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June/July '06 Contest

Jordan aka FltAdmlWolf

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This thread will list the top 10 sims which have made it into the "voting round" of the contest. These sims were chosen by the judges panel, which includes: Jessa Anassasi, Rocar Drawoh, Rhys Bejain, and Idril Mar. Alana Devar was a planned judge, but unfortunately time constraints did not allow her to participate in this first round of judging.

To vote on your favorite sim, head to the Top Sims Contest Voting Yahoo! Group. You must be a member of the group, but there is no moderation -- just request membership and you will immediately have access to the poll.

See the main thread for more information and closing dates of the contest.

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Title: The Memorial Service

Author: Mal Avatar

((Main Auditorium - StarBase 118))

::Lieutenant Jacobs had arranged for the entire compliment of the Columbia to attend the memorial service dedicated to the 23 lives that were lost during their ill-fated mission. This was never a pleasant experience for anyone, especially their captain. Captain Avatar had ordered the engine-test and he was ultimately responsible for those lost on the mission, even if their deaths were not directly caused by him.::

::The main auditorium at the StarBase 118 was actually a site that he had not be in since his promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade many years ago. Admiral Hollis had arranged for use of this room while Avatar still served aboard the Kodiak many years ago. That event was jubilation, this one was somber.::

::A full Starfleet Honors funeral had been arranged. There were 23 coffins draped with the Flag of the United Federation of Planets. The flags would be folded and handed to the next of kin for those that were lost.::

JACOBS: All rise for the commanding officer. Captain Mal S. Avatar, commanding officer U.S.S. Columbia.

::The officers in attendance stood from their seats as Captain Avatar entered the room. He took his place at the podium and began his speech. It was a speech that was not entirely original, but one that he had taken pieces of after an exhausting search. He hoped that it would be appropriate::

AVATAR: I am here today to convey my condolences and the condolences of the Federation for the sudden loss that was suffered on board our starship, the Columbia during our most recent mission.

Our fellow officers died because they were part of a Federation that believes in seeking out new technology to make space travel even safer for generations to come.

We also know that those we honor here today died because of an institution that is a symbol of this generous creed and way of life. A symbol of technological power, to be sure, but of power used to do good, to help achieve a more perfect day when we can truly unite this galaxy and our own Federation.

But until that time comes, the events of our mission remind us that space is dangerous and that there will always be danger as long as we look to the stars to grow as the many races of the Federation seek to improve themselves.

While there is nothing any of us can do to bring those loved ones back, we can celebrate who they were, how they lived their lives, and remember how their lives were lost - in a struggle dedicated to the eternal truth of ambition and spirit.

All this is important to remember. But those of you here today, who have lost loved ones, know that sometimes this too is hard.

When this ceremony is over, you may look again at the stars, think of the names that are special to you, take a final moment - have a last word, or look, or prayer. Then turn and leave this place, feeling again the emptiness, thinking again of a "tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow" of an irreplaceable, seemingly endless loss.

And you might say again, what so many times over the past few days you may have said to yourselves… that we can be grateful for the time we had with them.

You might say to yourselves they would have wanted us to remember that life goes on, and that we must live each day for them, as for ourselves. You may remind yourselves that the memories, so hurtful now, will one day turn beautiful and bring solace and comfort.

All this is hard. But all this is true.

Your grief is great. Your love is stronger.

A love seen so many times this last year. A love of who they were --your family members and friends; and, yes, your fellow-Starfleet Officers.

And so, today, we honor the 23 officers who died either aboard the Columbia or on the surface of Ambrosia.

They will be remembered. We will not forget.

Thank you...

::With the close of the speech. Taps was played.::

Captain Mal Avatar

Commanding Officer

StarBase 118 Operations

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Title: HALDANE: Ten Minutes and Not a Second More

Author: Morgan St. Eyre

(( Main Lounge ))

o0 Always last to the party ... the one thing they didn't warn me about in med school. 0o

:: Rhys Haldane stood in the doorway for a long moment summoning the courage to enter the lounge. In the great cosmic scheme of things, the universe had seen fit to give him a keen diagnostic sense and more than a little skill as a doctor. The universe had also seen fit to make him shy and ill at ease at parties. Go figure. He could perform surgery on a guy without a qualm but meet the same guy over drinks and he's be running for cover. ::

o0 Yes ... the universe is really having a good laugh at my expense. Okay, Rhys. You can do this. 0o

:: He moved into the room by slow degrees, making his way toward the buffet, threading his way through the crowd. Picking out patients as he went. This one had a bad rash. That one a broken arm. This one developed high blood pressure. That one a Grade II concussion. He remembered patients. He remembered their histories and their problems. ::

:: It was everything else that was hard. ::

:: People smiled at him as he passed. And why not? The likable young doctor with merry brown eyes and shock of unruly blond hair that refused to be tamed. All but taunted him whenever he got out of the shower. He wasn't particularly tall and tended toward slender. He was good-looking enough if you liked sensitive and shy. His eyes were easily his best feature, large and expressive, but getting him to look at you anywhere but on a biobed was quite an undertaking. ::

:: He liked theater and music. He read voraciously. He was fluent in seven languages and he was brilliant at piecing together clues, forming a diagnosis. ::

o0 ... just getting across the room is hard ... what idiot decided that officers had to make an appearance at ship functions? Scratch that. Its probably bad to even THINK things like that. 0o

:: The buffet was under siege, crew standing two and three deep in some places, so he veered off, heading for his favorite position at the end of the bar, with his back to the wall. He could lean against the bar, watch the party, and interact with people one on one. That was the trick. Avoid the crowd, talk to people individually (at worst, two at a time). Individually, he was fine. He had a sharp wit, a keen eye, and an active intelligence. And while he sometimes stuttered in a crowd, he could hold his own just fine, one on one. ::

:: As long as there wasn't too much small talk. ::

:: He had only been at the bar for a few moments when Bailey approached. Lost his right eye, not a good candidate for an optical prosthesis. Pity but then, no one seemed to mind the black eye patch. Bailey was carrying his drink because, like Rhys, Bailey remembered that sort of thing. He liked to drink water with a touch of fellis juice. Non-alcoholic. Great taste. And a reasonable color so that he wasn't fending off questions about why he wasn't drinking all night. ::

RHYS: :: Accepting the glass and taking a short sip. :: Thanks ...

BAILEY: :: Leaning on the bar and observing the young doctor with his good eye :: So how long's it been ...

RHYS: :: Sighing, watching the room :: Only five .... hey, how did you know?

BAILEY: Not difficult, Doc. You time your visits to these parties. You're good for ten minutes about the time it takes to make it to the bar and drink one drink.

