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[2007: MAR-APR] To Lie For

Daydan Taboo

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(( Sceptre Academy - Vatican City Rome - Earth ))

::The robed guildsman walked quickly through the shadowy halls of the

Sceptre buildings, they were dark cold and uninviting places, their

Gothic columns rising up into the sky like razor sharp teeth.. The city

was as old as the stones it stood on and more.. It had been a struggle

to get this far but he was nearly there, one more obstacle stood in his

way... His mind was almost a blank as he could feel mental probes

coming in from all directions, he was no novice at this task, he would

succeed or die, he had to, the safety of his own beliefs relied on it..

He could feel several strong minds sadistically trying to rape his mind

and penetrate his thoughts but he was a skilled Reader, far beyond the

understanding of these power hungry Terrans.. Beneath the dark cloak

of the guildsman he brandished a small stiletto bladed short sword about

thirty centimetres from pommel to tip.. He clutched it closer to his naked

skin hoping to hide it from prying eyes, it was not so much the eyes here

that was the danger, it was the minds of the many Masters and Aconites

that patrolled the halls like Yakuza guards on a death wish.. ::

:: All was going to plan though as he paused for a moment looking across

the open courtyard, in the late evening sky birds sang as the flew back

and forth with nesting material from the small garden area, in the centre

a single figure in a long black robe and tall pointed hat like that of a fish

head stooped over a fountain pool and gazed at his own reflection.. ::

Guildsman: oO Something is not right, I sense others, there, there and

there. Oo ::He thought to himself pointing out the location of several

points around the court yard garden..:: oO I must flush them out first

to ensure my escape.. Oo ::His mind focused on one goal, to kill the


::The guildsman took one final look in all directions and then sped

across the opening at full speed with his long pointed blade held

aloft.. his foot falls were silent and his speed breath taking, with a

final scream of strength he struck at the centre of the tall figures


:: Suddenly the figure dropped to the floor falling flat to the ground quickly

curling up into a tight ball, the guildsman was puzzled by the defensive

move and withdrew his striking arm to strike again... The cardinals

evasive manoeuvre was enough to give several priests coming from all

directions the chance to throw themselves at the guildsman and smother

him before he could fell another blow, frustrated with his failure the

powerful reader turned his eyes to one of the priests, sparkling with an

unbelievable fire the priest was transfixed in his eyes, another more

experienced priest yelled at him wildly..::

Priest: Look not into his eyes, he is a triple star six!

:: The master laughed at the comment and watched the struggle as the

guildsman tried in vain to break free being slowly pinned and manacled

with no mercy or regard for his suffering.. Struggling against six

other bodies bent on smothering him to the floor the guildsman let fly

with many good hard and punishing blows but each priest was numb to

every pain so as to capture the assassin.. As he curled up to fend off

the blows the guildsman praised himself, the cloaks the priests wore

were stealth cloaks making

them blend in perfectly with their back grounds, the cardinal was never

alone in the first place.. His instincts were correct all along..::

:: The guildsmans target peered back into his burning eyes and screamed

in agony, he tried to cover his face but now the link was to strong, the

guildsman looked straight through his flesh and into his soul, even as

several priests proceeded to kick and beat him insanely trying to break

his mental attack on the cowering priest..::

Cardinal: Your efforts were brave assassin, but your attempt futile,

such a waste of your talents..

::The cardinal shooed his priests away seeing no reason for the need of

guards with the guildsman securely bound and beaten.. A single priest

lay on the floor sobbing unable to look another being in the eyes, he

was eventually dragged away from the courtyard. The guildsman struggled

against the manacles and chains trying to assess their strength while

the old man grinned at him.. The guildsman could feel fresh wounds on

his face and knuckles, the taste of blood sweet and sticky in the back

of his throat::

Cardinal: You shall be free of pain in good time, do not waste your

strength on trying to escape, more worthy assassins than you have tried

and failed..

:: The shaved head of the guildsman was brought into view as the

Cardinal pulled the hood from his once covered head.. The guildsman

stopped struggling and looked at the much older man in his eyes.. Even

with his robes of peace and justice the guildsman knew this mans true

history, The Coven, the Illuminate, the Masonic brotherhood, The

Alliance. All organisation geared to the betterment of the Few by the

many or the ignorant, it left a venomous stain on the good work of the

guild and until this stain was removed no guildsman would rest..::

:: The old mans bony weak hand struck the younger looking man about the

face several times and laughed.. With his wrinkled old hand it did not

hurt the guildsman but the tone of the old mans laughter at the

guildsman's plight was one of cruelty..::

Cardinal: Such a waste, I have need of a good Assassin, you could work

for me and want for nothing my young apprentice..

::The Cardinal dug his long unkempt nails into the guildsman's jaw and

squeezed as hard as he could..::

Cardinal: Do you not wish to live?

Guildsman: Through a clenched mouth.. :: Yes..

