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[2006: MAY-JUN] Musical Interlude


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Time had come for an opportunity to blow off some steam... Okay, the last events kept him very tired, but he still needed to change his mind a little... Having to save his skin and those of the others on too many occasions and having his mind taken over by an undetermined number of ethereal beings at the same time, his mind had been busy in every sense of the term...

And to change his mind, he had to hit hard and that was precisely what he was doing. People who knew him wouldn't be surprised of what he was doing since it was in his blood to trash a lot, but then again who really knew him? After all, people so far probably expected Ramirez to be busting heads on the holodeck when he was actually hitting the drumset in front of him.

The Ensign was in his quarters with a bunch of musical instruments around him. A couple of people on the Columbia knew that he could play the piano and the guitar, but these two were only a part of what Ramirez could play. It was somewhat intriguing on how such a harsh and tactless person could have such an artistic side. This one that had issues with assignments since the beginning, the one that was hectic and yet mentally stable to the surprise of many, that guy actually had a softer side.

But then again, Ramirez was good at keeping his business to himself. The only transparency that he demonstrated was speaking his mind. But other than that, he didn't open up much about himself. He never really understood people that opened up so much that people could just see right through them. And that was definitely why he didn't like telepaths so much, breezing through other people's minds at any time they wanted...

Well, okay, he had to recognize that some telepaths could be useful... After all, even though LtCmdr Moranta intruded his mind when he was taken over by the Ethereals, he might never had come out of it if she didn't... He didn't like the idea of her in his mind, but he was able to accept that it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and that she would never do it again... Hopefully...

One thing was crystal clear: he was happy to be back on the Columbia. The ship was heavily damaged and parts of it were shattered like glass, but it was still better than the planet they were stuck on all that time... At least he had a comfortable bed to sleep in... Even more so, he could sleep, which he barely did on the planet... Of course, it was his fault for not sleeping since he didn't want to fall under the control of the ethereal beings that were using dreams to take over the minds of the people... But since they ganged up on him when he got rendered uncounscious after an electrical discharge, all that fuss about not sleeping ended up to be useless...

Thinking back on a lot of things gave him some musical inspiration, the reason why he was there, playing instruments. He had already done a couple of parts and still needed to had a couple more, but in his mind, everything was ordered and he knew exactly where he was going with this. Each instrument he played had a reason other than "It sounds good". It all reflected something specific in Ramirez's mind and reflexions. Every note had a purpose, every tint in the sound was meaningful. It had been a long time since he was that inspired to compose. Even when it got time for the lyrics to be added, they all came to his mind right away.

My life was a simple one

Days have come and gone

Went from boy to man

Always did the best I can

My parents taught me

That things weren't always easy

I soon became hardened

So that my knees wouldn't bend

Looking through the window I came to see

People standing there just watching me

I only wish they'd realize

That I'm more than meets the eye

All the time I entered fights

Against man and beast to earn my rights

Been in trouble for most of my days

Until I decided to clean my ways

Made some choices good and bad

I even made my mother sad

Went on a path to redemption

That's when I chose the Federation

Looking through the window I came to see

People standing there just watching me

I only wish they'd realize

That I'm more than meets the eye

I lack diplomacy and I lack tact

But I'm always there to watch your back

Using both my fists and my brain

I go through life like a runaway train

You want my opinion, you got something to ask me

The only thing you'll get is honesty

You want to mess with me it's your decision

But I'll fight back with dedication

Looking through the window I came to see

People standing there just watching me

I only wish they'd realize

That I'm more than meets the eye

Looking through the window I came to see

People standing there just watching me

I only wish they'd realize

That after all, I'm a nice guy

Okay, it wasn't going to be the next big hit, but it felt good to do it. Sometimes, it wasn't much about the result but mostly of the work that was done to get there. It took time and efforts, but even if he couldn't say everything he wanted to say, at least he had the opportunity to blow off some steam. In a way, that song was a lot like him... Not just it was talking about him, but mostly because it was a work in progress, just like he was...

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