RHYS: Well ... :: taking another sip :: I do have some reports to do.

BAILEY: :: Nodding :: I'll bet you save them for such occasions ...

RHYS: :: Grinning openly now :: Best excuse is the truth. Learned that a LONG time ago.

BAILEY: Its not so bad, you know, getting to know them as more than just their injuries and diseases.

RHYS: :: Sighing :: I know ... I know. Its not them, its me. :: He smiled, a rueful smile that spoke of bitter honesty :: Would you believe that my father wanted me to go into politics? I used to throw up before every debate class. Every single one.

BAILEY: But you still debated?

RHYS: :: Shaking his head as though trying to dislodge unwanted memories :: Oh yeah. And won quite a bit of the time. Learned that it was easier if I just focused on one person. Argued to that person and no other. Crowds get to me. People don't.

BAILEY: A good distinction ... :: Bailey straightened as he saw the waitress returning to the bar :: Duty calls, Doc.

RHYS: :: Smiling :: No problem. Time for me to leave anyway.

o0 Ten minutes on the dot. 0o

Rhys Haldane, M.D.

Gamma Shift Medical Officer


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Title: You'll feel better when your legs are gone

Author: Gabriel

((Recovery - Lokesh Hospital - Lokesh – Til’hon))

::Gabriel could feel nothing any longer, his eyes were open and his mind still a little groggy.. he was pone laying on his stomach, he could see hear and smell but he could not move and he could not feel his legs, for that matter he couldn't feel anything.. everynow and then a damp spray was shot onto his face that moistened his skin eyes and lips.. ::

Laundean Doctor: The pathways are severed, we should isolate..

Neural Serge: I agree... He was lucky he will only be paralysed...

Gabriel: oO What..!! Dammit, fix the problem, you kept me alive now just repair the damage...Oo

Laundean Doctor: Busy day?

Neural Serge: Not really, two amputations and two dying on arrivals..

Laundean Doctor: Mmm, not easy being a career is it, seeing all this suffering...

Gabriel: oO What the aurora's is going on here, what kind of backward world is this... Amputations, dying on arrivals.. Help, HELP!! HELP!! Oo

::In Gabriel's mind he was screaming the strange room into submission, but no sound escaped his lips... He watched the so called Laundean medical profession with great interest and listened to every single word, very carefully.. ::


::The next day Gabriel awoke in a bed, crisp white sheets and a backless smock not unlike the old surgical gowns of earths 20th century... Hew found that he could still move his powerful arms and checked himself all over very carefully, he manoeuvred himself so that he could sit up in his bed and helped himself to same water on a nearby bed stand.. His mouth was so dry that it hurt his throat to swallow... ::

::Gabe looked at his fellow patients, there were eight beds, four of which were occupied by patients with missing limbs, another by a torso that was completely wrapped in bandages, the poor Laundean sobbed constantly and thrashed around on his oversized bed until he fell off onto the floor and was hoisted back up by a pair of unimpressed nurses..::

::The bed next to Gabe had one guy with his arms severed at the elbows and another with his legs amputated at the knees, Gabriel stared at the lumps beneath his sheets and gulped..::

Gabriel: My legs?

::He closed his eyes and lifted up the sheets of his bed to peer underneath them, he quickly looked and closed the sheets again... He was sure he could see his legs but he couldn't feel them at all... He looked again this time holding up the bed sheets..::

Nurse: Hey, stop that.. you'll only upset yourself..

::The nurse took the sheet from him and tucked him in nicely, patting his paralysed legs as if to make a point..::

Nurse: Don't worry blue eyes..... Your pathways have been isolated, you can go down to surgery tomorrow to have your redundant limbs removed..

Gabriel: Why?

Nurse: :: Laughing..:: Because they don't work anymore silly... ::smile..::

Gabriel: Why don't they work?

:: The nurse took Gabes notes from the end of his bed and quickly scanned them..::

Nurse: Says where the pathways were damaged, so they severed and sealed them to prevent further damage..

Gabriel: No, repair, you can repair damaged nerve pathways, even severed pathways..

Nurse: It can't be done, that why we have so many limbless in our hospitals...

Gabriel: Call the Federation Embassy, tell them I am here..

Nurse: We will, all in good time Mr Blue eyes.. when you have been fixed, and not before...

::Gabriel tried to grab the woman, but without his legs his reach was greatly reduced... She simply dodged his lunge..::

Gabriel: Please call my Embassy, anyone, are you nuts, things don't have to be this way, this is the 25th century, we can grow back damaged limbs, even replicate them, neural pathways can be repaired, I can repair them just give me the facilities and I'll do it myself...

Laundean Doctor: What's all this noise, be quiet, people are grieving in here...

::The limbless torso groaned and wriggled his way back off the edge of his bad and crashed back down onto the floor..::

Nurse: He says he can fix things Doctor, like a serge...

Laundean Doctor: He's an off worlder, the poor man is deluded.. Give him a sniff of something to make him sleep..

::The nurse went to her medical cabinet..::

Gabriel: Okay okay, I'll be quiet...

:: The doctor scoffed at him and nodded to the nurse..::

Nurse: And you'll be nice...

Gabriel: Yes and I'll be nice... ::He paused..:: Nurse..

Nurse: Yes blue eyes...

Gabriel: oO May as well try to find out what they know.. Oo Do you have any medical journals I can read, they might help me to relax..

::The attractive strawberry blonde woman smiled and pulled a screen down from above his head.. Tapping a few keys she showed Gabriel how to bring up the files and how to access thousands and thousands of medical files.. Read only of course..::

Nurse: I like you blue eyes, don't worry, you'll feel better when your legs are gone...

::Gabe swallowed and stared at his legs and then looked at the screen..::

Gabriel: oO Case 19386-8282 farming accident. arm trapped in thresher.. Arm was severely lacerated up to the wrist.. Diagnosis.. Sever pathways and isolate. Amputation from Elbow.. Oo

::Gabriel read on, the more he read the more he learned about Laundean medical advances, or lack of..::

Dr Gabriel


Embassy/Duronis II

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Title: Can't Touch This!

Author: Makno

((Flash Forward - Wheeler Colony – 2433))

:: In an empty dusty bar complete with swinging saloon doors the Chalnoth sleeps face down on a table. ::

Little Voice One: I think he is dead.

Little Voice Two: No he's drunk.

Little Voice Three: Mom says if he wets himself again she's not cleaning him up.

Wee Little Voice Four: Let's poke him with a stick.

