfleet had authorized a new model Valkyrie to be produced. The B model featured several improvements that crews had demanded, especially the demand for a more traditional canopy opening. So with the canopy change, the need for the offset seats had been removed. So now, the two seats were inline, right on the centerline. The extra room on either side had been compensated for by adding armor and equipment.::

CREW CHIEF: Anything this time sir?

LEE: Same as before Chief. Not a thing.

CREW CHIEF: Shouldn't we have found at least something by now sir?

LEE: Yes we should have. Even with a warp core breach, some debris would have been left.

::Before the Chief could responded, the ship's internal communication system rang out.::

COM: =/\= Commander Lee to the Bridge. Commander Lee, report to the Bridge. =/\=

LEE: Looks like the captain wants an update. Make sure she's ready to go again Chief.

CREW CHIEF: Yes sir.

::Lee headed out of the bay, and caught a turbo lift car. It was a quick ride up to the bridge. He exited the car, and crossed the bridge to where the Captain stood.::

LEE: Commander Lee reporting as ordered sir.

TAYLOR: In my ready room Commander.

::Captain Taylor lead the way into his Ready Room and Lee followed. The captain took his chair behind the desk, and Lee stood in front of it.::

TAYLOR: Have a seat Commander. Report on the search please.

LEE: ::sliding into the offered chair:: Nothing yet sir.

TAYLOR: Statistically, shouldn't we have found something by now?

LEE: Yes sir, we should have. Thats whats bothering me.

TAYLOR: We've been at this for two days Commander. Starfleet gave us 72 hours once we reached the system. That means time is running out.

LEE: I am aware of that sir. With the Fearless as our starting point, we covered the entire planet and its atmosphere as we discussed. Since then we've expanded our search but even with 24 birds, with 8 flying at a time in pairs, its a big system.

TAYLOR: ::shuffling in his chair.:: Can we rework the search pattern to have the Fearless cover more of the system?

LEE: The fighters are going right to the edge of the ship's sensor coverage as part of the pattern. That helps extend the range of the ship's sensors. So the Fearless is the core of our pattern. Her

sensors are the backbone of the search.

TAYLOR: Alright Commander, I understand. Get something to eat and some rest.

LEE: Yes sir.

TAYLOR: Dismissed.

::Lee came to his feet and snapped to, before turning, and leaving the Ready Room. He caught a turbo lift car back down to the ship's lounge. He needed something to eat and a drink.::


Commander Adam Lee

Wing Commander

USS Fearless

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