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[2006: JAN-FEB] Home for the holidays


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The chilly december breeze hit the half-romulan's chiseled features. Closing his eyes, he retained his stoic expression as he pressed on down the street. As the wind brushed his wavey ebony hair back, Jalek pulled the collar of his jacket up, and tightened it around him, to keep warm. The street was a familiar one. One that he had travelled time and time again in his youth, but those days are long past him. With each pass of his eyes, he saw the familiar facades of those he once concidered as neighbors. A soft smile crossed his lips as he thought back in time, remembering those days.

A now vacant small white house, built back in the mid 20th century, four houses down from my own. Ms. Johnson lived there. Every summer, her grandson, Mikey if I remember correctly, would visit and we'd play together. She made the most delicious chocolate chip cookies. Not the bland replicated one, but hand made, baked in the oven. She passed on shortly after I went to the academy.

His eyes drifted to the opposite side of the road where an elderly gentleman gingerly emerges from his garage. Jalek supresses a chuckle as he waves to the gentleman, and recieved a wave in reply.

Mr. Matthews? He was old when I was little. Must be dinner time. That's the time when Mrs. Matthews ordered him away from his work bench and to the supper table. He would slave away for hours, tinkering on this or that in his garage. Used to be a Starfleet Engineer like Pop, if I remember. I loved his stories.

One after another, his feet carried him down the familiar lonely path. His attention averted slightly when another memory popped up into his head. This time it would be the ruckus of children playing in the front yard. Looking to the source, he smiled softly at the two children. A caring mother watched from the porch of the brick home.

Jamie?? Jamie Callahan? I had the biggest crush on her during high school. Never did anything about it, though.

His journey takes a new path as he steps up to the familiar door of his childhood home. Opening the door, he steps in and looks around. Pictures adorn the walls and tables of him and his family from all through out his youth. Looking at the coffee table, he reaches behind his head, and feels the feint bump where his fragile head collided with oak centerpiece. Leaning down, he gazes at the chipped paint that is displayed as a reminder of the effects of roughhousing inside. In the corner is the old christmas tree, carefully decorated. Looking up, Jalek smirks as he sees the dark rubbed area where the top of the tree would s[...]e against the cieling each year. Undernieth, lays the presents for the family, each one awaiting to be ripped open on the morning of the holiday. Seeing one with his name on it, he kneels down and gingerly shakes it out of habit, trying to determine it's contents. Startled, he whips around when a soft voice is heard.

"Hwiiy ru ray ru eneh, Jal." spoke a slender, elegent female in her native romulan tongue. (you are as bad as your father, Jal)

Gingerly replacing the package, He stands and gives her a warm hug, which is replied with a tight loving hug from his mother.

"Rhhae her'u hwi, Faelirh" (I missed you, son.)

Smiling, he pulls back and looks at her. The stoic expression now replaced with a warm smile.

"Rhhar her'u hwi i" he replies. (I missed you to.)

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