:: The figure stirs looking up with red enflamed yellow eyes. His once red hair is orange and gray with mats. The killing fangs are chipped and dull with use. Blinking the large lump sees four small blurry shapes. Their high pitched voices had awakened him from a rightful slumber. He sleeps much these days. Blinking again he looks at the children. They barely had the start of fangs or a proper mane. He stares dumbly at the smallest. :;

Makno: Who the ****** are you.

We little voice: Your great great grand progeny..

Makno: I have a great great grand progeny?

:: The imp leans forward and stabs a finger at his eye that he bats away. ::

Makno: Why are you heeeere?

"Story, Story, Story, Story, Story!"

::Covering his ears Makno groans wishing he had gone deaf. ::

Makno: Which one?

"The Ghost Captain. The Demon Trill. The Indy. Tell it again."

:: The voices come all at once and he waves his hands to quiet them and scoots back from the table. The four surge forward crawling all over him. ::

Makno: It began . . at the beginning.

(( Flash Back – Sim 8821 – Twilights End DS17 )

Makno: Two vodkas barkeep and be quick about it.

:: A long gnarled nail flips on the PADD. ::

Walker: :: Ben followed in a slight daze. Whatever was going on, the Chalnoth had his attention. ::

Makno: I like violence as much as the next guy, but being ruthlessly attacked and not killed is considered rude where I come from. I'm curious what is at Furies Furnace that some would attack us for. My proposal is we take the F120s from the Hammond cruise out there and have a look around while Independence is being repaired.

Walker: :: Ben kept control of his face at the idea :: That's your plan?

Makno: It is a rough plan yes, but that is why I came to you . . tactical genius YEAH!. . you can gussy it up. Convince them it is right. Or we can just hot wire a couple F120s and go rock and roll.

((Flash Back – Sim 8835 – Holo Deck DS 17))

:: A stylus appears next to Makno hanging in mid air. ::

Makno: Taking advantage of Furies Furnace planetary orbits, star, and radiation belts . . . we are likely to be able to enter unseen here.

:: With a single motion he draws a line in mid air. ::

Makno: A clear course in!

Walker: :: Ben shook his head :: Yes that one could work on the way in, but we'd have to hide out somewhere on the way back. :: He smirked at the Chalnoth:: unless you wanted to be a Grendellai guest.

Makno: Ah . . . the Grendellai females are Hot Mamas, but no . . .I would rather they be my prisoners of love and not the other way around. (pause) They do lack the well developed fangs of my people though. Still you do take what you can get this far out.

((Flash Back – Sim 9033 – F120 Furries Furnanace))

:: After Makno's exchange with Corwin the crew of blue one continue on in silence. Carefully the three fighters penetrate the system of Furies Furnace taking advantage of natural sensor shadows. Their movements are akin to a hunting party's on Chalna. ::

Makno: 35,000 K and closing on the asteroid belt. Then onto Planetia Anvil. ( who thinks of these names. )

:: A flash of light comes from the direction of several large asteroids not yet visible in the inky darkness of space. Warning lights flicker across the controls and the big red one can see Walkers ship taking evasive maneuvers. ::

Makno: Someone love's us! (then he wispers) Come on fire again. Light yourself up.

((Flash Forward – Bar – Wheeler's Colony – 2433))

Makno: So you see kids . . .we had a lot of info flying in that day. Walker, me, the ghost captain . . . and the trill knew Furies Furnace better than most FTU pilots.

:: The youngest girl (. . .or was it a boy . . hard to tell before they got the fangs ) leans forward to poke Granpa Makno again. ::

Wee Little Voice: Boooooring . .

:: Makno stares ate her a second and then shrugs. ::

Makno: Yeah . . it was. Let's jump ahead. I'm at the helm of the Independence . . Ghost Captain's don't like Indy . . and I'm thinking. . .

(( Present – Independence))

Makno: < Can't touch this. >

Anassasi: Bring us in behind the watchers, Mr. Makno. Mr. Walker, fire at will: a full spread of quantum torpedoes and all phaser arrays on the pair lying in wait. As soon as they are disabled, target the three attacking the base; phasers only. We will be too near the base for photon torpedoes.

Makno: <(Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh) I told you homeboy, can't touch this.>

Makno: Executing Ginsu Ninja Attack Approach . . .now.

Makno: < Look in my eyes man, can't touch this. >

:: The Independence banks low skimming under a mess of dust and asteroids. The FTU had mined some of the roids for walkinium ore leaving patches of sensor blinding debris. They had spent a long time figuring out how to sneak a flight of F120s into this system. The big guy never figured it would be to help the hidden base. He taps the controls and the Independence accelerates as Makno pulls up. Like a predatory pike the New Orleans jumps appears. ::

Makno: < You know let me bust the funky lyrics, you can't touch this >

Makno: Surprise!

Makno: < Fresh new kicks and pants >

((Flash Sideways – Alternate Universe))

:: The silk clad man struggles held firmly by the immense gauntleted hand of the giant furry warrior. Cold yellow eyes borrow into Lord Shame seeing his diseased soul. Around them the pale moon illuminates the otherwise peaceful garden and the crickets chirp. ::

Shame: Please . . spare my life. I'll double your reward.

Makno: My allegiance is to house Independence and Anassasisen. Now you die.

(( Flash Forward – 2433 – Bar on Wheeler – Way to early in the morning))

"No! . . Tell it right! . . Granpa!"

Makno: Fine . . .have it your way. Two Gorn ship's blowed up.


:: Subconsciously Makno leans as he rotates the Independence to avoid a larger piece of Gorn debris. The smaller pieces he trusts to the shields to repeal as he plunges the ship into and through the blinding maelstrom destruction. As the screen clears they see the three large Gorn vessels pounding the base turning to face an unexpected threat. ::

Mar: Mr. Culan… I'm reading a disruption in the matter flow… you have a handle on it?

Makno: What was that?

Mr. Makno

Old Man Pilot

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Title: Advance Intelligence

Author: Hollis Caley (playing as Cpt. Freya)

(( Constellationite/Gorn Border – Constellationite vessel Wind Swept Cliff ))

:: Scowling and wet with wind blown hair Captain Hilda Freya enters a small observation room on the Constellationite vessel. The wood door closes hard behind her sealing out the wind. Near the window one of the 2 meter tall cone-shaped creatures manipulates jewel-like controls with his multiple tentacles. Oshlay raises three arms in a complicated greeting which Freya does her best to copy. ::

Oshlay: I see it is storming in the hall again. Never fear the weather pattern will break.

:: Freya shrugs and sighs. The vessels of the Constellationite were as much art as engineering. For some bizarre reason this one had been given weather in addition to gardens and statuary. A polite response is expected and Freya responds politely. ::

Freya: Master Oshlay the brave woman loves the feeling of rain on her face. It is a beautiful storm.

