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August/September '06 Contest

Jordan aka FltAdmlWolf

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This thread will list the top 10 sims which have made it into the "voting round" of the contest.

To vote on your favorite sim, head to the Top Sims Contest Voting Yahoo! Group. You must be a member of the group, but there is no moderation -- just request membership and you will immediately have access to the poll.

See the main thread for more information and closing dates of the contest.

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Title: Open your eyes

Author: Cara Maria

((Sickbay, USS Indepenence))

::The small terran/betazoid laid completely still in the biobed, eyes closed and almost looking peaceful as the drip fed into her arm and a small blip of a heartbeat sounded every so often. Much as this looked like a peaceful sleep the readings showed otherwise, life signs nearly gone as they had been for days. The counsellor/science officer was carefully monitored for any change in her status, with a nurse constantly watching for the faintest trace of life.::

:: Suddenly the levels of one particular reading shifted and started to rise, setting off an alert to the person watching as her brain activity rose, despite a lack of change in her other life signs. The reading emerged slowly, then sharply banked up to reach a level higher than it should have been normally. The face however was immobile, the provesses happening behind it unseen and unexplained.::

((Goodness knows where, Cara's mind))

::Blackness... rolling endless blackness washed over her as she floated through nothing, idly noting the sensation as she spun upwards, arms spread like wings. She had no idea how long she had been flying/floating/existing in this blackness, but it was cool, and it asked nothing of her, at times she didn't even realise she was floating, just gone, others she recognised the void.::

::Slowly her eyes opened onto a scene that was completely still. Golden evening sunlight was slanting through a window and falling onto pale cream walls, sending it reflecting, giving the entire room a surreal glow of warmth as Cara stepped forwards. The dark wood glinted as waxily as the glass fronted cabinets, plates clean and untouched in front of her on the smooth table. She turned, feeling like she moved through the water-wind material to see the dark wooden door closed behind her, the glass panels either side showing only darkness behind it.::

oO So you want to play that game again... Oo

::In which case the door led back into that unconscious state, she knew what it was now and was thinking perfectly clearly, too clearly for someone who hadn't known reality, of even this silent surreality in a while. The perfect clarity of a dream.::

oO Time to see what my subconscious is offering me this time. Oo

::Cara took a breath and turned back to where she had been facing originally. She knew what her mind was trying to show her of course. She'd been here before. A few steps forwards and sharp, sorrowful eyes looked down at the perfect table as she traced her hand across it. It hadn't been like this before, this time it was eerily perfect as the older woman looked blankly around, knowing exactly what was going on.::

::Her gaze followed the light that was falling in the free standing mirror edged in gold, tiny ships of broken glass withing shining white in the sunlight with shards scattered over the carpet in front of it. Cara carefully knelt and sat on her heels looking at the broken mirror thoughtfully, a gentle hand reaching out... a child's uncertain hand touched the blank board behind the mirror... There was a flash of white light and Cara jerked her hand away in shock, staring at the mirror.::

oO That mirror really is me, talk about finding a symbol and clinging to it... this room, this mirror... it's my memories, myself... I need to be careful. Oo

::The counsellor looked down as the glass around her knees and saw a large piece she hadn't noticed before. She hesitated, then reached out and gently lifted it from the floor as it caught the light...::

::A face moved straight over the glass' surface, Cara recognised the girl as she moved out of sight, blonde/brown hair and lively chocolate eyes smiling.::

Maria: Charlotte?

::Cara was silenced by the regal face that appeared next to her former friend, ice blonde hair and pale skin of a scandinavian heritage before the hair slid to reveal the ears of a quarter-Vulcan.::

Maria: Ilisa?

::Suddenly Charlotte and Ilisa were standing there again, ghosts in the glass, the tall part-Vulcan with a hand on her shorter friend's shoulder. Still taller than Cara though, even if you could only see their heads.::

::The starfleet officer nearly dropped the piece of glass as two more faces materialised behind the two girls, clutching the glass in order not to drop it, it couldn't shatter! Wouldn't shatter! She didn't notice the unreal blood seeping down her palms as she stared in shock at the two smiling faces who had joined her old school-friends.::

Maria: Sidney? ::She paused:: Salak???

::The woman waved at her, a part terran unlike the stern male Vulcan that stood at Ilisa's shoulder. Odd, one vulcan hybrid and a full vulcan with one terran hybrid and a terran, odd how things worked out... Cara stared at those she called friends and felt her control cracking slightly and feeling a wealth of emotions well up.::

::Now she knew why she was here. Her hands shook as she placed the large chunk of glass in the frame. An important building block of herself, her friends. Her friends, she had friends...::

::Cara teetered on the verge of tears as she sat back, looking at the other shards around her, seeing other parts of faces in them for a split second. That was Cody, Mar, Makno, Culan, Cox... the crew of the independence were unaware of the betazoid watching them before she picked up the small shards and replaced them in the mirror urgently, but with the utmost care, speaking to each as she went.::

oO You'll grow, and you'll make the structure more solid, you're my crewmates, my friends, my... my extended family. Oo

::Cara's vision blurred into a blinding white as the shards of the mirror fused together and reflected the sunlight as they merged in a mesmorising dance of growing ice. A single tear slid down Cara's beaming cheek, feeling happiness as a cool joyful release spreading through her body even as she curled up crying.::

oO I have... I have friends! Oo

:: Her body straightened to look up into the light as she gurgled a watery laugh, the last thing she recognised before the whiteness claimed her the pale tears of pure joy coursing down her cheeks.::

((Sickbay, USS Independence))

::After half an hour of stable high brain activity her other functions seemed to stir, raising themselves as if they were volume controls on a music desk being pushed up steadily. Her high brain activity slowly started to lower after a last spike and stabilised around the right level.::

::The steady beat of her heart returned to normal, breathing deeply, but calmly, the entire woman's being seeming to be an ocean of calm as Cara opened her eyes.::

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Title: Shortest Transfer Ever

Author: Jophry Calhan

((Officers Quarters - USS Forrester))

::The situation was quite strange for Jophry. A direct call from SB118

Ops to join immediately took him by surprise completely. Lack of

explanation was even more odd. They've only told him his skills where

needed elsewhere and that he would return to Ursa Major after few

months. That and knowledge he'll be travelling with LCMD Beta eased

him. He'd have a chance to talk with the android before farewell. For

a machine Beta was extraordinaire amusing.

