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(NPC) Afton Tess - All I needed was a hero

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I don't even know where to begin - not only is this a wonderfully written sim, but it's also such a great idea to support the ongoing plot by giving us an NPC's perspective. I really appreciate the effort and thought that went into this great post from our new Ensign @Eliana Darius ! I can't wait to read more from you :)


((OOC: Please find included a little introspective POV from one of the plant-oppressed civilians helped by the Administrator.))

((Central Biodome, Miri 4a))

There was a buzzing at the back of their head, a gnawing feeling that they should have been doing something, somewhere, sometime but they couldn't remember what it was. All they could remember was the slick viscous darkness that spread across their skin, smoothing away their edges to form nothing but a blob of.... anger. 

They were angry, but they didn't know why. 
They moved, but they didn't know why. 
They just wanted to escape it, but they didn't know why.

They lifted their appendages, which were heavy under the weight of the darkness, and clawed down their face; they didn't feel anything but knew that there should have been pain. They couldn't see, but they knew they needed to see. There was something before them that they wanted and needed to touch. Another like them? They reached out with what felt like long threads, continuously growing, moving towards the thing they wanted, ambling forward a step-- was that a groan? Did that come from them? 

They wanted to scream, but they couldn't remember how. All they remembered was movement; forward, backward, forward, backward.

Eventually, they stopped and stood stiff and still until a pungent smell filled their senses, all they could feel was trepidation. It filled their thoughts, crawling through the darkness, scratching at the edges and filling their being with a desire to be anything but what they were now. 

They were ready to give it all up, step beyond the darkness into the gaping nothingness that beckoned them to join it. They were unsure what it was, only that they wanted the whispered promise of unity that it offered, away from this thing that they had become. Then it happened, on the edges of the void, beyond the smoke was light. It was hazy at first and had a softness about it that was compelling, but terrifying all at the same time. They wanted to know more, they wanted to feel the warmth that something within them knew came from that light. There was something within the darkness that didn't want them to listen though, the hold it had upon them was absolute and they found themselves fighting against it, wanting more of that light. 

Something broke through...

Cass: ...Troubling times...

It wasn't enough, the darkness edged ahead of the light, enveloping the desire for more until an image appeared within the void of a creature, surrounded by a brilliant light, and emanating a joy that they knew existed but was beyond their reach. The image grew sharper, it was a woman-- he-- they-- he knew!

Cass: ...take a deep breath...

It wasn't a command but he did it anyway, and a part of who he was returned to him. He knew he was a he... he was not they, not a part of that darkness that still roiled at the edges of his mind, wanting him to return to the safety of its offer of peace-- of oblivion--of belonging.

 Cass: Brothers and sisters...

He had a brother! His name was... he couldn't remember, but he tried, oh he tried so hard. He could see him, collecting small stones from the ground and showing them to him, excitement brimming in his gaze. He couldn't remember why his brother was so excited, just that he was. He clung onto that thought for dear life, holding out his hands towards Cass in reality, but within his mind, he was clinging to the memory of his brother.

Cass: Remember your friends, family...

The floodgates opened and memories spilled into the void within his mind, filling it like water in a cup. He remembered his wife, his son, but importantly, his brother-- who he had come to this place with, the excitement of holding the stones of the moon upon which they were going to start their new lives. He remembered holding his son in his arms for the first time, a citizen of Miri 4a, he remembered the pride he had in his family and their part in making this world what it was. 

He remembered his name! Afton... after his father, who had the kindest eyes. 

He remembered enough now to follow the administrator's instructions. He took a deep breath, it burned his lungs and he didn't know why, but he knew that he had to help his fellow citizens. In the back of his mind, he knew that there was still something there that shouldn't be, something that could take over at a minute's notice but he didn't care, he moved as quickly as he could out of the way of the security teams that were trying to break through the crowd; it wasn't much, but it was all he could do.

He was Afton Tess and all he needed was a hero, and now he gazed upon one with tears in his eyes and thanks in his heart.

Afton Tess
Miri 4a NPC


Ensign Eliana Darius
Starbase 118
ID: I237701SD0

` It takes faith to step away from the familiar. `


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