:: The being moves its arms in appreciation. ::

Freya: Is there any sign of my friend?

:: One of Oshlay's jewel-like eyes at the back of his `head' blinks regretfully. ::

Oshlay: Sadly no. He is now 2 days over due. There are risks to remaining this close to the egg hatcher's border.

Freya: I know and am in your debt for how long you have already tarried.

:: She bows to the Constellationite. ::

Oshlay: Then you shall be in my debt for 8 more of your hours. Then we must continue on.

Freya: I understand.

Freya: < Where are you Nuin? >

:: Biting her lip Freya moves closer to the window. SFI had moved her from the Tzenkithi border to the One Kingdom of the Constellationites six months ago to act as controller. While nominally allies the Gorn largely remained neutral and bore watching. A large amount of information flowed to the Federation from friendly Gorn like Commanders Nugra and Ssa'Rukk as well as other more secret operatives like Nuin. Admiral Hollis, himself, had ordered Nuin into Gorn space a year and a half ago to try to locate friendly politicians. As always the un-joined Trill had excelled and developed an operative deep in the Gorn navy code named Finch. ::

Freya: < And now all is silent. Where are you Nuin? >

:: One by one her sources had fallen silent, seeming to disappear. Entire families were rumored to be relocated to distant colonies. Fearing a total compromise of their operations Freya ordered Nuin recalled. ::

Freaya: < Their worlds are becoming closed to us. Are they fighting another enemy? Or . . . >

Freya: Forgive me Master Oshlay I need to repair to my rooms to prepare a report.

Oshlay: Are you not going to wait for your friend?

Freya: No . . .there are times for hope and times for realism. I fear he shall not make it.

:: The creature's voice vibrates somberly like something akin to a dirge. Later, alone, Freya prepares her report. Changes were afoot. She could feel them. Done she forwards a copy to Admiral Cruz at SB118 and then considers. ::

Freya: < It'll take a long time for this to get back to Ithassa. Hollis is still gone. I guess it'll have to be Anassasi. >

Captain Freya


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Title: A friendly neighborhood call...

Author: Cara Maria & Josephine Alenaas

((Alenaas House, Betazed))

::Miss Josephine tapped her fingers impatiently on her leg, how much infernal rubbish could one organisation have? It was supposed to offer the terminal numers of relatives within the fleet, but it seemed only if you knew the ship could you do that and then you had to prove the connection somehow. Miss Josephine was not inclined to waiting and so had opted for manually searching the rosters for any crew members that were betazoid or part-betazoid. It at least gave her something to occupy her and allow her temper to calm before she spoke to her granddaughter.::

::The sharp old eyes went to the last ship on the list, the USS Wallace. It would be so typically infuriating for the girl to be on the last ship in the list. She suddenly stopped short with scrolling and sighed wistfully. A member of one of the 13 houses was stationed on the Wallace, it would be so perfect for Cara to have been serving....::

::Her eyes hit the next name on the list and the old woman emitted a shriek of delight, a torrent of ideas flowing behind eyes with an unhealthy gleam...::

((Cara Maria's quarters, DS17))

::The ensign had finally made it back to her quarters, though she wouldn't be keeping them for very long and so didn't try to make it seem homely, instead taking her bag off the bed and collapsing onto it, closing her eyes peacefully as she just lay still, mind mulling over the events of her first day, and most likely one of her last, aboard the wallace. Her terminal suddenly beeped, making the half-betazoid jump, then move easily to accept the call, expecting a message from her mother asking how she was settling in. In came as quite a surprise therefore when her Grandmother appeared on the screen.::

::Cara immediately felt shutters close tighter around her mind than usual, her mother had always told her that Miss Josephine had tried to manipulate every aspect of her daughter's life, and she could feel her mother's happiness when she realised she had finally broken free. Cara was therefore quite rightly worried about this impromptu call.::

Josephine: Granddaughter! How are you? I haven't seen you for so long! I hadn't even realised you were in starfleet now! An actual Ensign! ::Josephine's tone was that of a doting grandmother, though the context of her next words didn't quite match the tone.:: I can see you'll go further than your mother ever went! Maybe even a Captain one day! Imagine! My Granddaughter a Captain, sailing further than anyone's been before...

::Cara had to interrupt here, no matter how impolite it would be::

Maria: I think that will be some time Grandmother, it's only my first day on board the ship, I don't wish to be a Captain just yet...

::Josephine's tone completely changed as her expression went to a slight frown.::

Josephine: Of course you want to be a captain, everyone wants to be a captain as soon as they can.

Maria: Not me Grandmother, I want to be ready first. ::The empathic betazoid's feeling of unease rose, something was not quite right here. She bagan to wonder if she should have said her last sentence as the older woman's brows drew closer together.::

Josephine: Don't be silly girl, of course you want to get the highest rank you can.

::Cara decided to play along with the senile old woman and remained silent::

Josephine: It is simply a metter of how soon you can achieve it, I'm sure that the family can help you along...

::A wave of alarm ripped through the ensign and she sat bolt upright, eyes wide.::

Maria: Grandmother!

Josephine: Yes child?

Maria: You... You cannot do that! ::Cara spluttered as Josephine smiled::

Josephine: Why can't I dearie?

Maria: Because it is WRONG, you cannot just play with starfleet! I won't allow it, I will not!

Josephine: It would only take a few actions on your part and you'll reap the benefit, I hardly see... ::The half-betazoid but the woman off in mid-sentence, surprising even herself::

Maira: No Grandmother, I refuse, I refuse to subvert the true course of justice, it is not right however you see it. I forbid you to do anything of the sort, why can't you leave me and my mother alone!?!

::Cara's hands flew to her mouth as the old woman's face darkened. The ensign really hadn't meant to say that...::

Josephine: Cara Maria-Mil, I ORDER you to be silent! How dare you question my actions, how dare you! I see you are almost as bat-blind as your mother, just when I thought you were showing promise! You managed to get yourself aboard a ship with a member of the 13th house! How can you say you are not ambitious?

Maria: That was an accident, Grandmother. ::Cara's tone was so icy she even shocked herself, this was very unlike her, maybe she needed to psycho-analyse herself again... Her grandmother sneered.::

Josephine: Accident my foot, you're plotting, that's what you are, and you're going to make good friends with Miss Devar or I'll know why...

Maria: I will do nothing on your orders. ::The detached part of Cara seemed to be watching from a distance as her mouth moved by itself and her hands balled into fists.:: I am an officer now Grandmother, you can not order me around, has it not occured to you that I could lay a charge of plotting to subvert the course of justice?