Now though Calhan was sitting alone in his temporary room, sliding the

pages of a real printed book. The cover was made of smooth brown

leather with an author and title engraved in gold. Niccolo

Machiavelli, 'The Prince'. The book was lend to him by Forrester's

Captain himself. The retiring CO said it was not like anything Jo have

ever read. As doctor immersed into the book, he found context most

disturbing. It didn't appeal to him much. Better suited his father.

With no ado the floor beneath him started to tremble a little. He

looked through the window, seeing the stars dissolve into bright

lines. Warp.::

oO On the go already? I thought we had an hour or so... Oo


::The room's lighting subtly changed into a set of red lights followed

up by a siren. Red alert. In a second Calhan was on his feet, letting

the book rest on the table. Something wrong had happened. Was it

connected with Ursa? Jophry neglected this thought, it was unbased. He

rushed to the door, eager to find out the reason and help if needed.

As he had passed the threshold, the sirens howled madly. Battle

stations! He run couple hundred yards through the corridor before

realising he wasn't part of this crew. He didn't even know where the

sickbay was located. He thought of Beta and reached for his comm. It

was not in place, he had left it in his room. Cursing he traced back

to his quarters. Before he reached them, there came a loud bang

followed by heavy shaking. The ship was hit, probably badly. Calhan

was almost knocked down, he had to make a few out of balance steps

before standing tightly. And then a computer console on his left

exploded, sending him to close apointment with the floor. The fall was

quite bad. His right brow cut, producing blood. The noise of exploding

circuits attacked his ears. His vision blurred, mind started to float.::

((Flashback - 15 years ago - 50 miles south of Houston, Earth))

::Two people, father and son were standing on a path deep in the

woods. The situation didn't present as an ordinary father and son trip

into the forest. The first assumed marine at ease stance. The other

was at attention. Both of them were dressed in khaki uniforms to match

the surroundings.::

FREDERICK CALHAN: Now cadet, we will proceed with practical training.

JOPHRY: Yes, sir!

FREDERICK CALHAN: Come closer. ::The thirteen-year-old obeyed his

father's command. He was issued with a very anachronic piece of

equipment. A round metal box with glass casing, containing a needle

and scope. It was called a compass. The older one continued in fierce,

military tone.:: Your task, cadet, is to march three miles west.

Before noon you must reach a glade located there. You shall pass

undetected. I'll follow ten minutes after your depart. If you allow

yourself to be captured, it will be considered a failure, resulting in

punishment. Do you understand?

JOPHRY: Sir, yes sir!


((USS Forrester - Present))

::Still dazed after the shock of sudden fall, with a stir in his ears,

vision jumpy, blood from the brow pouring over his eyes, Jophry stood

up. Biting lower lip, he fought the pain to injured places and


oO This time, I will beat you father. I swear. Oo

::He was thirteen again, a boy in khaki forced to take part in his

father's game. He reached to where his pockets should be and found the

tricorder. To him it looked just like an old, scratchy compass.::


::Checking imaginary needle he started to walk through the passage. It

was dark, covered in smoke. The lights were blinking, almost out. He

didn't hear the sirens and other sounds of battle. But in the distance

he saw some dark silhuettes moving. People. He couldn't afford to be

captured. His father would punish him and laugh. Jophry wouldn't stand

humiliation. Not again. This time he was going to win.

He looked around and noticed a small door leading to a maintenance

chamber. His escape. They wouldn't look in there. With some effort

Jophry managed to open the door and sink into the dark and small room.

He closed the passage and clung to the wall. Just a few minutes. He

had to wait before the figures pass. Then he'll come out and continue

to the glade.::

oO A few minutes. Only a few. I will beat you father. You'll see. Oo

::He slid down slowly. The buzz in his head didn't wear off though he

could see a little clearer know. He didn't realize blood was dripping

onto his uniform. His lids were like stones. Soon he gave in and fell


((Few hours later))

::A flashlight searched through the dark small space. The bearer was

just going to withdraw when it caught a shape of a hand. Petty officer

moved the light up, taking face of a man out of the shadows. One side

of this face was covered in blood. It looked dreadful to his untrained

eye. Minding his step, officer moved into the chamber and neared the

lying officer. He checked on the collar, finding out he was dealing

with a Lieutenant in teal. Science or medical. What was he doing in

this forsaken place? The man was breathing. Officer reminded himself

of what he was meant to do in the situation.::

OFFICER: =/\= This is Koblensky, I've found someone on deck 5, section

A, maintenance chamber. =/\=

CHIEF: =/\= What's his status? =/\=

OFFICER: =/\= He's wounded, unconscious. Looks bad. =/\=

CHIEF: =/\= All right, stay with him. I'll send medics. =/\=

OFFICER: =/\= Roger that. =/\=

::Communication was cut. Koblensky crouched over the man and

delicately braced his arm with free hand. Lieutenant murmured.

Koblensky went limp for a moment. Then he tried a shake.::

OFFICER: Ah... Sir? Sir? Do... Do you hear me?

::First he thought he was wrong, so slight the move was, but then

officer's head went up and slowly his eyes opened.::

CALHAN: ::blinking, adjusting to light:: Whe... Where am I? What happened?

OFFICER: ::Koblensky lowered the torch, it wasn't smart to shed light

straight into the others face. He wasn't sure completely of what to

do. He tried to recall what he heard on a first aid training. It

seemed like ages ago.:: Ah... Easy, Sir. You... You were wounded.

::Jophry had his eyes fully opened. The buzz was off, he was left with

pain over his right eye and in one hip. He touched it and immediately

hissed with pain but the bone wasn't broken. Then he checked on the

eye. The cut was shallow, there wouldn't even be a mark. Small thing,

lots of blood.::

CALHAN: Who are you?

