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[2007: SEP-OCT] Writing Challenge Discussion

Jordan aka FltAdmlWolf

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Way to go Jhen, nicely done. :) I really enjoyed your story. Yours too, Jack.

Congratulations to you both. :)

Your crew mate, Kassa congratulates you too. :w00t: *lol*

I also would like to thank the judges and Admiral Wolf for taking time to let us have this competition.

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I had always struggled writing dialogue until I started simming so I owe a debt to SB 118 and the Ronin crew in particular.

Every story in the competition was excellent, I feel a little over-awed to have come out on top. So thanks to everyone who entered for making it such a great competition, thanks to the judges and, of course, Admiral Wolf Sir.

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Congrats everyone. Sadly wasn't able to get my effort together but still, well done to Jhen & all the entries, and I'll echo the thanks to the judges and the Fleet Admiral for running the competition.

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