Josephine: You wouldn't dare... ::She hissed:: And do you know why? because both you and your mother are spineless wimps! I don't know where you went wrong but I assure you you will not, because you never try and fight for yourself, ever, you will sit back and take it and follow orders like good little sheep straight to the SLAUGHTERHOUSE! ::The betazoid woman yelled the last word, fury in her purpleish face.::

Maria: I think you have said quite enough Grandmother. ::Cara shut off the link calmly and tried to think of what to do about the conversation...:: She abhorred the idea of going to Devar herself due to the words still ringing in her ears. Who could she trust with this?::

::Cara sat on the bed, hands clasped between her knees. What could Josephine do anyway? She was an old woman, it couldn't be enough to even bother telling the higher officers about unless the harassment became worse. oO Besides, Oo she thought, lying back on her bed fully after changing into sleep-clothes, oO I'll be transferring ships soon, I may not be even posted to the same ship as Alana. There's no need to bother the authorities about an old betazoid who was nearly crazy.Oo ::

:: However there was a niggling feeling at the back of her mind that she was doing exactly as her Grandmother had expected she would do, and that Josephine would cause BIG trouble in future...::


Ensign Cara Maria


USS Wallace

Miss Josephine Alenaas



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Title: Calls From the Old and the New

Author: Morgan St. Eyre

(( Private Quarters of Morgan St. Eyre ))

:: She was sitting cross legged on the sofa, dressed in loose fitting white pants and an over sized, heavy white sweater, and finger-combing her blue-black hair, which was still damp from the shower. She laughed, a slightly husky alto that lit her black eyes, and on the open comm channel across from where she sat, a young man laughed in response. He was, it could be said, Morgan's male equivalent. Tall and broad-shouldered, with shoulder-length blue-black hair and piercing black eyes, Kelson St. Eyre, fraternal twin and elder by all of three minutes, shook his head as his laugh died to a chuckle. ::

:: They spoke in Serilian. For her it was the language of her youth, of her past. For him, it was the language of his life, his future. ::

KELSON: If father could see you ...

MORGAN: :: The laughter dying suddenly, eyes glinting now with an inner fire :: The great man himself? :: Her eyes darkened as though a shadow passed across her very soul. :: I'm far from the picture of Serilian nobility, I fear. :: She gestured toward her outfit. :: And none to seemly.

KELSON: :: Nodding with mock displeasure, his aquiline nose wrinkling slightly as though in distaste. :: Tis all true, I fear. Even when you were here, you were barely acceptable. Racing into the great hall, your hair coming loose from its clasp, and the gathered assembly aghast at your skirts, muddied from riding and climbing. You never did understand the need for modesty in dress and carriage.

MORGAN: Oh. :: Wrinkling her nose :: Don't remind me. The aunts would carry on for hours if I was less than perfect till I wanted to scream or... tear my hair out at the roots ... or ...

KELSON: ... go on a daring midnight escapade ...

MORGAN: :: wagging her finger at her twin :: ... which you were only too happy to join, Kels. You may be heir, the future 'himself' but you'll always just be Kels to me. Partner in crime and the first one to back out when things got too difficult. :: She smiled, gently now, to soften her words somewhat. :: I'll never be tame, Kels. And I'll always tell you when you're wrong.

KELSON: :: Sighing :: I count on that, you know. Its council season again and there's precious little honesty around here these days.

MORGAN: :: Sighing as well, she flipped her hair back over her shoulder and leaned forward slightly :: Its so little to repay you for what you gave me, Kels.

KELSON: :: Waving his hand impatiently :: I gave you nothing you would not have taken by force if necessary, Morgan. But you mistake me. I meant only that father would appreciate what you've done with your life. I mean, look at you -- a Starfleet officer. Seeing worlds I can only dream of ... I envy you that, Morgan.

MORGAN: :: Leaning forward slightly, drawing her knees up to her chest :: ... would you give up all that you have, Kels? For a chance at the stars? Arianna? Your bairn with her curls and merry eyes? Your position as heir?

KELSON: :: Shrugging :: No ... and yes ... I've made my choices and I'm content for the most part ... except now and again, standing on the parapet, looking up at the stars, wondering where you are, what adventure you're in the middle of now ... :: He smiled ruefully :: I never did much care for being left behind, Morgan.

MORGAN: Oh Kels ...

:: Their conversation was interrupted by the chirrup of her COMM Badge. She picked it up from the low table in front of the sofa and tapped it once. ::

HOLLIS: =/\= Lt. St. Eyre . . .when you have a moment report to the bridge. =/\=

ST. EYRE: =/\= I'll be there in ten, Sir. St. Eyre out. =/\= :: Lapsing back into Serilian :: Well, I've got to report to the Bridge ... and you've got ...

KELSON: ... council by the next bells. I must be about my duties. :: He brought his hands down firmly on the desk before him. :: We'll talk again soon ... and think about what I said ... coming home, at least for a visit.

MORGAN: I'll give it some thought, Kels. Till next time.

:: She ending the connection and sat there for a moment, feeling the tug of home along her nerve endings. Fields and mountains and caves. The St. Eyre domain ... the castle in council season ... the silvered light of twin moons over the green, Sargosian sea ... the easy camaraderie she shared with Kels ... her beautiful niece ... and then the eyes of her father, swam before her mind's eye and behind him, other images. Long dresses and soft boots. Hair worn pinned at the nape of the neck ... standing behind a man's shoulder ... never in front. ::

o0 Not yet, brother mine. Not yet. I don't think either 'himself' or I am ready for that ... 0o

:: Sighing, she dressed quickly, deftly braiding her hair in a few moments, and then standing before her mirror to check her appearance. That little vestige of her days at the Academy that had never worn off. ::

o0 Probably never will either. But that's okay. I'm fine just the way I am. 0o

:: Humming under her breath, she walked out of her room and headed for the Turbolift because after all, the Admiral was waiting. ::

(( Short While Later ))

:: She found the Admiral in his ready room and entered quietly, moving to stand in front of his desk. She waited patiently until he was acknowledged her presence by looking up and then spoke. ::

ST. EYRE: :: Cocking her head to one side slightly :: You wanted to see me, Sir?

Lt. Morgan St. Eyre

Tactical Officer


NCC 830214

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Title: Death Rides a Pale Horse

Author: Hollis Caley

Solan: We are 4 minutes behind her.

:: Admiral Hollis pauses slightly before lowering himself into the seat. In the months that he had commanded Ursa Major they had avoided violence on multiple occasions. Already enemies fired on a Federation vessel and the great bear charged forward. His vision becomes a tunnel and he can feel the rattle of Kodiak's hull as the T'lithians tried to destroy her. Voice come to him from out of the dark. ::

Townson: Sirs. The T'Sel has minimal shielding and negligible weapons. She's no match. Even for a freighter.