OFFICER: Petty Officer Henry Koblensky, USS Ursa Major, Sir.

CALHAN: Ursa Major?

::Those two words produced a sudden change in the CMO. Suddenly he was

more conscious and alert. He started to look over his surroundings but

he couldn't remember how he landed in this place. There was an alert.

And a blow... It didn't matter. Short time shock amnesia. The big bear

was here.::

OFFICER: Yes sir. We gave these Gorn a run down. You're safe now.


::What had Gorn to do with it? It didn't really make sense. Though it

fit a little. They've attacked Forrester. And Hollis attacked them. Jo

thought of the Admiral and after a moment consideration he knew what

he was going to do.::

CALHAN: Help me stand up.

OFFICER: You shouldn't move. Medics are coming.

CALHAN: I'm a medic. Lt. Calhan, Chief Medical Officer, USS Ursa Major.

::He smiled. The officer stared at him in disbelief. He thought the

poor man must have been in too deep a shock.::

OFFICER: Please lay down. ::he said, seeing Calhan trying to get on

his feet.:: Everything's gonna be all right.

CALHAN: Of course it is.

::Jo realised the man didn't believe him and the smile vanished from

his face. He didn't really know what to do about it. An unexpected

help came in the form of a slim, blonde hair doctor and the smile came

back even bigger.::

HALDANE: Lieutenant, its good to see you ... o0 speaking ... alive ... 0o

CALHAN: Doctor Haldane. I'd never suppose I'll be so glad seeing you.

Would you kindly tell that man I'm able to walk?

HALDANE: Petty Officer, I appreciate all the help you've been but I can

handle things from here. This is the Chief Medical Officer for the URSA


OFFICER: But... I... ::Petty Officer was in shock and Calhan felt

sympathetic for him.:: I'm sorry, Sir. ::He gave Jo a hand and lifted

him up.::

CALHAN: Don't worry about that. Good job. You can now get back to your

duties. Me and Doctor Haldane will be fine, right Doc?

HALDANE: :: Nodding toward the Petty Officer :: He's right. You can

continue with the sweep.

::Jophry waited for Koblensky to depart before he answered.::

HALDANE: :: Turning back toward Lieutenant Calhan :: Now that he's

gone, how about you tell me how you REALLY are ...?

CALHAN: Oh I'm good, Doctor. Just some minor concusions, nothing serious.

HALDANE: How about you let me be the judge of that?

CALHAN: I promise you can give ma a proper examination. Right now, I'd

like to speak with Admiral Hollis.

HALDANE: Of course, Sir. I'll just wait over here, out of ear shot? I

can give the exam right away once you're finished.

Lt. Jophry Calhan

Chief Medical Officer

USS Ursa Major

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Title: Victoria 'The Spicy Shrimp' Yladro

Author: Victoria Yladro

((Keely's Pad))

::Victoria woke up lazily. She felt so relaxed while feeling electrified by their encounter, and she turned over slowly to face the man who'd made it all possible.::

Keely: ::Smiling.:: Did I remember to tell you last night how much I love you?

Yladro: Yeah. ::She stretched and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling herself closer and smiled seductively.::

::They held each other and nuzzled, enjoying their closeness when Victoria's combadge sounded-off from her shirt laying on the floor. Knowing that the computer will also open a channel from a tap or on her voice confirmation, she waited to hear who was calling in such an inopportune moment.::

Keely: I'll bet it's about work...

Cyrus: =/\= Webb to Yladro =/\=

Yladro: ::aloud:: =/\= Yes? =/\=

Cyrus: =/\= Sorry, Have I called at a bad time =/\=

Yladro: =/\= No. What's up? =/\=

Cyrus: =/\= Well I was wondering if you had heard about the boxing tournament =/\=

Yladro: =/\= Boxing tournament? Not aware of any tournaments. =/\=

Cyrus: =/\= Yes, its starting tonight, I thought we could train together =/\=

Yladro: =/\= Me? There's not a lot of time left in the day to train. Hey, Is this payback for me having you haul that corpse from the Zalkonian Embassy??? =/\=

Keely: Corpse, what corpse?

Cyrus: =/\= Well, maybe I was being presumptious but I was assuming that someone like you would want to enter =/\=

::She looked over at Lah'rel who had widen eyes and a displeased expression.::

Yladro: =/\= Maybe. I love a good challenge. What made you think of me? =/\=

Cyrus: =/\= Not sure, perhaps it was your naturally competitive temperament =/\=

Yladro: =/\= HA! Count me in! Better consider Lt Keely too. I'm sure he'd love to get involved too. =/\=

::She noticed Lah'rel's expression turn from displeased surprise to displeased shock::

Cyrus: =/\= Ok then, I'll meet you down by the lobby, we ought to go over to the arena and get ready for Round 1 =/\=

Yladro: =/\= Sounds like fun. Just tell them to not call me ma'am or there will be hell to pay. Meet you in the lobby =/\=

Cyrus: =/\= I'll see you there. =/\=

::There was uncharacteristic silence in the room and Victoria turned to stare at Lah'rel who looked at her in silence as he got up out of bed and looked

for something to put around his waist.::

Yladro: What???

Keely: I didn't say anything...

Yladro: What's wrong, are you afraid of a little competition?

Keely: Response

Yladro: First off, it sounds like fun. Secondly, I love a good challenge. And thirdly, I've never done one of these with boxing gloves.

Keely: Me? No.. oO I just don't want to see you get hurt. Oo I don't want you to get hurt, have you done anything like this before..?

Yladro: I've been in many sparring exhibitions when I studied the martial arts.

::she slid from the bed and stood in front of the replicator Lah'rel began to walk towards her.::

Keely: You studied the martial arts. ::looking slightly confused..:: I didn't know that, what exactly did you study?

Yladro: Oh a few disciplines. Tae Kwon Do, Krav Maga, Judo and Savate. Did I ever tell you that I taught Savate and Krav Maga at the Academy as a student trainer, just to piss off Admiral Sennheiser? Computer, woodland camo leotard and women's black boxing trunks, black elastic headband and black boots all to size specs for Lt Yladro, also small women's sized boxing gloves. :: she turned back towards Lah'rel:: So you're gonna participate right?

