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[2007: MAR-APR] Writing Challenge Rules & Topic

Jordan aka FltAdmlWolf

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Guidelines: To participate, create a new thread. The subject of the thread must be the title of your story. If it is a Work In Progress, denote that with the heart post icon. If your work is complete, use the horizontal arrow post icon. Items not marked with an icon or marked with the WiP icon will not be considered for judging and will be moved to the "Character Cafe" forum at the end of the contest.

Your work must be entirely your own. No co-authoring.

You are welcome to create any character you so desire, but they must be from the Star Trek universe. No "canon" characters allowed. (i.e.- No one who has been on a show.)

Challenge: "Lies" Last year for this round of the contest, our challenge was "A Poison Apple," a theme right out of "Snow White" by Walt Disney. This year, I asked William Carrington, the last round's winner, to choose a theme from "Pinocchio," Disney's second animated film. So what is it about "lies" that is essential to the human experience? Your challenge is to show us what "lies" can do to people. (Topic chosen by last winner, William Carrington.)

Length: No more than 3000 words accepted.

Beginning Date: Fri., Mar. 9th

Ending Date: Sun., Apr. 22nd

See Also: the Writing Challenge Website.

Good Luck!

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