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More Frequently Asked Questions

FltAdml. Wolf


Here's the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (including the ones that are already listed on our "group intro" page):

Training Information

Q. How long is training?

A. 6-10 days, depending on how often the group sims.

Q. How will I know when training has begun?

A. First, you'll receive an automated e-mail from the Google Groups system notifying you that you've been added to one of our Academy lists. Then you'll receive an e-mail entitled "Roll Call!"

Q. Who do I send my "bio" to?

A. Your bio will be reviewed by the Commanding Officer of your training group. During the training group, he or she will send out a tutorial which explains the specific format we use for bios, and ask you to send in yours to the group. It will be reviewed, and then sent to your permanent Commanding Officer once you graduate from training.

Q. In Trek, sometimes exemplary cadets start out as LtJG officers once they reach their ship. Does that happen here?

A. Everyone begins as an ensign when they transfer to a vessel.

Q. What's the history of the USS Centris-A, the training vessel?

A. Her fleet page tells the brief history.

Q. Can I change the e-mail address I used to submit my application?

A. Sure can. Just send an e-mail to t.wolf@starbase118.net from the e-mail address you submitted your application from. In this e-mail, ask him to change your address, and be sure to copy in the new address you want to change to.

General Questions

Q. What is simming?

A. Simming is short for “simulation,” and basically just means Role Playing. Our group is a Play-By-Email Role Playing Group (PBEM RPG), which means that people’s contributions to our game are done through e-mail. We use Google Groups, an easy and popular service, as our e-mail servers.

Q. How much do I have to pay for this?

A. Nothing. Our group is entirely volunteer run, and playing within our group costs nothing.

Q. Do I have to sign on at a specific time?

A. No. You can sign on any time of the day to get your e-mails and respond.

Q. How often do I have to sim?

A. We usually suggest at least three times a week, though you’ll want to check your e-mail as often as possible. (During training, we’ll ask you how often you plan to play, and you’ll have the chance to decide whether you would like a faster or slower playing ship.)

Q. Can I join more than one ship?

A. It is permissible to sim more than one character, as long as you are of the rank of Lieutenant. Our group's focus is on quality of simming. As such, we don't want any simmer to overstretch themselves and have their simming drop on their primary vessel. In our experience sometimes people under estimate the workload of taking on a second character. However, as mentioned, once you reach the rank of Lieutenant, you may play up to three characters regularly.

If you decide you don’t like the character you started with, you’re more than welcome to create a new character and remove your old character at any time.

Q. Where can I find out more about the ships in your fleet?

A. An "active fleet" page is maintained. From there you can find stats on each ship, and links to their websites, crewlists, and sim archives.

Be sure to introduce yourself in our "

Welcome Thread," and then introduce your character in the "Arrival at StarBase 118" thread. If you have any further questions, use the "Questions about our group" thread!
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Updating from Yahoo Groups to Google Groups.
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Q. What does this mean, and how do I change it?: "Salt this, buddy!"

A. Some of what you'll find around these forums might seem a little cryptic. Remember that our organization has been around since 1994, so there's lots of history here!

This particular "in joke" originated around the time our forums were established around 2002. (You can still see some of the old forum posts in the "Jupiter Museum" forum.) We had a number of prolific forum posters who played Trill characters. If you've watched any of the episodes where Trills have had their symbiont removed, you may have noticed that they looked a bit like a slug. Someone once joked that you could kill a Trill by "salting the slug," and a long-running joke was born.

The text "Salt this, buddy!" is your forum Member Title. There are instructions for changing your Member Title, Signature, and forum Icon in this thread, which is in the Board Administration forum.

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