Keely: But Victoria, you could get hurt... oO I might have to kill someone.. Oo ::He looked at her worried that she had already made up her mind to fight anyway....::

Yladro: Oh I'll be able to take care of myself. ::She took out the clothing and walked towards Lah'rel's bathroom.:: Just pray we never have to face-off.

::Lah'rel laughed at the intentionally playfully-evil expression she gave him just before she closed the shower door.::


:: Victoria emerged from the lift wearing her boxing outfit and with her gloves tied and slung over her shoulder.::

Cyrus: You look ready for it

Yladro You betcha. We won't need to wait for Lt Keely, he's getting dressed for the tournament. He'll probably arrive there via transporter.

Cyrus: Well I guess we ought to make our way over to the arena.

Yladro: Let's do it.

((Timewarp - Arena, backstage))

::They arrived at the newly-built arena and passed-through the back entrance to the dressing rooms. Victoria was greeted by three Ferengis who were holding a makeshift sign bearing her name. She stopped directly in front of the trio and took a good hard look at them... all three were female Ferengis dressed in elaborate Ferengi male clothes. They were obviously liberated and seeking their fortunes far away from the oppression of Ferengi men.::

Ferengi #1: Greetings! you are the humon Yelladroo?

Yladro: Its pronounced "Ee-Yah-droh", and I'm only 20% human.

::The three women exchanged glances and all three grinned showing their sharpened teeth.::

Ferengi #3: We are your assigned Corner-people. My name is Kartok and I am your cutwoman. I will keep you in the match no matter how much humon blood you spill.

Yladro: I said I'm only partially human.

Kartok: ::flashing her teeth and sneering:: So then I will try reeeeally hard to keep that 20% from ruining your chances.

Ferengi #2: I am Trudox, I am in your corner-woman with your towel, water bottle, stool and the bucket to catch your blood.

Yladro: What?!?!

::She faced each of them, the snide remarks were making her dizzy with confusion of where their loyalties really were::

Ferengi #1: And I am called Liebram, I will be your corner coach. I will tell you how to jab, where to punch, and when Trudox will throw in your bloody towel.

Yladro: Bloody hell!! I haven't thrown a punch and you're talking as if you're expecting me to fail???

Liebran: You are the smallest one here! The tallest is rumored to be over seven feet tall! There is no profit for us in your fighting except for our wages.

Yladro: ::giving them an ice-cold glare:: I probably have a few surprises up my sleeve that they're not expecting. It'll be a fun battle... war can be good for business.

:: Victoria withdrew a bar of latinum from within her tied boxing glove and noticed that the Ferengi women quickly locked their beady eyes on the currency.::

Yladro: I take it that there's some organized speculation going on?

Trudox: Ohh yes. It would not be sport without a sportsbook!!

::The others nodded with eager eyes staring hungrily at the latinum::

Yladro: Good. Take this latinum and place it on ME to win my first match. You three can split 3/4 of the profit and give me the rest.

Trudox: ::greedily grabbing the bar:: Yes! Consider it done!

::Trudox quickly ran out of the room while Leibran began taping-up her hands::::

Leibran: The odds are totally against you. BUT if you were to get past the first round of boxers this will be very very profitable.

Kartok: ::Adjusting the lacings on the gloves, waiting for Leibran to finish:: Yes. Very true. This will be what humons call "icing on the cake".

Yladro: When does this thing start?

Kartok: Very soon. We shall lead you in when your round begins.

:: Trudox returned out of breath but with a wide sharp-toothed smile::

Trudox: Competition is going to be very rough but she has 40 to 1 odds to finish the first match!

::The others "oohed" at the news.::

Trudox: You get through your first fighter and we are talking a huge profit! Ten bars each!

::Trudox placed a glove on Victoria's taped hand and began to lace it up while Leibran taped-up the other hand.::

Trudox: ::matter-of-factly:: She just has to win.

::Over a loud PA they could hear a distinctive voice::

Yladro: Who's that annoucing?

Kartok: We were told it is a hologram of a famous Humon boxing announcer from 380 years ago. Someone named Michael Huffer. He has an odd catchphrase. Something about rumbling.

Huffer: Without further ado I would like to introduce you to the great gladiators of these games.

Yladro: Did he say adieu. Is he French?

Kartok: He is humon. And I know nothing about humon boxing announcers. I just know how to keep humon blood from spilling out of you.

Yladro: Gee, sounds like I should throw the match so you don't have to work so hard.

Kartok: Bite your tongue, Yladro. I want my 10 bars of latinum! You BETTER win!

::Leibran began tying the last glove on as they listened as the holographic announcer called the card. In-between the called names, the massive crowd would applaud loudly.::

Huffer: The next fighter stands 178cm tall and weighs in at 184lbs. A Starfleet golden glove 4 time winner, with excellent all round abilities, someone to not be underestimated in anyway, a Swarmer by trade who likes to get in close and hit his opponents fast and hard... Keeeeely Lah'rel!

::Audience applauds::

Yladro: Sheesh, he's in big trouble.

::Suddenly someone burst into the room with a camera and a bright light shining on her. She cringed knowing that her image was probably being displayed on a 50 meter widescreen for the entire audience to see.::

Huffer: Next I would like to introduce you to our smallest competitor, a woman with excellent speed and surprising strength. Standing just 152cm tall and weighing in at a mere 94 lbs at 28 earth years of age, a Swarmer by trade, Victoria "Don't Call me Ma'aaaam" Yladro!

::Audience applauds::

Yladro: Ha! :: To the camera:: Someone go out there and tell him that they got my damn name wrong. I'd prefer to be called "The Spicy Shrimp"!

LCMD Victoria Yladro


Duronis II Embassy

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Title: A Horse?

Author: Tabour Flux

((Conference Room, USS Discovery))

:: Every one was looking around at each other and wondering what was all

going on, finally the and allowed the room to quiet before answering the

many questions thrown his way.::

WALTAS: First of all, this is NOT going to be a long meeting. I just wanted

to go over a few things before we beam down for shore leave. Before I answer

your questions, though, I wanted to introduce our new Helm / Comm / Ops

officer, Ensign Kaitlyn Rowan. She's from the M..from another ship and has

transferred here to continue her career. Welcome aboard, Ensign.

