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[2006: JUL-AUG] pretending to be in two places at once

Clase Drene

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((Science Lab Observation Room--chamber one))

xoet 12: Ok seven prepare for the helmet by relaxing and allowing your sensations to go null.

::Seven shuttered at the thought of the void becoming real to It. 7 knows this is what must be done and braved up to the situation at hand. ::

xoet 7::drifting in the suspension chamber:: Let us get started now.

xoet 12: You will find now is a relative term these days.

xoet 7::smiling:: And you will find these days just as relative to now as they were then... but philosophy was not your strong point.

xoet 12: This will not hurt a bit just relax.

xoet 7::nodding with a smile:: Is the helmet on yet?

xoet 12: The helmet is in place.

::The helmet was designed at the psionic university for xoet 7 to control the psychokinetic problems It was having with become two beings at the same time. xoet 7 could do this on Its own but the two resultant beings were like one of the good qualities and the other bad qualities. Each had the opposite of the other. The helmet had the latest in psionic engineering and created a balance between the two projections of xoet seven. ::

xoet 7: Good I think this will be the try that works. ::touches hand and helmet::

xoet 12: I said no sensations relax your feelings more.

xoet 7: Sure that is easy for you to say but being told to relax is very unnerving.

xoet 12: quite quite

::Seven left It's body and created a new one at the same time. Suddenly in chamber 2 a body materialized. Both bodies xoet 7 A and xoet 7 B were sensationaless. Twelve shuttered at the thought that It's sibling had created an exact likeness of itself in the second chamber. Twelve was used to the two xoet sevens but usually one was the opposite of the other in emotions and appearance. Here The two sevens were exactly alike. As one turned left the other turned right. A look up was a simultaneous look down.::

xoet 12 oO the helmet is working but where do we go from here? Oo Seven A can you hear me?

xoet 7 B: yes A can hear you.

xoet 7 A: I know what you said B but you need a helmet too. I believe experimental helmet #9763 failed. We need to start again. Back to the field of head sets.

xoet 7 B: I think if we both try to create the helmet on me as well we can do so.

xoet 12: I think that would be best the two of you working together even in different chambers. ::Twelve feed the helmet the designs of the helmet itself for it to give the analysis needed to create a second helmet with the help of the xoet sevens.::

xoet 7 A-B: It was/will work.

::Twelve monitored the life signs of Its sibling and its counterpart closely and noted their progress. A second helmet began to form around the front of the head of xoet 7 B. the helmet was the exact opposite of the helmet that xoet 7 A had on. ::

xoet 12: Something is wrong.

xoet 7 A-B: What? We are working together perfectly.

xoet 12: No the helmet was not designed to be recreated backwards there needs to be super symmetry for that to occur.

::Xoet 12 Adjusted the controls to allow seven to reincorporate into one-self again. Walking into chamber one twelve removed the helmet from xoet seven's head and set out to prepare the next version helmet #9764...

::The design was created in a learn as you go type interface for the helmet. Each time there were new problems. Given the fact that xoet twelve did not know what Its sibling could and could not do there was extensive testing that had to be done for each helmet. Once the matrix was solved there were problems with how to use the device and the resulting Doppelganger together successfully. ::

::A transporter like person who could transport themselves across small distances and yet still be where they started at the same time was what was occurring during the final trials of the helmet. There was being in two places at the same time accomplished with the use of the helmet by anyone or could just xoet seven do this with Its new helmet? This was where the breakthrough came. ::

((time warp to the next significant improvement?))

xoet 12::Whipping sweat from between the eyes:: ok we have helmet # 10354 and a whole team of workers trying to get this one to work. Are you ready seven?

xoet 7: I don't even feel the helmet.

xoet 12: That is because it is almost entirely embedded into your skull.

xoet 7: So when this one fails what do we do?

xoet 12: We have encoded a self correcting and adjusting super symmetrical pattern buffer where we are linked directly to your brain and the computer.

xoet 7: ...so if the helmet breaks I break?

xoet 12: Be positive!

::Just as fast as twelve said that the other seven, seven B appeared in the next chamber, chamber two. With both sevens realizing that the other one was aware of themselves they stood at the window between the chambers. Smiling to one another in greeting they spoke. ::

xoet 7 A/B: Hello seven ::they said in unison::

:: The sevens became fascinated with one another. For them it was like looking into mirror and yet the mirror was in three dimensions. The confusion disappeared. There was truly two sevens both a copy of the other. They both asked to visit one another in the control room. ::

((the control room))

xoet 7 A/B: ::in awe:: Wow it worked but still I sense you and your surroundings as much as mine do you do the same? ::in unison then laughing::

xoet 12: Ok that is the separation technique now the reincorporating.

::The sevens looked at xoet 12 then each other as a third one appeared between the two of them. ::

xoet 12: :: Blinking five eyes all at once:: ok enough fun and games put yourselves back together...

xoet 7 C: What is happening? ::looking at twelve and seven A/B.:: no I am an individual I exist now.

::What had started as an experiment in being two places at once and an almost pretending there were two made real sevens like looking in a living mirror the experiment had developed bad side effects. That being the continuous creation of seven look a likes filling the control room. ::

xoet 12::Groaning :: Something has gone terribly wrong again.

Lt. xoet twelve

Science Officer

Duronis II Embassy

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