Hollis: The Forrester will be on station soon.

THOMAS: Admiral, With the recent maintenance on the engines, sir I believe I can get us 9.9, if not a little higher.

HOLLIS: Make it so LCMD.

ST. EYRE: The FORRESTER is closing to intercept, Admiral, and we're coming within sensor range now. :: She scanned the Vulcan vessel, noting the failing shields, and began sweeping the area for the attacking vessels. ::The T'SEL's forward shields are buckling, Sir. I'm picking up three enemy vessels -- all Gorn. All three are fully armed. The FORRESTER's shields are up and their weapons systems are armed.

HOLLIS: <Gorn?> Ready our own weapons and request a tactical link to the Forrester. I want to see what they see.

((USS Forrester))

:: Captain Nelson walks onto the bridge of the old Nebula Class vessel the top of his uniform hanging partially open. An unruly shock of hair frames a wrinkled stubble covered face. He looks up at the screen as he comes up beside Jenkins. The younger man looks at him critically. ::

Jenkins: Three Gorn light cruiser – Raptor Class.

:: Swearing Joshua sits down. The Forrester's weapon Pod had been switched OUT at SB118 so that they could carry additional cargo. On the screen three menacing looking vessels converge on the disabled T'sel and begin firing. ::

Jenkins: The Ursa Major is already in route.

Jenkins: Hail the Gorn . . . tell them to disengage. Then when they don't drop us out of Warp onto of them. We'll use phasers to try and force them away from the T'sel.

:: Jenkins repeats the orders to the crew and then looks back to the old man. :;

Jenkins: Sir, we could delay until Admiral Hollis arrives.

Nelson: Those Vulcan's don't have that long. We are it for the next sixty or so seconds. Let's give'm hell.

:: Seconds later the Forrester appears in normal space her type 10 arrays flashing silently in the dark. Even Gorn light cruisers are heavily armored and ignoring the larger Federation job they finish executing the T'sel and then turn on the Forrester. Small knots of energy from their plasma torpedoes streak across the darkness placing the Forrester in the middle of a hail storm of fire. Cruel green phasers strike out like lightning darkening the white ship's hull. On the Forrester Captain Nelson barks orders. ::

Nelson: Hard to port . . . get us to warp!

Jenkins: We can't sir. Engineering says the best we can do is . . .

:: There is an explosion and darkness. When Joshua opens his eyes Jenkins is knelling next to him. ::

Jenkins: CAPTAIN . . .

:: The old man sees smoke and can feel the heat of the fire. ::

Joshua: How bad?

:: Jenkins looks around. ::

Jenkins: The bridge has had the h*** blasted out of it.

Joshua: Get to the `cough' bridge . . . keep `cough' moving. Don't surrender . . . G `cough' no prisoners.

:: The younger man extends an arm to help lift his Captain only to be weakly pushed back. ::

Joshua: I'll . . . wait for . . .go.

:: With a brisk nod Jenkins stands ordering the bridge cleared. Joshua's last thought is, ` Oh Emmy.' ::

((Ursa Major))

:: On the bridge of the Ursa Major they watch three brutal ships close on the barely moving Forrester. Flames dance across her hall where ruptures allow atmosphere to vent into space. An impenetrable coldness covers Calley as he stands issuing orders. ::

Hollis: Charge all weapons. Lt. Townson bring us out on top of them. Once we are out of warp Lt. St. Eyre fire at will. Phasers only . . they are to close to the Forrester for even photon torpedoes. LCMD Thomas and Lt. Mage ready engineering and medical teams to beam over. Mr. Harly you are with Thomas and Mage. Lt. Chen . . . you have damage control.

Ad. Hollis

CO Ursa Major

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Title: Sickbay: Playing Doctor

Author: Solok & Jefferson Reed

((Sickbay, USS Triumphant))

::Solok looked quickly over Sakorra's medical file, reviewing the updates made most recently by Tavin in her treatment of Sakorra's injuries and burns following the explosion in sickbay. Solok himself had only barely avoided death in that explosion, and he would have been dishonest with himself to deny that he had felt some concern for his wife during and after that experience. But the Kolinahr ritual had finalized Solok's ties to the emotional realm, cutting him off from the _expression or practice of emotion. Despite the constantly burning ember of feelings for Sakorra, and the spark of Sakorra's emotional life, present always to Solok through their telepathic bond, Solok was overwhelmingly successful in his new life as Kolinahr-u, a Kolinahr disciple. After his long and sometimes tortured mental and emotional life, with and without Sakorra, Solok found the discipline and self-control of the Way of Kolinahr a profound and important source of solace. Having suffered torture twice at the hands of the Kodiak's and Starfleet's enemies, Solok now no longer tortured himself with the memories. This, the therapists on Bajor had not been able to teach him. This, Solok was able only to learn on Vulcan.::

::As Sakorra had waited on the biobed, she had removed her uniform jacket so that Dr. Tavin could get a good look at her skin. She was hoping it would be enough and she wouldn’t have to change out of her uniform. When she had seen Solok coming towards her instead of Dr. Tavin, the first thing she had felt was horror. Ar’i’s smile was a small indication that the Andorian had known that Solok would be attending to her instead of Dr. Tavin. Looking around, she had also seen that she was being left alone with Solok…her husband. She had known that it was inevitable, that he would take the initiative to speak with her if she didn’t make the first move, but she hadn’t known that it would be in sickbay. At first, she thought that perhaps Dr. Tavin had been called away, leaving Solok as the only doctor who could see her. That thought was quickly put to rest when she saw Dr. Tavin walking their way only to be caught by Nurse Ar’i and turned in the opposite direction. She heard Nurse Ar’i asking Dr. Tavin for her opinion on a medical matter. She knew then that Solok had planned this for some reason, and it was just a little bit illogical of her husband. She almost smiled. Instead of saying anything, he looked over what she presumed was her medical file. There was nothing else that it could logically be. Sakorra straightened her spine, her irritation overriding the small surge of happiness that she had just felt. If he was going to play the doctor, she would just assist him in it.::

Reed: Doctor.

::She looked towards the office, towards one of the damaged biobeds, towards the sickbay doors…everywhere but at him.

Solok: Lieutenant Reed. ::And then:: Sakorra.

::Solok looked at his wife. As a patient, and then as the Vulcan woman whom he had married, to whom he had been bonded on Vulcan ... the woman whom Solok had grown to love and, as far as it was possible for a Vulcan disciple of Kolinahr, who he loved still.::

::His use of her given name drew her eyes to his. She was not prepared. She wondered if there was anyone besides her that was able to see anything besides cold indifference in those eyes. There was something else there, yes, something deeply buried within his practice of Kolinahr.