ROWAN: Thank you, Captain. It's an honor to serve aboard this ship...

WALTAS: Thank you, Ensign. Now, to your questions. The "Away Team duty" I

mentioned is simply a formality. Keep in mind that my people are largely

xenophobic. They don't like outsiders or...as they're more commonly referred

to as, offlanders. You are my senior officers, and I expect you to behave as

such. You may interact with the Ba'ku, but under no circumstances should you


to interfere. ::Smiling slightly:: Even I will be looked on as an outlander

because I've been away for so long. That should say plenty as to how you

will be regarded. Any questions?

WALTAS: Now, Ensign Sumataran, you mentioned something about a survey team?

SUMATARAN: ::clearing her throat:: Based on the sequence of events, it seems

that sensors briefly detected several anomalous, cloaked warp signatures

while the Discovery was at Starbase 118. They were followed by several hours

of erratic computer activity where around 5% of our data was mysteriously

lost - although I'm not sure if this was part of a plan or a freak accident.

WALTAS: I'll leave that to you. If you do send down a team, I want it

low-key and kept out of sight. Besides, this is shore leave for everyone so

try not to work your crews too hard.

WALTAS: Now to Counselor Flux's question. What's going on is a bit of a

mystery. Ensign Sumataran, could you and Lt. Commander Eskyys enlighten us

as to

what you've found so far?

ESKYYS:Well, I'll make this short. :: Smiling.:: From what data I've

gathered so far it looks as if Morningstar was pulled out of warp by an

extremely powerful tractor beam. Right now I'm still getting the details

worked out.

WALTAS: Can you conclude anything as of yet?

ESKYYS: Not yet.

WALTAS: Alright. It appears our prisoner killed himself before we could get

any information out of him, so that's where we leave it until we solve the

mystery. Any questions?

ROWAN: ::addressing Eskyys:: Are you certain that is what happened to the


WALTAS::Nodding:: Consider yourselves on shore leave as of now. I'd like us

all to beam down together, so meet in the transporter room in 1/2 hour.


:: Once everyone was dismissed everyone got up and left to get ready for the

much needed shore leave. Counselor Flux exited with the rest of the crew and

headed for his quarters on deck four where sick bay and the counseling

department is located. Once inside Tabour went threw his clothes to find

some thing to wear. He ended up finding army colored pants with a few

pockets on the sides of the legs and a short sleeve chocolate colored shirt

to go with it. Flux then replicated brown hiking boots and a army colored

hat to wear. Tabour quickly got changed and headed to the transporter room

where everyone was all ready to go. Tabour walked over to the transporter

pad and got on. ::

WALTAS: Very well. ::Turning to the crew:: Everyone ready for a vacation?

FLUX: Oh ya!

ESKYYS: No, I hate having to take a break. :: Everyone turned in shock. Esk

laughed at them.:: I'm kidding.

::Waltas Smiling, he stepped up onto the pad and spoke.::

WALTAS: Put us about a mile outside of town, chief. I have a little surprise

in store for everyone. ::Before anyone could protest the distance::


((Surface, Ba'ku Home world))

:: Flux and the crew were then surrounded by the familiar blue hue of the

transporter and materialized on the surface bellow. Tabour looked around at

the beauty of the place he just appeared on. It was a most impressive sight

in deed, no wonder why the crew was so excited to come here. Tabour took in

more of the surroundings when he saw Waltas looking up towards a hill. ::

WALTAS::Smiling:: Mother.

ESKYYS : Mother?

:: Waltas chuckling, he then took off at a jog and vaulted onto one of the

nearest horses, bringing the animal about and trotted forward. The looks he

received were comical and he laughed out loud.::

WALTAS: Well, what are you waiting for? Saddle up!

:: All the crew took off for a horse, some getting on big ones and others

taking an average size horse. Tabour noticed most of the crew knew what

they were doing, some looked like pro's and others looked a bit intimidated,

but still knew what they were doing. Tabour had heard of horses before among

the humans, but he had never actually saw one one his self or any of his

other hosts for that fact. ::

o0 I don't know how to get on one of those things. This is going to be very

interesting. o0

:: Tabour headed over to one of the average sized horses and put out his

hand for the horse to smell.::

FLUX: :: looking at the horse:: I don't know you and you don't know me, but

i'm going to try and get on you. Please make this easy for me.

:: Tabour softly rubbed the horse on his side, being careful not to get

stepped on. Tabour didn't realize how big these animals really were and

found it to be intimidating. I can do this i watched everyone else do it,

so.. so can i. Tabour taking in a deep breath, he grabbed the reins as they

called it and put his left foot in to the thing, suddenly the horse side

stepped causing Tabour to loose his balance and fall to the ground with his

boot still stuck in the metal thing.

FLUX: :: Laughing at him self :: I don't think Trills were meant to do


ESKYYS: Actually there very calm and genital, as long as you treat them with


FLUX: Ok lets try this again shall we.

:: Once Tabour got his foot free he tried again, moving more quickly this

time,Tabour grabbed the rains, put his boot into the thing and swung his

right leg over the horse as he struggled to pull him self up. Tabour being

the last one, FINALLY got on the horse not noticing the conversations around

him and that Waltas had talked to his mother on the hill. ::

WALTAS: Now, did someone mention a race?

FLUX: :: caught off guard :: A race?

:: Suddenly Waltas raced off handling the horse like a pro. ::

FLUX: Does anyone know how to make this thing go?

ESKYYS: Just tap gently with your feet, like this.

FLUX: That's it?, I think i can do that.

ESKYYS: Yes, good. You got it.

FLUX: What about stirring and stopping?

ESKYYS: Use the reins. :: Holding his up.:: Pull one way to turn and both to


FLUX: Ok.... here goes nothing.

