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[Round 2] Help Offered, Help Needed...

Garlone 301

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((Main Engineering, Warp Core, USS Independence-A))

::He floated through the ship wandering from place

to place until he found a refuge. He spied it as he floated

through the ceiling, a blue light emanating in the center of

a room.::

::He floated unnoticed towards the light. As it got closer

he noticed it was warm and comforting. He got closer and

closer and then decided to merge with its comforting

warmth. He wrapped around the blue light and took

in its warmth. He felt better, the regeneration of his wounds

occurred almost instantly.::

::The bright blue light of the warp core and the alien

intensified bathing engineering in a blue sheen.::

::He was vaguely aware of the carbon based beings

surrounding his location, but they did not approach

his location and when he probed their emotions he

found a hint of confusion. Perhaps he had found

somewhere he could hide, where no one could hurt


::He reached out further into the warp core and

began to feel the vessel he was riding in. It was

an interesting way these carbons traveled. He let

himself stretch further up the warp core and into

the ship's computers, his energy spreading while

his main core remained with the warp core. It was

then he became aware of something.::

::The vessel he was riding in was damaged. He could

feel the energy surrounding the vessel holding metal

and other cold things together. He stretched out and

felt with his own energy; He began to join with the

energy outside the vessel.::

::This vessel had been his savior while his own had

disintegrated. He paused for a moment as he

embraced the vessel and assessed it's condition.

He was safe. Safe within the warmth of the blue

light. But without the vessel there would be no

blue light.::

::He was aware of the carbon beings around and he

realized they were the caretakers of the vessel and

this was also their safe place. He stretched out

even further around the vessel, it had to be fixed so

it would remain a safe place. So he could keep the

blue light.::

((Outside the USS Independence-A))

::The Structural Integrity Field holding the Independence's

hull together began to glow a bright blue as the alien reached

out from the warp core. The bright light engulfing the ship

pulsated and pulled in closer around the hull. As the light

tightened around the ship, the fractures on the hull began

to close and the plates began to meld back together.::

((Warp Core.))

::He could feel the energy as it tightened and the vessel

began to come back together. It was primitive technology

and easy to fix. Now he was safer. Pulling his energy back

he suddenly felt extremely tired. His core began to sink and

he fell back from the blue energy source he had found.

exhausted. He floated to the ground near one of the carbons.::

::His blue light was faint and pulsated erratically. He sent

out his thoughts to the carbon based beings.::

Blue Alien: oO Vessel fixed...Help me...Oo

::He hoped they understood. He had helped them, now he

needed their help.::


Blue Alien

Great Galactic Barrier

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