Reed: Solok. ::She remembered to breathe.:: Well, ::she held out her arms.:: How does it look?

Solok: The epidermis appears to be making significant progress toward healing the burns you sustained in the sickbay explosion. Doctor Tavin's prognosis is for a full recovery. ::He paused.:: I concur with that prognosis.

Reed: Dr. Tavin is an excellent physician.

Solok: She gives every indication of being a fine medical officer, yes.

::A long pause. Solok was radically aware of the public nature of this, his first conversation with his wife in many days. But there were things that needed to be said, things Solok needed to say.::

::on the other side of sickbay, Nurse Ar'i was doing everything she could to prevent anyone -- patient, nurse, engineer or technician, from intruding upon the couple's limited privacy.::

Solok: I have been remiss in failing to acknowledge your intercession on my behalf with Counselor KitiganZibi. When earlier she raised the question of the health of our marital situation in an open and public communication, you prevented as little of our privacy from being exposed as possible. This was ... admirably Vulcan of you, Sakorra.

::Appreciation was an emotion with which Solok had particular trouble, but one that a life among feeling beings seemed to require him to express. Yet his choice of words left something to be desired. Sakorra was less than thrilled. Flushing green, she narrowed her eyes. If they could have shot daggers, they would have.::

Reed: I look Vulcan, but I’m not really, is that it, Solok? If I do something you like, it’s "admirably Vulcan" of me, not just admirable or thoughtful? Am I so emotionally unsettled that you can’t even think of me as the least bit Vulcan?

Solok: I meant only to thank you, Sakorra, never to comment upon your genetic or psychological conditions. If I have overstepped some boundary of which I am not aware, it was an unintended transgression.

::Reed opened her mouth to retort, but closed it quickly and searched for something to say that wasn’t antagonistic.::

Reed: All right. ::pause:: The fact remains that the counselor believes we need counseling. I told her that I would speak to her about it later.

Solok: Naturally, I must remain opposed.

Reed: Naturally. It would be intruding upon our privacy. It’s not mandatory, though I believe that the private counseling sessions may be. I’m surprised you thanked me. It’s not natural for you. I thought you would fault me, actually.

Solok: On what grounds could I fault you, Sakorra?

Reed: Because she believes we need counseling. This is a small ship. Things are easily noticed, but if I were more like a Vulcan born and raised in the Vulcan disciplines, there would have been no reason for the counselor to contact us about counseling.

Solok: I see. ::He paused. Whether it was due to their friendship, or their telepathic bond, or simply the years they had spent living and working together, somehow Sakorra managed to give voice to some of Solok's thoughts -- thoughts he knew were illogical, given that Sakorra had no choice in her origins.:: I do not place blame with you, Ko-telsu. Non-Vulcans are often prone to pursue the base pleasure they find in rumormongering and gossip. We must attempt to rise above such pettiness. For their sakes as well as our own.

::It said a lot that he was willing to speak of things of a personal nature in a public place, though he would not have said anything if they weren’t alone. Still, Sakorra decided that perhaps this conversation should be continued in a more private setting, regardless. It was obvious that people were being kept purposely away from the two bonded Vulcans, and Sakorra knew that Nurse Ar’i could not keep them away for much longer without further compromising the privacy of their marital concerns. There was work to be done, and those being kept from it would be given a reason to spread rumors. She put her uniform jacket back on and hopped off of the biobed.::

Reed: I believe we should continue this in a more private setting, Sa-telsu. I will be in my quarters at 1800 hours, if you can pull yourself away from sickbay, that is.

::She departed sickbay without a backwards glance, hoping that she would be seeing him later.::

::Solok watched her go.::

Lieutenant Commander Solok

Chief Medical Officer

USS Triumphant


Lieutenant Sakorra Jefferson Reed

Chief Tactical Officer

USS Triumphant

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Title: The stalemate

Author: Paul Diamond, John Stone, Jacen Fanel

((Corridor – Deck 9))

::Jacen lunged forward and attacked.::

::Jacen moved his weapon in a defensive stance. He knew if Sniper attacks him, he would get a shock from the weapon, as would anyone that would hit something against a force field. There's enough power behind Jacen's energy blade to render a Klingon out cold as he had demonstrated in the holodeck.::

::Sniper watched as the Security Chief moved into a defensive posture trying to figure out what type of weapon his adversary was holding, and more importantly, what kind of damage it was capable of. So far it was like fighting against a force field.::

Fanel: Last chance, Sniper...Surrender

Sniper: ::laughing:: I don't think so. You may have a fancy weapon there, but don't think that will be enough to take me.

STONE: Paul! I know you are in there. You have to take over control again!! You can do it! Push him back where he belongs!

Fanel: Your choice.

::Jacen turned a knob on the handle of his weapon and Sniper watched as the blue blade turned into a bright orange-red color and Jacen charged, he slashed an arc at Sniper that missed. Jacen's weapon then made contact with a bulkhead, but this time instead of bouncing off it; the missed attack left a burnt mark that streak across the wall when Jacen slashed. His weapon's blade was now capable of cutting into things. Sniper was surprised at the amount of damage the weapon was capable of and changed his tactics to more of a defensive stance. Jacen attacked and clashed and Sniper brought his sword up to intercept, but his blade was now slowly wearing the metal on Sniper's sword because of the now intense burning energy that Jacen's weapon is projecting. ::

::Sniper pushed Jacen away and quickly accessed the damage done to his rapier and was amazed at the amount that was actually done to the blade. Nothing in his life did he see cause that type of damage. Angered at the audacity this man had to do that to such wonderful weapons, Sniper attacked Jacen, but in his rage, Jacen was able to sidestep the attack easily. When Sniper missed the attack, Jacen quickly flipped his blade back to the blue colored stun mode and went for Sniper's side, but Sniper dodged it at the last second.::

::Jacen stood ready to attack again, but he saw his phaser on the floor and wanted to go for it. Sniper took advantage of his distraction and threw a body block into the Chief pushing them both into the bulkhead, but placing the weapon's blade out of reach of Sniper. In this position, Sniper was able to grab the hilt of the weapon and started to wrestle for control. During the struggle, the weapon separated and Sniper found part of it in his hand. Pushing off of Fanel, he looked at what he held, looked at both Fanel and Stone, and smiled.::

SNIPER: Fitting, you damaged mine… I broke yours.

STONE: That means you'll have to contend with me!

::Cura cart wheeled into position, bringing her sword up into an offensive stance. She did not hesitate and walked about him, looking for her way in. As she did these side steps, she wielded her sabre in sweeping motion on her right side. She put her other hand on her hip. Then, without warning, she charged. The space before them was a blur of metal clashing. Then, their swords got tangled up and they both came in to struggle for the advantage in the break. Cura kicked him in the groin and backed away.::

STONE: Touché

SNIPER: ::bending over:: Now that was a low blow!