Ensign Tabour Flux

Ships Counselor

USS Discovery

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Title: A Walk Amongst The Rows

Author: Victoria Yladro

((Temecula, California))

::The brisk morning air felt cool and inviting from the open window, and as the sun was a good hour before peeking over the dark ridgeline, a young woman tossed and turned in her bed. Fighting her body clock, Marlené tried her hardest to fall back into sleep, no matter how restless her sleep was or the nightmares she sometimes endured. Even though she turned-in early the night before, the rest she obtained didn't alleviate her exhausion. She groaned realizing that her attempt to gain a few minutes more of sleep wasn't going to happen and she lay in bed, awake and cognizant. There was a knock on the door and an older man's Austrian-accented voice spoke through the door.::

Voice: I can hear you. You're awake, young lady. Come downstairs for breakfast.

::She threw her legs out of bed and the diminuitive woman stood up, feeling her repaired joints creak, she stretched slowly - sometimes broken bones never properly heal right, even in 2383, and in Marlené's case, hers made her feel like an arthritic septagenarian sometimes. Her room was mirrorless but she frowned at and about herself anyway, running her fingers through her ruddy bushy hair, her large blue eyes glared down at her milky-pale complexion, and her thin arms and legs... all the unique traits inherited with the other Yladro siblings - her twin sister Marta, younger brother Vincent and baby sister Victoria::

Marlené: I'll be down for lunch.

Voice: That's unacceptable. Besides, they've made your favorite breakfast.

::The door opened and the young woman stood in the doorway. She faced a smiling man with laughing eyes, greying hair and a lined face showing his years. The family majordomo - Jürgen Feuerhardt, the trusted employee who was revered and loved as a member of the family ever since he retired over thirty years ago from the Starfleet Marine Corps.::

Marlené: The chefs made ME coddled eggs??

Feuerhardt: ::Fatherly:: Well not really, dear, but by the time you get yourself together and get yourself down to the dining room, I'm sure they'll have it made and served just for you.

Marlené: Jüergi, couldn't you just lie and say they use the replicator?

Feurerhardt: And disappoint the staff? Never. That'd be an insult to their culinary education. ::he smiled warmly:: Go on, get going already. Its getting late.

::Marlené looked over her shoulder at the clock on her nightstand - its holographic display showed it nearly 05:30, and the sun was still well-behind the hills near the house - it was indeed getting late.::

Marlené: Yep. ::She returned the smile and closed the door::

((Timewarp, Tovaz-Schneider Vineyard ))

::The rest of the house was still asleep, and the harvest crew that meticulously maintained the massive vineyard in the early morning hours were off for the day, leaving the rows and rows of grapevines open for Marlené and Jürgen to stroll between in silence. They walked every morning, avoiding the areas being tended to, just to watch the California sunrise over the distant hills over by the Anza Borrego forest. Marlené led Jurgen across a path and as they entered into the rows of trebbiano grapes, Jürgen broke the silence.::

Feuerhardt: I can almost hear the gears in your head turning.

::The young woman remained silent as they walked::

Feuerhardt: What insolence! Its been, what? Twenty five years since I last threatened you with a spanking?

Marlené: Its been two weeks. And you've never spanked anyone in your life.

Feuerhardt: Ah! The voiceless speaks! Its a miracle! ::he chuckled:: So, are you going to tell me what I already know?

Marlené: No.

Feurerhardt: Fears, trepidations, nightmares....

Marlené: Shut up.

::The older man picked a grape from a passing vine and chucked it at the bushy head of the woman. She stopped and gave the man a glare::

Marlené: Dammit Jüergi, I don't want to talk about it.

Feurerhardt: Unacceptable. You will, right now.

::He stopped, pulled a PADD out of the pocked of his parka, activated it and read it aloud. Upon hearing her name mentioned she stopped as well, seething::

Feuerhardt: (reading) "Section 12 Code Nine, Starfleet Medical. Dear Lt Yladro, Congratulations - you have been officially released from long-term medical care and are fit and able to resume active duty. Please report to the San Francisco Field Placement Office for your next assignment." ::he stopped reading and looked up at Marlené:: They dropped you in rank? Or did you request it?

Marlené: I said I don't want to talk about it!!

Feuerhardt: You don't have to young lady. I already know why. But... to think you could've been a full commander by now. Victoria is likely to surpass you.

::Flustered and red-faced, the dimuitive woman screamed at the top of her soprano voice, startling a bunch of crows perched on the tree nearby - they took to the sky as if a shotgun was fired::

Marlené: Don't Mention That Name To Me!!!!!

Feuerhardt: Ok. Ok. ok. ok, ok. Calm yourself! oO 'Anger management' isn't working for her. Oo

::Marlené stormed up to Jürgen and snatched the PADD from his hand::

Marlené: ::accusingly:: Where did you get this?

Feuerhardt: Dont forget I have many friends in Starfleet Intelligence They sent the message to me too. They thought I should know.

::Seething in rage, Marlené slammed the device down on top of a vine-post, cracking the screen and destroying the PADD.::

Marlené: That's what I think of you and your friends in your Intelligence group! ::She threw the broken PADD down at his feet and briskly walked away down the row.:: Don't matter anyway. I'm resigning!

::Jürgen stood his ground and spoke as Marlené walked away::

Feuerhardt: And throw away an excellent career and your future?

Marlene: ::Over her shoulder as she walked away:: I shouldn't have a future! I shouldn't be here!!!

Feuerhardt: Your family will be very upset.

Marlene: I don't care! That's their problem, not mine!

::Jürgen picked up the broken PADD and pocked it. He then double-timed it down the path and kept a few paces behind the woman.:

Feuerhardt: And where will you go? What will you do?

Marlené: Why the hell would you care anyway?

::He had had enough. Jürgen grabbed Marlené's arm, forcing her to stop and face him::

Feuerhardt: Because I've raised and loved you and your sisters and brother like you were my own children, the children I'll never have. So, I'm not going to listen to your BS any longer. Stop acting like a royal prat!

Marlené: Stop ::softly, sobbing:: Let me go.

Feuerhardt: No. You need to work this out.

Marlené: No, let me go.

