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[2006: SEP-OCT] The Assembly


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oO Laughs... am I hearing laughs? Oo

:: As he walked through the darkenned alley, he was sure about hearing several tiny voices

laughing on the distance. His hands, palping the rugged surface of the walls tried to show

him the way out of that path. The single touch of his fingers revealed a solid and cold

surface, not metallic. Humidity on the air told him he was walking inside a tunnel of some

sort. He rised his hands as if trying to touch the roof, but he couldn't reach anything ::

oO I can't remember how I got here... I can't see anything! Where am I? Oo

:: He walked slowy, with his left hand extended in front of him, in an futile attempt of

avoiding any obstacle or another wall. His right hand kept touching the wall. The laughings

came to a sudden end making him to stop his march ::

:: He crouched, leaning his back to the wall and awaited for several minutes that were felt

like an eternity. Suddenly a thin band of light, red in color, appeared on the distance. It

grew larger, shedding light to the corridor. His dark adapted eyes got no problem watching

at the light, that now showed an open door. He was not sure the his distance from the door

but he could see that the floor has no holes or trenches and there were no obstacles in

between ::

oO I don't know where is that door leading, but it's my only choice Oo

:: He hurried his steps and soon enough he entered on big room. The laughings resummed their

chant, now stronger and around him. The room started to fill on a different light, allowing

him to adapt to the now increasing level of lumminosity. He started to spot several humanoid

shapes. He found himself surrounded by at least 10 beings, wearing no clothes and no sign of

a specific gender as well. Their eyes were deep blue and no hair was present on their human

sized head. Their skin were almost translucid, and thick, but no sign of veins or blood or

muscular tissue were shown. He stared at them motionless. Their voices came as one ::

ASSEMBLY: We are the Assembly, Keepers of the Mind. You had traveled a long journey and now you

will rest among us... forever... be welcome!

:: A chilling sensation ran over his spine. All the beings started to circle him, extending

their arms toward him. A warm feeling invaded his heart and soul.He started to fill the need

of being surrounded and taken away, to whatever place the beings wanted to carry him, but his

mind started to fight back against that. Somehow, he was sure that was not his place. He forced

his mind trying to remember. A smile showed up on his mind. A beautiful smile coming from a black

haired woman. Her factions were soft and warm. Her brown ayes and white skin made her look

beautiful for him. The image grew larger reavealing her whole body, naked, resting on a bed. He

was lying on the same bed, aside her. The image grew larger and he watched himself inside a

bedroom ::

oO I know her... I'm sure of this! Oo

WOMAN: I love you Julio... I'll be forever yours...

:: Her hand, with a golden ring on one of her fingers, touched gently his cheek and kissed him.

As being awaken by a sudden rush of cold water over his body, he started to remember things: he

was on a mission, an Away Team. They were being recovered on an emergency tranporter procedure

and that woman, that woman... ::

oO ... is my wife! I... I'm not supposed to be here! Oo

:: He started to fight harder with his mind. The Assembly were about to touch him when he was

able to speak, not only with his mind but with his heart and soul ::

JULIO: No! Stop it! All of you! I don't belong to this place! I don't belong to you!

:: The Assembly started to swirl around him, on a frenetic dance, their hands pointing to him

as if they wanted to grab him all at once. Unnable to move, he fighted harder, focusing on that

woman, that kiss, that smile and the warm feeling that came flowing through that memory ::


TRANSPORTER OFFICER: We got him! I was able to pass through that ionic storm... his patterns are


MEDICAL OFFICER: Bring him back, now!

:: Julio's body materialize on the Transporter Pad, falling down to the ground. The Doctor hurried

to aid him. Julio opened slowly his eyes and looked around. His gaze recognizing the place and faces.

MEDICAL OFFICER: Don't worry ol' chap... you are safe now... get him to Sickbay, quick!

JULIO: Thank you... :: smiling, while his mind faded away ::


JULIO: Doctor… :: looking at the Medical Officer :: what-what happened?

DOCTOR: Your patterns were almost lost during the evacuation. An ionic storm covered the whole planet, almost disrupting the recovery of your team…

JULIO: My team… are they… did they make it?

DOCTOR: :: smiling :: Yes Lt… you were the last one to be beamed up…

:: Sighing in relief. He rested his head on the soft pillow on his bed. He recalled his experiences with the Assembly. Concerned he engaged the Doctor one more time ::

JULIO: Doctor… is there any records about mental disorders experienced by people during a


DOCTOR: :: Turning his gaze with interest, while quircking an eyebrow :: Perhaps, but I’d never heard

about that… why you ask?

JULIO: Can’t explain but… I remember being on a very strange place… being surrounded for several unknown beings… think they called themselves “The Assembly”…

:: The Doctor seated aside Julio’s bed, placing his PADD on one table ::

DOCTOR: Do you remember anything about your Away Mission?

:: Julio tried harder to think about that, but discovered that his memories about that were lost. He nodded negatively to the Doctor, his eyes showing concern ::

DOCTOR: The Discovery detected a very uncommon signal coming from one of the planets on this system. You were sent with your team to spot the source of that signal. As the report says, you encountered several caves beneath the surface. Although no distinguishable device were found, a very unique electromagnetical field were detected inside the caves... :: pausing :: You ordered your team to go on and then communication was lost… all of you were missing for about 4 hours… any attempt of locating you failed. Then, an ionic storm showed up and we feared the worst…

:: Julio was trying to think about every word the female doctor was saying, unable to remember anything ::

DOCTOR: Then… somehow, your signal was picked, very faintly. The CEO worked hard with the Transporter Chief and was able to clean up your signal and your team’s. We tried to bring you back first, but then the other signals started to fade. So they had to keep you somehow on a cycle that allows the others to be recovered. At the final moment, the ionic storm diminished it strength and they were able to bring you back home… :: smiling ::

:: The young officer picked her PADD and walked away ::

DOCTOR: You’ll have to stay here only for this night… then I’ll recommend that you pay a visit to our Councelor… maybe he can help you to find the answers you need…

:: Julio closed his eyes, focusing on that lovely woman that helped him to fight back the Assembly ::

oO Thank you cara mia… your love kept me going… Oo

:: Thinking about her, he fell asleep ::

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