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[Round 3] Syrak: Splitting Up

Clase Drene

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((Main Engineering, USS Discovery-B))

VANNINI: Syrak, I need you to go to the Main Computer

Core, Vargas... you to Second Core... I need you to

hack the Captain's code. I'll try to disable the

Auto-destruct sequence.

VARGAS: Aye Sir!

SYRAK: Yes Sir

::Syrak got to the main computer trying to disable

subroutine, to activate the self-destruct, but

realized this was already too late, Syrak mind froze

as he strained as hard as possible to think on what

would his next move would be, he thought about

replacing the subroutine, but then that wouldn’t stop


SYRAK: oO cutting out the entire power will stop all

power, it should stop the… no if the chamber is

already open then that’s just suicide in pitch

blackness… izaya Oo

VANNINI: (yelling at the remaining personnel in M-Eng)

I want you all to head to the Pod ASAP! (Yelling at

Syrak) Lieutenant, you are in charge of Engineering in

the Pod... now move people!

SYRAK: Sir, I just like to suggest that your last

option should be—

VANNINI: No time for arguments, that was a direct

order! Get out of here!

::Syrak gave a nod, hoping his boss, would have

thought a warp core breach like he had, It would have

been the last thing Syrak would have chosen, but with

less than fifteen minutes, there wasn’t going to be

much choice soon… ::

SYRAK: Vargas, and Everyone follow me…

::Syrak and Vargas walked into the corridor, and he

froze, swiveled round swiveled round, to face to see

the engineers in the engineering, Syrak had realized

there was no turbolift to the pod, they couldn’t get

this many engineers into pod with less then 15

minutes, neither could they get them with other

officers, and civilians going through that way.

Fifty-four engineers stood blankly at Syrak, Syrak

turned to Vargas and then faced the engineers::

SYRAK: ::tucking his arms behind him:: Now there is no

way we will efficiently evacuate this proportion of

group, I will split you into four groups… first

thirteen engineers step forward will follow lieutenant

Lambert to Transporter Room 4 on Deck 7.

::the group was still standing, and Syrak let a sigh

out and step forward tagging people::

SYRAK: you, you, you, you… you will all follow

Lambert, get moving crewmen… time is dissipating…

right you, you, you, you…

::Syrak tagged another 13 engineers, before


SYRAK: you will follow Lieutenant Mittal to

Transporter room 3… ::moving closer to Mittal::

Lambert has took the aft turbolift, please take the

fore Turbolift…

::Syrak watched several alien species follow the

Indian officer towards the turbolift, and then

selected another thirteen engineers and assigned them

straight directly to the pod, their Team leader was

to be Chief Bharijtk, the experienced Chief Petty

officer escorted them, and then there was 14 of them

left, and Syrak announced::

SYRAK: the rest of you are with me c’mon…

:: Syrak began taking strides noticing people heading

towards the lifts no one selecting the tubes, the

young Vulcan had already assigned 40 engineers to the

lifts and knew they were lacking time, and as more he

saw more people walking onto the corridor, he said

looking for a tube entrance along the corridor::

SYRAK: I Expect the lifts will be busy, So We’re going

to take the tubes… its only ten levels and then 3 to

the pod…

::Syrak opened an entrance into the tubes, there he

let all the crewmen get in and crawl, he spotted

Kaschenko, and Vargas was the last one in as he got

in, and left the door open::


LT JG Syrak


USS Discovery-B

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I like this sim in that it does a good job of showing Syrak's quick thinking in a tense situation. He's got definite command potential. But, unfortunately, there were a lot of gramatical errors throughout, so I wouldn't rate it among the upper echelons of all sims ever written, which is a hard bracket to get into anyway. But, all in all, it show's a good officer doing his best in a situation we all hope to avoid: the imminent destruction of the starship we call home. Well done, Lt.

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