Feuerhardt: ::releasing her arm:: I care very much for you. I just want to know where you're going to and what you're going to do with yourself.

Marlené: I don't know!

Feuerhardt: Sit down.

Marlené: No, not here on the dirt.

Feuerhardt: ::Frowning:: Just do it!

::She sat down and Jürgen followed.::

Feuerhardt: Now you listen to me. You cannot run away from your problems, you know that.

::Marlené huffed a sigh and rolled her eyes::

Feuerhardt: Don't you give me an attitude, pet. I'm sick and tired of you avoiding life and your family.

Marlené: You don't get it do you Jüergi, I've told you time and time again. You DON'T know what I've been through... and you DON'T know what I feel! You don't know what it feels like!

Feuerhardt: ::Calmly:: True, I've never experienced what you have. But I do know what you've been through. I'm not El-Aurian like you are but I DO know how to listen and I remember.::

::Marlené looked away, wiping her eyes::

Feuerhardt: Marlené, look at me... Tell me... Is the idea of recovery so insurmountable?

Marlené: I don't want to talk abou-

Feuerhardt: No, you must. You need to leave the past in the past, and live your life, not run away from it.

Marlené: I don't need YOU to lecture me.

Feuerhardt: Well, too bad. You don't seem to listen to what the professionals have to say to you. I'm fortunate that you still listen to me.. umm, somewhat. But this is all academic now, you've played the game, and you convinced them to get discharged from care. You won't listen to me or anyone. So now you're footloose and fancy-free to do what you want. So.... go. Go quit. Give up. Auf Wedersehen.

::He looked away from her and threw a small dirt clod down the row.::

Marlené: I'm not giving up! ::She stood:: I'm just resigning.

:: Jürgen sat and stared up at Marlené::

Feuerhardt: What's the difference?

::The younger woman glared down at the man, a former decorated officer who risked life and limb for the Federation. He seemed a little pathetic sitting on the dirt and she reached-out to offer her hand to lift him upwards. Jürgen took it and stood, brushing off the dirt.::

Feurerhardt: You are an amazing, giving person and a brilliant scientist with a gift. Don't throw all that away on a pointless grudge with Vict-

Marlené: ::Interrupting abruptly:: If it wasn't for "HER", I wouldn't have had to live through what I did. And I wouldn't have to relive the pain and torture every damn night with these accursed nightmares!!

Feuerhardt: If it wasn't for her... you'd be dead.

Lt. Marlene Yladro

Science Officer


Major Jurgen Feurerhardt (retired)

Hnadlaz-Yladro Family Manager

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Authors: Lt.Cmdr. Cura Assanti-Stone and Lt.Commander Paul Diamond

Title: Terms Of Endearment

((First Officers Office))

DIAMOND: You know, this is the first time I've been in here.

STONE: Don't worry. I haven't been to the science labs yet. Who knows what I'll find.

DIAMOND: ::smiling while walking over to the replicator:: At least you have an excuse, you have been real busy since you came on board, me, well, I may have been busy, but I'm not much of an office person. ::laughs:: Why don't you have a seat and I'll get you something to drink. Name your poison. ::smiling::

STONE: Ambrosia tea, please.

DIAMOND: ::ordering it from the replicator, Paul ordered one for himself and sat down across from her. Handing her the tea:: Here you go, careful, it's hot.

STONE: The meeting with the Admiral was intense huh? I can tell. I feel your tension. She must have said some things that have caused you to be defensive. I sense your frustration.

DIAMOND: ::sipping his tea:: I can't hide anything from you, can I?

STONE: I'm sorry, but we were alone and I thought you wouldn't mind me speaking my mind.

DIAMOND: Of course I don't mind, you're my friend, and that's what friends do around each other. It's only... I really can't say too much about the meeting, only yes, she not only frustrated me, but Julia as well. ::sighing:: Why don't we change the subject?

STONE: You want to change the subject? Okay.

DIAMOND: Have you heard from John yet?

STONE: John? He's on an intelligence mission somewhere. I don't know where or what he's doing, but it's dangerous and he might not return. ::pausing as her eyes glazed over with moisture:: At least that is what the PADD said. I didn't even get to say goodbye to him.

DIAMOND: ::A feeling came over Paul of sadness and he knew it was from Cura:: I'm sorry Cura, this must be hard for you, not knowing what is going on, if he is alright even.

STONE: I'll be alright. I just have to stop worrying.

::Cura took a sip of her tea, smelling the fragrant aroma of it. It was soothing, but only for a moment. She wiped her eyes, where tears were forming and sighed.::

STONE: Yes, sir. The ship is being repaired as we speak. I don't know how we managed to get it moving after what happened. But that Lt. Hunnicutt is amazing. He got the engines working and we were able to get here in the time frame I gave the Admiral.

DIAMOND: oO Nice topic change. Oo That was good, I wouldn't want to give her anything else to be upset about right about now.

STONE: We have a fine crew here. Lt. Fanel, Hunnicutt and Lt. Wadham are all great officers. I felt at ease on the bridge with them. It was almost like they knew what I was going to say and they just fixed the ship like clockwork. I just had to get my hands dirty a little bit and assist with the consoles up there. I wasn't surprised that we were able to get this thing moving in that regard. With this crew we could do no less.

DIAMOND: I am beginning to see that; they are great to work with.

::Cura sipped her tea again. Her hands began to shake so she set the cup on the decks before her. Paul became more concerned about his friend and her emotional state. He hadn't seen her like this since her abduction by that Klingon a few years ago. He should have killed him for what he did to her, but he couldn't,probably still couldn't even now. Even now, like back then, Paul was at a loss for what to do to make her feel better.::

DIAMOND: Cura, talk to me, you've helped me though a lot of bad times, now it is my turn to help you. Remember when Himoana left me? Who was the one that talked to me and calmed me down? And then there was the time when I was battling with myself, on Gorn, who risked her life to talk to me? Now it is my turn to repay the kindness.

STONE: ::sighing:: It's nothing...really.

::Cura sighed. She was finding it difficult to say more.::

DIAMOND: ::raising an eyebrow:: Oh really? I may not be Chief Medical Officer anymore, but I can still tell when something is bothering someone. Now, tell me what's really wrong?

