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[2007: JUL-AUG] The Little Monkey


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The Little Monkey

By Toni Turner

::The 5-year-old sat up in the big bed, bobbing her head up and down and sideways to peer into the next room at her father, where he sat on the sofa reading from his padd. He had not had much time for her lately, and he had put her to bed early saying he had to study the latest data on the ship's refit. Although she didn't want to go to bed, she knew better than to protest, because Daddy had important work to do in engineering.::

Ashlyn: oO I not sleepy. I play princess. Oo

::Shaking the pillow out of its case, she stood up in the middle of the bed, tucking it around her pajama top to make a dress. Stacking the pillows, she sat down on top of the makeshift throne, and folded her hands regally.

::Not having anything to do but sit on the throne, she put her elbow on her knee and buried her chin into her hand, looking around the room for something else she could use for her regal wear. Spying something, she crawled to the edge of the bed, then scooted off backwards, her short legs dangling a bit as she slid to the floor and over to some long, silky scarfs her Daddy had hanging from a rack. Stretching to pull several down, she hung some over her shoulders and arms, twirling around to see them flow in the breeze. She grinned, thinking how beautiful they looked, then pulled the rest down knotting them on her dress.::

::Still not satisfied, she crept passed the door into the bathroom to see what she could find. Standing on tiptoes, she looked up on the sink counter, seeing some pretty shaped bottles with colored water inside. Trying to reach them, her small finger tips brushed the side of one, pushing it back out of reach. She stuck her bottom lip out in an exaggerated pout, then looked around for a way to climb up.::

::Finding no way to climb onto the counter, she ran back to the bed, trying to reach the pillows. When she could not, she pulled on the covers to drag them off, bedding and all. Making two trips to carry them, she stacked them up on the floor and climbed up high enough to get one of the bottles.::

::Opening it, she whiffed the air, smiling 'cause it smelled like Daddy. Splashing the water all over her, the excess dripped onto the pillows.::

Ashlyn: oO I smell pretty now. Oo

::Back to the bedroom she opened her father's closet, looking for more stuff. Finding a pair of his shiny boots with sparkling buckles, she slid her legs into them. And even though she had to scoot her feet to walk, she didn't care 'cause she looked pretty.::

Ashlyn: oO He gonna be proud of me. Oo

::Reaching up to get the tail of one of his pretty jackets, she pulled with all her might to get it, but brought down every shirt and coat, making a big pile on the floor. Choosing the white one with fancy buttons and braid, she draped it over her head to make a flowing crown.::

::All dressed up now, she clunked her way to the door, and peered again at her father, then marched in, her voice filled with glee.::

Ashlyn: I a princess, Daddy!

::Her father looked up, then did a double take, trying to hide his laughter.::

James: ::getting up, capturing her in his arms.:: You sure are, you little monkey. oO My dress whites never looked so good. Oo

::She giggled, then looked up at him with her big brown eyes.::

Ashlyn: I love you, Daddy.

James: ::Hugging her close, realizing the most important thing in his life:: I love you too, Princess.

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