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Petty Off. 1st Una Qualunque - Banana smootchy

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OOC: Quick, everyone, hide your pets!  And your bananas!
((Transporter Room 1, Deck 4, USS Octavia E. Butler))
Eli and Una arrived in the teleportation room. Unlike Eli, Una didn't wonder if and when that kind of room would become obsolete.
In her little village of Natale, after all, they still had donkeys and a post office.
There was even a foundation for the preservation and maintenance of ancient places and trades. They didn't like very much space travelers like her and basically hate any kind of star trek... 
In addition, there was a thriving conspiracy movement that believed that humans had never been to the moon, that the earth was flat, and that the Vulcans actually came from southern Japan.
Una helped Eli run diagnostics on the system, but nothing came up. According to the diagnostic programs, everything was fine.
Una: How about we try teleporting something and follow the path it takes?
Kovacs: Based on that diagnostic, I think that’s the right plan. If there is a fault, and it follows a repeatable pattern, then it’s going to be easier to fix. ::pausing for a moment, and then a grin spreading across his face:: So, are we transporting you? You did offer…
Una watched Eli as he proposed that she try out the malfunctioning teleporter on herself, with potentially disastrous and fatal consequences for her molecular integrity. Well, he was just lovely! Even handsome!
He reminded her of that Duyzer guy she'd met years ago on the Columbia. Wonder if he'd managed to save himself or if he'd blown up too. It had been a while since she'd seen him...
oOMaybe she was the one who brought bad luck?Oo
Una: I was thinking more of an object, like a box or something. 
Kovacs: Okay, okay ::holding up his hands in mock defeat:: Let’s take the cautious route. I heard we got assigned some marine that would probably have my butt since they’re the new ‘safety warden’ in town. Let’s do something safer, maybe… a banana? 
Una: A banana? oO How did he even think of a banana? Oo A real banana or a replicated banana? You know a real one is biologically 'alive', right? A replicated one, on the other hand, while retaining taste, density, and color, is biologically dead...
oO How did they end up talking about live or dead bananas now? Oo
Kovacs: (grinning) Well… I’ve never heard of ‘death by banana’ before. We can transport one here and then back out so we get data both way
Una: I wonder why nobody really cares about bananas... Ok let's have a Quantum transportation tour with the yellow fruit!
Death or alive you come with me Banana!
oO What a Minions conversation! Oo
Kovacs: Ready?
Una showed off her recently acquired banana in her left hand, (God knows where she find it!) after few dramatic steps she dropped it with elegance on the transporter pad.
Una: Beam it up Kovacs! 
Kovacs: Response 
Una: Anyway... A cat would be way better, yeah, a more suitable subject, preferably the Captain's cat!
Kovacs: Response 
Una: To give us some motivation, you know!? If we off the Captain's cat, then we're in trouble, so we'd be more motivated to succeed!
Instead of a banana, who cares?
Kovacs: Response 
Una: Maybe the XO's hamster so? 
Aniway how is our Banana? Still alive?
Kovacs: Response 
The swirling energy bubble typical of teleportation started to form with the characteristic energy hum on one of the teleportation pads... The banana appeared fine for a few seconds and then it exploded into a banana smoothie.
The girl stared at the yellowish goo, dumbfounded and perplexed.
Una: I must say that... What come back luckily didn't lived enough ...
Kovacs: Response 

Lt Jg Karen Trisha Stendhal
USS Octavia E Butler

ID: C239604KS0
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