::His tone was raw and unpractised..::

Cardinal: You must have known that you would be watched at your every

step in these buildings, there has never been a successful assassination

attempt under my rule, and do you know why?

::The old mans arrogance grated on the guildsman's nerves, just two

seconds free near this cruel monster and he could end the suffering of



Guildsman: Why? ::Looking coldly into the old mans eyes..::

::Grinning at him the cardinal lowered his face towards him and squeezed

the guildsman's mouth open, as he spoke he cringed and spat globs of

saliva into his prisoners mouth and face..::

Cardinal: Because the moment you conspired against me your actions were

known to me.. You can not defeat me, I know what lurks behind the eyes

of everyone in my sight and you are no exception my weak minded little

sewer rat...

:: The guildsman struggled helplessly against the titanium shackles..

The old Cardinal pushed his face away and kicked him hard in the chest

making him fall backwards, the downed guildsman struggled to pick

himself back up on to his knees again..::

Cardinal: You are no fun, you are as weak as a Child, I could burn out

your will to live with just one look, why do you serve that useless

woman, what of you own desires, do you not want wealth beyond your

imaginings, or women so obedient that you do not have to lift a finger..

They would wait on your every need until the day you die..

:: The guildsman looked up at him defiantly..

Guildsman: What good is wealth..

Cardinal: Wealth is power..

Guildsman: What good is a woman's desire to please if it is not done

with love..

Cardinal: Love is a Myth dreamed up by poets and dreamers.. What do I

care of love when I can have any woman I desire..

::The guildsman cringed as he imagined the old man crawling over some

nubile young beauty.. A shudder rippled down his spine..::

Cardinal: ::laughing..:: You think it sickening. :: Laughing again.::

Perhaps you are right, but I indulge in my every desire and crave each

depravity more and more. With power comes privilege and I intend to be

very privileged my friend..

::The cardinal clenched his fist into a tight ball and looked deeply

into the guildsman's eyes..::

Cardinal: Join us, join us and enjoy unimaginable luxuries, women, wine

and what ever you desire..

:: The guildsman bowed his head.. ::

Guildsman: And what do I have to do for this fate, sell my soul to the


Cardinal: :: Laughing..:: Nothing so vulgar my young apprentice.

Go back to that whore priestess of yours and bring to me her bloody

heart, do this and you will want for nothing..

Guildsman: But?

::The Cardinal interrupted abruptly giving the guildsman no time to


Cardinal: Swear on it.. Give me your oath.

Guildsman: She is the figure head of my faith..

Cardinal: Faith is irrelevant, power is almighty..

Serve me worm and live, refuse and die... What say you?

::Looking up the guildsman's eyes showed fear and pain, he bowed his

head and kissed the Cardinals robes with his blooded lips.. ::

Cardinal: YES!! ::He called to some priests nearby..::

Unchain him immediately..

Priest: But master..

Cardinal: I said unchain him..

:: He slapped the priest to the floor, the priest whimpered under the

old mans gaze, the guildsman still looked down at the floor clenching

his fists forcing them tightly against his bonds..::

Priest: But he is a triple 6 master..

Cardinal.. You fools, I to am a triple six, do you not think I know

when someone is lying to me, free him I tell you or suffer unimaginable


:: The priest carefully unlocked the manacles from the guildsman and

stepped backwards trembling, there was something about the guildsman's

posture that was not right, he was unafraid almost arrogant in his

stance.. He bent down and picked up the long blade at his feet and wiped

it's surface against his soft dark cloak..::

Cardinal: Go now my young apprentice, bring me back her heart and I will

shower you with unimaginable riches.. ::Putting his arm around the

guildsman in a friendly gesture..:: Go now and bring Sceptre to it's

total domination of all life in the universe..

::Something stopped the guildsman traitor in his tracks, a single word,

a sound, the tone of the old mans voice so close to his ears.. In a

large powerful sweeping arch the guildsman's cloak flew over the old man

body like a sheet of darkness.. Before he was revealed again three deep

lunges of the long dagger penetrated the old mans weak and feeble body..

each blow puncturing several vital organs.. The old man grasped the

guildsman tightly trying to hang on to life just long enough to ask one

final question as his last breath slipped from his lips..::

Cardinal: You lied.. you lied, hooowwwwww....

Guildsman: oO And so did you old man... Oo

:: The guildsman let the body of the old man fall to the floor, the two

priests stared at him in disbelief, not giving them any more time to

react the guildsman darted towards the buildings and jumped up onto it's

uneven surface, the gothic like buildings were much the same as most of

the rock faces on earth and Betazed for climbing difficulty, with in

seconds he was up on the roof tops and running back and forth across the

darkened shadows.. Before the alarm was raised the two priest searched

upwards but could see him no more, just visible was a small ship flying

over head that slowed to a halt and then sped off in to the night sky

and eventually disappeared in a bright blue flash of light..::


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