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[2007: NOV-DEC] Final victory


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“Tea Madam ?”

“Thank you, black please with lemon” Captain Rachel Gill, UFOP Marine Corp retired ; gazed over the beautifully manicured grounds of Star Fleet Command.

Checking the time she sipped her tea, enjoying the bitter flavor. She still had time before her lecture - the last stand of StarFleet. Gazing around the ground she identified cadets from the various races of the Dominion strolling through the grounds.

Catching sight of a Jem'Hadar she had to close her eyes for a second. Even now after all these years the site of a Jem’Hadar could bring back the memories. The good friends killed, ships lost , billions of civilians slaughtered , planets laid waste. She did not want to belive it had all been for nothing.

No founder had been heard of in the Alpha Quadrant in the last twenty years. By all accounts the Changing Odo had fundamentally changed the Founders. The Jem’Hadar had been freed from their genetic slavery, not much worse than Klingons these days.

The images of those dreadful days returned. Earth defenseless, the alpha quadrant laid waste, everyone waitng for the final axe to fall. Then nothing.

Forced to accept a place in the Dominion the UFOP was allowed to rebuild and continue on in much the same way as before.

Gradually control was given back the conquered planets. Finally the Dominion was disbanded in all but name. The Founders just a distant memory.

Two cadets approached her. One Human the other Jem’Hadar.

“Sir!” the Jem’Hadar saluted.

“ Stand easy son” Rachel replied.

“ We are here to escort you to the lecture hall Ma am.”

As Rachel followed them she wondered who had really won? Whose was the final victory?

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