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[Round 2] Lt.Cmdr. MacGowan: In The Swing Of Things...

Clase Drene

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MacGowan: Emirry MacGowan. It's good to finally meet you Ensign

Rayne: Likewise doctor.

MacGowan: ::Leaning back in her chair a bit.:: Tell me a little about


Rayne: Oyh, I don't even know where to begin. :: Arthur squirmed a bit

in his chair, but quickly made up his mind. :: I guess you could blame

my grandfather for me being here. He's the one that got me into among

other things medicine.

MacGowan: ::Emirry smiled.:: Well, I'll have to thank him.

Rayne: My parents and my older brother are part of the Thayan symphony

orchestra so they travel all over federation space. When I made it

clear that i wanted some other life then that of a traveling band all

be it a pretty famous and prestigious one, even if I didn't know what

they let me stay and live with my grandfather.

:: Arthur paused for a few moments and looked around the room. ::

Rayne: As for medicine... I have to admit I'm not much of a surgeon,

barely passed the course. Working hard to improve and my fingers are

more dexterous then most its just :: Arthur paused again. :: I tend to

get lost.

MacGowan: If that's something you would like to work on, we have some brilliant

surgeons on hand that I am sure can help you.

Rayne: I do better under pressure or if someone keeps reminding me

where I am in someway. Mind bodies of people is not the only place I

get lost in. :: Arthur managed a nervous laugh and cleared his throat.

:: I did do quite well in other fields of medicine however. But

barely managing surgery and getting lost on your way to classes and

exams in the academy grounds sort of makes an impact when its time for


MacGowan: I'm certain you will prove to be a valuable member of the team.

:: Arthur felt a weight lift from his heart and let out a sigh of

relief. Some teachers had been quite understanding and encouraged him

in to excel. Others had just seen a somewhat absentminded man who got

lost trying to cross the street. ::

Rayne: Thank you doctor thats good to hear, have to say I was more

then a little worried.

MacGowan: I was too, my first day on a real ship.

::At that moment Alina May stood at the entrance to Emirry's office.::

May: Commander?

MacGowan: ::Emirry stood, glancing at Rayne:: Ensign, this is our Chief of

Nursing, Alina May. ::Looking back at May:: What's the news?

May: Dr. Harp is still working. He is confident in her recovery. Her burns have

been, mostly, healed, he's working on her arm now.

MacGowan: Good. Have him see me personally when he's finished. I'd like to check

her progress myself.

::Just then, a combadge went off.::

Taboo: =/\= This is the Captain, Ensign's Keiren Rayne and

Michael Valentino and Lieutenant Devar, please report to my

ready room at your earliest convenience, Taboo out... =/\=

::Looking at him::

MacGowan: Best not keep the Captain waiting.

::The three of them left her officer and Em nodded her permission for Arthur to


::Em took Alina to the side, she wanted a word with her.::

MacGowan: Was what you told me in there sugar coated?

May: I don't believe in adding 'sugar', Commander.

MacGowan: ::Em nodded.:: Good.

::Em's combadge chirped.::

Yladro: =/\= Bridge to all Senior Staff and Alpha Shift Leads, there

will be a mandatory meeting in our conference room - in one hour.

Bridge out. =/\=

::The sound had echoed almost, Em glanced behind her and noticed a woman she had

never met that had gotten the same message, before Em could Em process it, she

was on her way out and Nurse Premba was making her way towards them.::

Premba: Commander Xoet would like samples from the woman in surgery, for research.

May: I'll prepare them for him.

::Em straightened her lab coat.::

MacGowan: I'm going to observe the surgery until I need to be at the staff meeting.

((Timewarp)) ((Briefing Room))

::Em entered the briefing room about five minutes early, she had learned from

last time that the early ones were the only ones to get chairs. Em felt very

quintessential when she walked in. Her hair was down, almost bushy and she wore her lab coat, something

she normally left in Sickbay. Her deep purple eyes, however, held a tiredness,

though she's venture to say you'd have to know her pretty well to see it.::

::She took a seat next to Micheal and looked around the table. Next to her was

the young, [...]y, wet behind the ears Ensign Valentino. Em liked him, in a friendly way. He

had some interesting times ahead of him. next she saw a woman in a blue uniform, the

one from sickbay. There was something about her. She remind Em of someone. Shrugging

it off Em looked next to Rayne, her newest team member. She was anxious to see what

he was capable of him. Em had a feeling he'd surprise her. Even himself.::

::And last, but not least, she looked at their Captain. Daydan. They'd all been

so busy lately she hadn't really talked to him in awhile. Strange thing was, she missed

it. Em ran a hand through her hair, focusing a bit, and waited for the meeting to begin.::

Lt.Cmdr. Emirry Rayn MacGowan

Chief Medical Officer

USS Eagle

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