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[2008: JAN-FEB] The end of the line


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::Michelle Juneau stood in front of the class and took questions relating to the assignment handed out the previous day. However, the group of 7 and 8 year old Elementary school students would rather talk about the news they heard about their teacher the previous night. It was the news their 30 something year old female, human teacher was accused of being a double agent during the time of the Dominion war.::

JUNEAU: Please class. Lets stay on the subject at hand please.

::Michelle Juneau spent 4 years in Starfleet Intelligence, when 2 years before the end of the war, she was listed as "missing". She was being held and questioned by the Cardassians when she was found to be spying on them at the time. Starfleet Intelligence knew this due to the fact that regular reports were no longer coming into them from their agent. There was never a rescue attempt and she was left to be tortured and die at the hands of her abductors. For over 30 months, the woman endured the stresses, until a report came into Starfleet Intelligence that agent Juneau was no longer on Cardassia Prime. Whereabouts unknown. Starfleet Intelligence then listed her as "missing, presumed dead".::

::Three months later, an unkempt Michelle Juneau was found begging for money on a backwater Federation colony. When an intelligence officer recognized her one day, the woman was returned to Earth and heralded as one of the greatest survivors of the war. She was given the chance to restart her life and chose one away from the military. She chose to be a school teacher.::

::But despite the outward, public appearance of joy of the recovery of one of their own, Starfleet Intelligence was skeptical about the whole situation. It was not like the Cardassians to allow known spys to live. They were usually tortured for information, then killed. Therefore a closed door investigation began. An investigation that led to the conclusion that former agent Michelle Juneau was, and may still be, supplying information on the Federation to the Cardassians, and she agreed to this in exchange for her own life.::

::A young boy quickly rose his hand and began to speak.::

BOY: But Ma'am, we saw you on the newsnet last night. Can you tell us about your time as a spy?

::Michelle Juneau sat heavily in her chair at her desk and put her head in her hands. She knew her newfound, peaceful career was coming to an end and the inquiry of her activities after her capture had become public fodder. She looked up at the young boy with a look that revealed the lines of stress in her face and said "no" while shaking her head.::

JUNEAU: We have to concentrate on the subject at hand.

::The rest of the day passed without incident and Miss. Juneau was now at home cooking her own dinner. She was about to sit and eat and prepare the next day's lesson for the children when the door to her apartment flew open. The tray holding her prepared dinner went flying as Michelle was surprised by the intrusion. Two Starfleet security officers had barged in and one pointed a phaser at the woman and spoke.::

OFFICER: Based on the evidence we have collected and the information gathered at the inquiry , you are under arrest for treason to the Federation.

::Michelle put her arms out to be shackled, without resistance and as she was being led out of her apartment, she turned to take one last glimpse of a photograph of a Cardassian soldier and a half Human/Cardassian boy and knew both what she had to do as well as knew that she'd never see her son again.::

::The following day, the news came out that that two security officers as well as a former double agent were involved in a fatal accident that cost all three lives to be lost, the cause of which would never be found due to the disappearance of key evidence.::

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