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LT Jg Karen Stendhal - Karen Stendhal's diary... (sort of)

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Karen's musings crack me up.
(( Operations Center, Deck 7, USS Octavia E Butler ))

Counselor personal log --
What about the yellow alerts? Was it the color? A green alert would have made no sense, orange? Not really. Yellow was universally considered a warning cry: "Attention! Attention! Danger approaching!"

It wasn't red, but it was close. A warning, a presentiment of impending threat. Like saying, "Hey, watch out! It's going to turn red soon and you'll have to take action to avoid the worst: jump, brake, swerve to dodge a meteor, raise your shields to defend yourself, or fire to avoid being annihilated."

In short, it was clear as day that the yellow alert could easily turn into a synonym for ANXIETY.

Only experience could help one manage the stress of yellow alerts. After hundreds of yellow alerts with no consequences, it was inevitable to relax a bit and not worry too much. After all, this was the star fleet: invincible, indestructible! Or was it? Tell that to the USS Columbia, whose wreckage still roamed empty space, a tombstone in the cold, icy void of the cosmos.
-- End log.

Caras: Yellow Alert!? Are we in danger? Do we need to start working faster? Did we follow the Unity Dow’s exact path, it’s possible we didn’t get whatever they got? If they got something. ::beginning to work quicker::

Arlill: I'm concerned about what happened to the Unity. If that happens to the OEB, how do we know we'll be any more successful than they were? At least with the shields up, we may block whatever happened to them.

Stendhal: Don't worry at this point is just a precaution. Is just to let everyone know that there may be a potential danger out there.  I suggest to start to worry when is all getting red  and the Captain order to abandon the Ship immediately...

Richards: Response

Caras: ::Casually:: Counselor, how do you usually advise people to be calm in a red alert let alone a yellow. oO This is my first actual yellow alert on a ship in StarFleet. Possibly the first yellow alert on a ship that wasn’t due to my tampering Oo

Stendhal: Ensign Caras, it's natural to feel a bit nervous during a yellow alert, but it's crucial to channel that energy constructively. Focus on your breathing, steady, deep breaths can center your thoughts. Remember, alerts are precautionary measures; they help us stay prepared. Trust in your training and the crew.

Karen gazed at Caras. Did he feel judged? Why? Here, no one judged anyone; they were a team!

Caras: That is. That is….. Good. Counselor after we’re done here I think I'm going to need to schedule an appointment. (beat) Just A few more Important adjustments. What’s going on out there by the way?

Stendhal: An appointment? A date or a counselling session? Well nevermind!

Karen looked at Morro, suppressing a laugh. After all, Betazoids were quite open about it, and how could they not be? Knowing others’ thoughts instantly. She had discovered that it wasn’t the same for all other races; in fact, many other races were quite closed about it. Even the word ‘appointment’ for her could have different implications, and even ‘date’.

Richards: Response

Arlill: Something wrong ensign?

Caras:  Nothing is wrong, so far as I can tell sir. ::looking to Karen:: Just a counseling appointment… A date? I wouldn’t want to cause a conflict of interest of anything, that is not a “no” I just..::he trailed off::. oO A date!? Did it sound like I was asking her out? Was I using the Orion charm? How did that happen?Oo

oO The Orion charm!? Maybe was it! Oo

Arlill: Okay, but you'll let us know if any of you feel off. We need to avoid whatever happened here, so let's try to stay focused.

Stendhal: I agree, stay focused is really crucial!

Caras: Agreed, ::he dove back under the floor panels:: This should be the last one right here.

Richards: Response

Arlill: What is that?

Arlill: Let’s see if we can pull that up.

Stendhal: That sounds promising!

Arlill: Great! (beat) I mean, I think there’s a log here with some sensor data in it, we need to look into why this was possibly sent, what’s unique about it, why did someone take so much careful effort to send this hidden in the other logs.

Stendhal: That can be the answer for sure, the sensor data may tell us about the thing out there, whatever it is! What caused the problems in the other ship the USS Dutywow Unity whatever is called...

Caras: ::Laughing at the name Karen gave the lost ship:: Dutywow, an ironic name given that its duty was a rather boring assignment. There is hidden sensory data? That certainly reeks of sabotage, or at least conspiracy. oOFinally! Sabotage! My specialty.Oo.

Richards: Response.

Caras: Richards and I are done here, Lieutenant. Once we have the backup of that data, Richards can begin the decryption and we can fault over to secondary systems to observe the raw stream.

Richards: Response.

Caras: Good point, We’ll also want to make sure we’re not in danger at the time of decryption. The secondary computer core will be taxed and the primary will be busy capturing the data. I wouldn’t want to hinder ops and risk the safety of the crew to decrypt the messages.

Arlill: Response.

Karen took a moment to assess the situation. Assuming that as a Betazoid she was very open to any kind of relationship, her love life had been a complete and utter disaster. A Bridget Jones in space, practically. Or worse! At least Bridget had "scored" a couple of times!

Certainly, being in a stasis chamber in a kind of induced coma for a few years had not contributed much to her social life. In addition, when she came out of it, with all that zero-gravity physiotherapy to get back to moving and even her little fingers refused to respond to her for the first few months.

So, what happened first? That short walk with whatever his name was, Joran, Jordan? He had moved away shortly after, a coincidence?

Then, well Rusty was more like a cool uncle with a pronouncedly exaggerated slang for her. So nada, not really the case.

Madison was like a sister to her and vice versa, plus she was semi-married to that other girl from Risa with the unpronounceable name Aueka Eureka something Willow.

On top of that, the two of them looked like two peas in a pod, so it would be like kissing herself in the mirror: impractical!

Well, yes Tito was definitely a hottie and when she was with him she had turned into something very much like a silly high school girl, but he was already taken. This time then she had left.

Who else was on Deep Space 118? The Commodore was a kind of saint, dedicated to his duty, no relationships for like ten years or more. Practically, Sal had even fewer relationships than a Vulcan who at least gave it a go every seven years.

Well, new ship, new life? No way! Sometimes she felt like she was scaring everyone away. She had that brief... appointment with Josh. But her Betazoid sixth sense was telling her he wasn't interested in her type of goods...

Oh, so the computer had noticed too? Was that why it had created for Karen her new personal holographic assistant, H.O.C.A., in Tito's image? How the heck did it know, had it rummaged through her logs? Those AIs were terrifying sometimes!
Would she end up with a hologram? A nice virtual marriage with an imaginary entity? Was that what awaited her?

Karen smiled, making an embarrassed grimace.

Caras: Looks like whoever is on the bridge has been busy, or is about to be.

Stendhal: Busy Bridget? Ah no! Bridge! Yeah it seems so!

Richards/Arlill: Response

Stendhal: I'm not a tactical expert, but what do you think about scanning the surrounding space for potential mysterious dangers? Just in case...


TBC / Tags!
Lt Jg Karen Trisha Stendhal
USS Octavia E Butler
ID: C239604KS0
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I'm glad to see this post here for appreciation. I loved it. Now I'm curious about what Morro is going to do. He'll probably just end up going not knowing if it's an "appointment" or just an appointment.

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