::Cura swept her sword on the right side and then the left swiftly.

STONE: Didn't your mother tell you not to fight with girls, well now you know why.

SNIPER: ::smiling at her:: I'm beginning to like you, you are my kind of woman!

::Cura took the time Sniper took to recover from the blow to grab her phaser. She now had her phaser in her right hand and the sabre in her left. She took aim but Sniper darted towards her, causing Cura to resort to her father's teachings of hand-to-hand combat. She swiped her sword to block his blade and stuck out her foot to sweep his advance. However, Sniper seemed ready for it and he summer salted over her sweep. Angered by this move, Cura sprang forward and found Sniper up on his feet, his blade ready. Again the great swords clashed in the mid-air before them. Then, Sniper lunged and cut Cura's arm. Cura stepped back a few, dropper her phaser and put her hand on the slash. Aware of Sniper, Cura backed against the bulkhead for a few seconds rest. She looked at her cut and noticed it wasn't very deep, but it was bleeding.::

STONE: Is that all you got?

SNIPER: ::smiling as he goateed her:: It seems that's all that's necessary.

::Cura pushed off the bulkhead and changed her stance into a more defensive mode. She had made a mistake, letting anger take over. Instead she needed to remain calm and confident. She walked in side steps, swiping her blade on the right side as she walked. Her arm hurt a bit but she tried to ignore it.::

STONE: Jacen stun him!

SNIPER: ::moving so he could see both and be able to react to each:: Now, that isn't the honorable thing to do, and I thought Star Fleet Officers were honorable.

STONE: We aren't in this for honor. We came for keeps. ::Cura looked into the eyes of Paul Diamond.:: PAUL! Do you realize Sniper is fighting me, your best friend! WAKE UP PAUL! I don't want to hurt you.

SNIPER: ::moving out of her reach:: As if you could, but go ahead, waste your breath on that wimp, he won't be able to help either.

PAUL: ::Looking around for Cura's voice:: <<Cura, I can hear you, where are you?>>

STONE: << Paul! You have to take control now. Sniper has cut me with his blade already. If this goes any further, someone's going to get hurt here! >>

MALE VOICE: <<No Paul, you must not divert from your path…>>

FEMALE VOICE: <<He must learn the lesson without you.>>

PAUL: <<Cura, I can't, not yet, I have to travel the path ahead of me in order to fully succeed.>>

STONE: << Path? You have to hurry up and get through this. I don't know how much longer I can fight with him without fighting for real, meaning he or I start to deliver death blows.>>

PAUL: ::to the other voices:: <<I have to do something to help her!>>

MALE VOICE: <<Have faith my son>>

FEMALE VOICE: <<In both yourself, and your friends>>

PAUL: ::sigh:: <<Cura, I have seen you fight; I know what kind of person you are; I have faith in you amongst everyone else to do what you have to.>>

STONE: << He's in control of your motor functions. You have to wake up from when you hit your head. Wake up!>>

::Taking advantage of the internal talk, Sniper rushed Cura and brought his rapier to bear. She was more formidable than he had thought, and decided to take her out of the equation as quickly as possible. Her reflexes were faster than expected, but Sniper was able to counter her strikes as easily as she did his. After trading blows, a slash from Cura bent the blade of his rapier that was weakened by Fanel's new weapon making it useless for fighting with. Out of rage, Sniper threw the rapier at Cura striking her in the temple stunning her.::

SNIPER: There, next time you will think twice before attacking me.

FANEL: You-::Aims his phaser::

SNIPER: ::Moving quickly behind Cura using her as a shield:: Stay back Chief, I don't think you want her hurt any more than she already is.

FANEL: Let her go!

::Jacen kept his phaser trained at Sniper, but he didn't want to risk shooting because Sniper might do something stupid before he is stunned and he didn't want to shoot Cura to stun her so she is out of the way.::

STONE: I have confidence in you, Jacen. Shoot!

SNIPER: ::talking close to her ear:: I would hate to hurt someone with your spunk and skill, I admire that in a woman, but I will hurt you if I have to.

FANEL: You don't have to do this, Sniper. Let her go.

SNIPER: You know, you're right... and it IS better to just fight another day.

::Using the Brikian enhanced strength, Sniper lifted Cura just off the floor and tossed her at Fanel who caught her and laid her gently on the deck. Jacen raised his hand, but realized he lost his phaser.::

SNIPER: ::bowing to them both:: Au Revoir, this has been a very good learning experience, for all I hope!

::With that, Sniper turned and sprinted down the corridor before the two could get up and stop him.::

Fanel: Are you alright?

Stone: I'll be fine.

Fanel: That's good to here.

::Jacen then helped Cura stand up and then he looked around and had a worried face.::

Fanel: Oh great. That bastard stole one of my prototype weapons that I was using on him

Stone: Oh no.

Fanel: Don't worry, I have another one on my belt that connects to the other one, but what worries me is that he got something like

that with him. We could have some problems.

Stone: I think we need to follow him and see if we can't stun him. What do you call that weapon of yours? It sliced the bulkhead like butter.

Fanel: Well, right now, I'm calling it, for lack of a better name, Phase baton, because it works on the same principles as a phasers except the particle energy is projected as a blade and contained in a force field like tube. I'm still working on the kinks, but if this works, I could introduce this as a new standard weapon in the fleet.

STONE: I have no doubts you will do that. It seems like a fine weapon to me. I wonder if it absorbs phaser fire?

FANEL: It works on the same principles as particle weapons technology so it should be able to stop phaser fire, I've been trying to design a personal shield based on this kind of technology. No luck. But even if this can stop a phaser shot at you, you would have to know where and when the phaser is about to hit you to intercept the blast, and that requires...almost inhuman reaction abilities.

STONE: ::brushing off her uniform.:: We should follow him before he runs into anyone else.

::Cura found the sabre' still on the ground. Sniper had left without it. She bent down and picked the blade up by the handle. Holding the blade down at her side, she gestured to Jacen with her other hand for them to get moving again.

STONE: Next time we come into contact with Sniper, let's not waste our time fighting with him. If you got the shot, take it. We can't take any more chances with him getting to the bridge.

:: Cura followed after Jacen, running down the corridor that Sniper had taken.::

Lt. Commander Paul Diamond

First Officer

USS Victory

Lt. Cmdr Cura A Stone

Chief Science Officer

USS Victory

Lt. Jacen Fanel

Chief Tactical/Security Officer

USS Victory

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