STONE: Is that an order?

DIAMOND: ::smiling:: No, it's not an order, just a request.

::Cura smiled and sighed as she rubbed her hand over her temple. The smile soon faded.::

STONE: It's just that... ::Cura paused trying to put her feelings into words:: I feel so vulnerable. John was my security blanket. He was my protection; my everything. We Betazoids have a word for someone that is this close to us. It's called Imzadi. It represents a very powerful connection between two people...a closeness that is unmatched. With John, my Imzadi, I felt stronger...complete. Now that he's ...Lord knows where he is now...gone, I feel... ::Cura cringed::

....naked. I've never felt this way before, Paul. Betazoid pride themselves on being confident and sure of themselves, even with no clothes on. But this is the first time I've felt... ::pause:: so vulnerable. It's the first time that this nakedness feels ...bad. I feel incomplete without him near me. I'm surprised I'm able to function as well as I have been. ::Cura shook her head::

DIAMOND: ::sipping his tea:: I've heard the term Imzadi, and I know what it means, but I didn't know it affected Betazoids like that, why are you feeling like this?

STONE: I think I'm going through some kind of withdrawal. I find myself shaky, like just a few minutes ago. I find myself starring for more than a few minutes at things, my mind searching for my last memory of John. I just hope it doesn't affect my job.

DIAMOND: Not from where I'm sitting it isn't, but I can't tell what is going on inside you. Is there anything that can be done to make it easier?

STONE: I know that there's nothing I can do about it. I just have to go through this and maintain my sanity somehow. But it's hard...very hard. I mean, you of all people know how close John and I are. I even think John was beginning to be able to sense my emotions and thoughts. Our connection was ...::Cura trailed off and covered her eyes, weeping.:: I don't know what I'm going to do if he doesn't come back to me.

::Paul knew one of the reasons there was a strong connection between the two, not only did John and Cura love each other, but thanks to Gwen Hilzarie, a doctor who preformed a psychic procedure on the two to save them both, they have been linked ever since. Paul moved over next to Cura.::

DIAMOND: Cura, you are a strong women, you will find a way to survive.

STONE: Survive? I don't know if I could survive him not returning, Paul. There is only one time in my life that I felt this vulnerable and you were there. It was the Cardassian baby, Mulan that rekindled my spirit and made me live on. I thought that I was dead back there. I don't know if I'd be able to go on if John never returns. What is there to bring me out of this now? There's no Cardassian baby to make me smile.

DIAMOND: I know you Cura, you will find someway, or something to make yourself happy again. It will take time, it always does, but…

STONE: ::rising and walking to the view port and gazing out:: I'm always asking myself, "What if he doesn't come back?". And there's this silence. I don't have an answer for that. He could be gone forever and all I have is a PADD with his last words to me... a PADD and some holograms of our wedding.

DIAMOND: ::watching her:: Some don’t even have that, some only have memories that fade with time, almost as if they never really happened. ::sighs:: But why are we thinking the worse, you don’t know if there is anything wrong, for all we know John is sitting on some beach, doing some undercover work, sipping some exotic drink. ::small laugh, but it didn’t cheer Cura up at all.::

::Cura hugged herself as she stood there.::

STONE: I bet when you asked me what was wrong, you didn't know you were going to get this. ::Cura laughed as she cried.:: But I have this feeling that...that he's not coming back, Paul. I really feel that my Imzadi is gone from me.

::Cura dropped her head and wept bitterly, covering her face with her hands.::

DIAMOND: ::moving over and holding Cura while she cried:: I'l never regret that... we are friends, and I will always be here for you.

STONE: You've been there when I thought there was no one, Paul. ::sniffling:: You're the best friend I've got.

::Cura raised up her head, sniffling and wiping her eyes.::

STONE: Maybe that's all I need...a few good friends to fill a void.

Lt Cmdr Cura A Stone

Chief Science Officer

USS Victory


Lt. Cmdr Paul Diamond

First Officer

USS Victory

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Author: Jessa Anassasi

Title: T-minus zero

(( 72 hours later: DS17: Operations))

:: Jenkins paled slightly as the first of the alarms triggered suddenly. Turning, he called out to the white-haired Admiral standing above the pit next to Stoker. ::

Jenkins: Ma'am, Sensor Relay 33 has been tripped. The first salvo has been activated. Impact in 6. . .5. . .4. . .3. . .2. . .1. . .

:: Across the deck, the view screen suddenly switched to the image of the system. At the far reaches, a series of small white explosions appeared. All eyes focused on the image while silence descended on the bridge. Moments later, that silence is broken by the ghost Captain's orders. ::

Anassasi: RED ALERT!

:: Sanguine light floods the Command deck of DS17. Her voice continues to pound out orders as sirens blare across multiple decks. ::

Anassasi: Battles stations. Mr. Stoker, signal the Triumphant and the Tucson. Prepare to launch the first three wings of F150's. Signal the Captains. I want them to meet the Fleet at the outer edge of Eratis.

:: Behind her, an older Terran man steps forward at operations, gently moving a white-faced crewman aside. ::

Hanson: =/\= All hands to Battle stations. All civilians to their evac assignments. The Gorn fleet has entered the Eratis system. This is not a drill. Repeat: This is NOT a Drill. =/\=

:: It was the first of many station-wide transmissions to come. Across the station, sirens blared as both civilians and staff scrambled into position. Above it all, Jessa stood issuing orders to all of the Captains in their Task Force. One by one, she bade each of them good luck until at last, Bejain's face was all the remained on her terminal. ::

Anassasi: Just as we discussed, Bejain. Take her out of the mix.

Rhys: Consider it done, Admiral. See you on the other side.

:: With a final nod, the screen flickered back to the map of the system. Across the deck, the view screen switched to the image of four starships and two full squadrons of fighters jumping to warp. Silently, she watched them go, before turning her attention back to the deck below her. ::

Anassasi: Alright people, this is it. Let's give our people a hand out there. Mr. Jenkins activate weapons platforms one through twelve. . . .

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